The Top Gambling Websites in the Netherlands


One of the most prosperous playing areas in Europe is the Netherlands. Some renowned sportsbooks began their careers in the nation after the sector was made legal in 2021. Read our precise statement if you want to know the peculiarities of the local betting market because this is the only place where you can find current and well-liked information.

List of gaming sites in the Netherlands

4 Sportsbooks were found.

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The Ultimate Guide to Dutch Online Sports Betting


netherlands betting sites

Both domestic and foreign businesses may apply for a permit to provide online sports betting in the Netherlands under the new rules. Once licensed, the operators can provide French citizens with a variety of sports betting options, including pre-game and in-play betting on well-liked sports like football, basketball, volleyball, and hockey, among others.

It’s crucial to remember that the legislation also includes safeguards for consumers, such as strict regulations regarding promotions and advertising, as well as needs for businesses to put in place responsible gambling practices. Any customer of local bookmakers you thus anticipate receiving the best service, including quick payouts and a variety of bets. We will assist you in selecting the top bookmaker who offers legitimate betting services.

Sports betting’s past in the Netherlands

Sports betting's past in the Netherlands

Sports betting has a lengthy and fascinating history in the Netherlands that spans many generations. The nation has only recently begun to move toward a restricted and legalized sports betting industry, though.

Sports betting was initially largely conducted through underground networks and unauthorized bookmakers. This changed when the French state founded the Lotto in the 1960s, making it the nation’s only source for sports gambling. The Lotto only provided a small number of options for placing bets on activities, with sports matches being the main focus. The French government made numerous attempts to increase the services over the years, but development was sluggish and the sector remained heavily regulated.

The Remote Gaming Act, which allowed for the legislation and rules of online wagering, including sports betting, was passed by the French government in 2012. The work, nevertheless, was not put into effect, and the industry’s development toward regulation was sluggish.

Several intriguing details:

  • One of the few European nations with a completely regulated online gaming industry is the Netherlands.
  • The Kansspelautoriteit requires licenses for all online gambling sites in the Netherlands.
  • Football is the most popular sports in the Netherlands, where people are diehard sports fans. Another well-liked sports include racing, tennis, and hockey.
  • A common Dutch expression for” een gokje wagen” is” to take a gamble” or” teaker ,” respectively.

2019 saw the passage of the novel Remote Gambling Act. This substantially increased the nation’s sports betting market and gave consumers a secure, controlled environment in which to place bets on sports.

betting electronically in the Netherlands
Countrythe United Kingdom
CurrencyEuro( EUR )
Well-liked sportingsport, ice soccer, and football
Is Betting Accepted?Yes 
levies on playingThe tax rate on rewards from playing is 29 %.
Most widely used pay practicesNeteller, VISA, Mastercard, and Skrill

How can I place an online activities wager in the Netherlands?

The betting companies of the country are focused on developing their business, so betting in the Netherlands is a breeze. To have a great experience and get only great impressions, you should follow a certain procedure. By the way, if you haven’t read bookmaker reviews on GetMindApps yet, it’s time to do it!

  1. Locate a reliable sports gambling website

    To place your bets, you must pick a qualified technician. Pick a reputable and trustworthy controller.

  2. Receive your welcome reward.

    Most providers offer rewarding invite bonuses. In order to have some benefits when placing the initial bets, we advise taking advantage of the opportunity and obtaining them.

  3. Locate the occasion where you can wager.

    You can then begin placing wagers. The majority of providers provide a selection of sports and events, such as football, basketball, volleyball, and more.

  4. Observe the probabilities.

    Carefully check the odds before placing bets. To assess their adequacy, we recommend comparing the conditions of the best operators from our bookmakers list.

  5. Position a wager.

    The majority of bookmakers provide a variety of imagine types, including pre-game and in-play wagering.

To find out which providers are really rightfully well-liked among local bettors, we conducted our personal market research in the Netherlands. We bring to your attention the nation’s most dependable and respected market leaders.

  1. MyStake is the top site in the Netherlands.

    Football, baseball, tennis, and other sports betting options are available to MyStake customers, an online betting service. The business is based in Malta and is authorized by the native Gaming Authority, which oversees and certifies online gaming users. Life gaming, cash out, and a wide range of deposit and withdrawal options are all features of the user-friendly MyStake platform.

    Website in the Netherlands — MyStake
  2. The second-most popular site in the Netherlands is bet365.

    A variety of gambling options, casino games, poker, and gambling are available from the gambling company Bet365. Denise Coates established the business in 2000, and it is headquartered in Stoke-on-Trent, England, in the United Kingdom. With thousands of customers abroad, bet365 is currently one of the biggest online gaming operators in the world. The sports betting program at Bet365 offers a variety of sports, including football, tennis, hockey, tennis, horse racing, and more.

    Website in the Netherlands — bet365
  3. Website # 3 in the Netherlands: Betstro

    Fresh gaming company Betstro has already attracted a lot of players’ attention. For both new and seasoned customers, they provide a range of promotions and bonuses in addition to live in-play gaming, cash out, and other gambling options. Their game area offers a selection of games from reputable vendors, such as table games, slots, and live dealer games.

    Website in the Netherlands — Betstro

How we evaluate and evaluate gaming sites in the Netherlands

Some review sites use dishonest marketing to promote higher-paying bookmakers rather than the best ones. We are hardly, however, engaged in this route. We have compiled a brief list of the factors we use to assess betting organizations and their services so that you can rely on our advice.

  1. Odds

    When we first start studying a sportsbook, we start by calculating its odds. Odds” in the context of gambling are the chances that a specific goal will happen in an event or game. Odds are usually expressed as a percentage, fraction, or numeric, and betting companies use them to calculate the payout for winning bets.

    For instance, if a bookmaker offers possibilities of 2.0 ( or 1 / 1 or also money) on one particular team winning the football game, it means that the business thinks the team has 50 % of the chance of winning. If a bettor wagers € 10 on that team and they win, they will receive € 20 in payouts in addition to their initial£ 10 play.

    Odds may change depending on a variety of factors, including the occurrence, the participating teams or players, and the gambling company. To get the best price for your gamble, it’s important to examine odds from various companies because some providers may offer better odds than others.

  2. compatibility with wireless

    compatibility with wireless has become increasingly important in the iGaming world, as more and more people use smartphones and tablets to place their bets. The best betting companies have recognized this trend and have developed mobile apps and optimized mobile websites to ensure that their customers can easily access their platforms on the go.

    Users can place bets, deposit and withdraw money, and use all the platform’s background features from their portable devices thanks to mobile gaming apps and websites. These apps and websites are generally made to be flexible and user-friendly, with simple navigation and layouts that are optimized for smaller screen resolutions.

    Portable gaming systems offer a variety of features, including live streaming, life in-play gaming, and push notifications for updates and offers, in addition to being convenient and accessible. To encourage consumers to use their mobile platforms, betting companies also provide special mobile-only promotions and prizes.

  3. accessible payment methods

    Customers can deposit and withdraw money in a way that is easy for them if there are many different payment options available. Credit and debit cards, e-wallets( like PayPal and Skrill ), bank payments, and prepaid cards are some popular payment methods for betting businesses. Additionally, some gaming companies accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment.

    Offering safe and dependable repayment methods that safeguard customers’ privacy and financial information is crucial for betting users. Additionally, they must make sure that withdrawals and deposits are handled swiftly and effectively, with few costs and potential difficulties.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    In terms of bonuses betting companies use them to attract new customers and retain existing ones. These offers can come in many forms, such as free bets, deposit bonuses, cashback, enhanced odds, and more. Betting platforms often use these incentives to entice customers to sign up, try out new features, or bet on certain events.

    It’s crucial to remember that payouts frequently have restrictions, such as maximum odds, wager requirements, and expiration dates. To ensure that the business provides a really good service, we carefully read these terms and conditions. We research bookmakers’ rules for evaluation so that we can pick the ones that will work best for you.

  5. Imagine varieties

    Depending on the game or event being wagered on, there are many different types of bets that can be placed with a gambling business. Parlays bets, point spread, futures and proposition wagers are a few typical types of wager. These are just a couple illustrations of the numerous wager forms available at the bookmakers we suggest.

    The selection of sporting is crucial in addition to the wagering format. The perfect sportsbook may provide gamblers with international and local sports events in addition to local ones. A Dutch publisher is unquestionably deserving of attention if they can spot sports wagers on an event that occurs in Brazil, Spain, Italy, India, the United States, or Germany.

  6. Support staff excellent

    Sportsbooks with a gaming license typically offer top-notch customer service to their clients. The best people provide a variety of choices, such as email and live chat. These services are available 24 / 7, enabling the player to get thorough information on the subject that interests them.

  7. Trustworthiness

    In the framework of a betting company, trustworthiness is the degree to which the business is dependable, trustworthy, and open about its operations. A reliable bookmaker conducts business with integrity, treats its clients pretty, and takes precautions to safeguard their personal and financial information.

    A betting company’s licensing and regulation by respectable authorities, track record of paying out winnings on time, use of safe and reliable payment methods, commitment to accountable gambling practices, transparency regarding its terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other crucial information are some of the key elements that determine how trustworthy it is.

The top Dutch gaming application

We quickly selected the top wireless sports betting game in the Netherlands. The Bet365 operator has much outperformed all rivals, offering bettors an almost ideal solution.

# 1 gaming game for the Netherlands: Bet365

Players can easily switch between various sports and markets thanks to the user-friendly program of the Bet365 software. Users can place bet on matches and events as they occur in real-time thanks to its live streaming of sporting events and in-play gambling.

The Bet365 software offers different features in addition to sports gambling, such as blackjack games, poker, and bingo. The navigation bar at the bottom of the screen makes it simple for people to navigate between these various game areas.



Limited accessibility

betting on live in the Netherlands

betting on live in the Netherlands

Live betting is a popular form of sports betting because it allows users to react to events as they unfold, and take advantage of new information or changes in the game. For example, if a team goes down a goal in a football match, the odds of them winning may decrease, and users can place a bet on the opposing team to win at more favourable odds. Also, using football predictions and at the same time evaluating the ups and downs of a live match, you can make a non-standard decision and win a really large amount.

Live betting is the most widely used sports help:

2 novel bettors from the Netherlands

The established favorites are having trouble keeping up with new players in the French gaming market. We have discovered two fresh businesses that are vying for the top spot in the sector.

  1. Betstro is the top gambling site in New Netherlands.

    L. C. S. Ltd. is the owner of the brand-new transfer Betstro. The business is trying to expand the gambling market in Europe while likewise owning numerous games. The website provides a wide range of entertainment, including slots, life games, dominance, and jackpot, as well as carefully chosen games from well-known brands like Betsson. The Betstro betting, however, is definitely impressive. The publisher quickly rose to become one of the nation’s most convincing.

    New Netherlands betting site — Betstro
  2. Neo is the second-most popular gaming site in New Holland. a wager

    one of neo’s most important characteristics. Life bets, which enables users to wager on events as they occur, is the main focus of bet. The platform provides a variety of real-time betting markets, such as full goals, next goalscorer, and more.

    The nova. The Bet system is renowned for its user-friendly software, unique design, and simple navigation. The software provides a variety of payment methods for making deposits and withdrawals, such as key credit and debit cards, e-wallets, and bank transfers.

    New Netherlands betting site —

Common sports in the Netherlands for online betting

The majority of Dutch citizens are avid gamblers who enjoy taking chances. Sportsbooks in this country must offer something exceptional in addition to a standard set of services in order to appease bettors. We have put together a quick summary of the most well-liked activities that the Dutch most generally wager on.

How to register, confirm your profile, and place your initial wager with a bookmaker in the Netherlands

How to register, confirm your profile, and place your initial wager with a bookmaker in the Netherlands

French bookmakers provide a simple entry point into the gaming industry. Here are a few basic guidelines you can use:

  1. Consider a reputable publisher who is authorized and subject to regulations.
  2. Create a profile with it
  3. Provide your Identification to confirm your account.
  4. To finance the profile, use one of the available repayment options.
  5. Make a wager.

Bonuses and Promotions for Dutch Online Betting

Excellent welcome bonuses are provided to users by the top bettors in the Netherlands. Additionally, you will be able to receive prizes as a reward for exercise on the website as well as opportunity gifts if you sign up as one of their clients.

Payouts for deposits

Payouts for deposits are offered by bookmakers that give users an extra amount of money when they make a deposit. The bonus amount is usually a percentage of the deposit, and there may be a maximum bonus limit.

Greetings and provides

Greetings and provides are bonuses or promotions offered in the Netherlands to new users who sign up for an account with a bookmaker. They are designed to attract new users and encourage them to try out the bookmaker’s platform. Greetings and provides can come in different forms, including free bets, deposit bonuses, risk-free bets, and more.

Completely wagers

It is a specific sum of money that can be used to wager on the system. The most popular kind of free wager is a matched one. The publisher will fit the user’s initial bet up to a certain amount when using this type of free wager.


A player receives a portion of their losses backwards as extra money. A bookmaker might, for instance, offer a 15 % cashback promotion, which means that users who lose € 100 will get € 15 in bonus cash back.

VIP privileges

These offers are designed to reward gamblers for their continued use of the platform and to encourage them to continue betting. VIP privileges can come in different forms, including enhanced odds, free bets, cashback, and more. Bookmakers may also offer personalized promotions and bonuses to VIP customers based on their betting history and preferences.

tables with Estonia’s top bettors
BookmakerOfferAdvantagesConnection to Registration
BONUS OF 100 % UP TO € 500
  • reputable website standing
  • extensive sports collection
  • Excellent help
Get Bonus
Up to € 150, a 100 % bonus
  • improved possibilities
  • a wide range of repayment options
  • Special welcome promotion of up to € 200

Get Bonus
Welcome Bonus of up to € 100
  • 24 hour help
  • largest global model
  • smart application with a user interface
Get Bonus
Up to € 150 for 100 %
  • 10 + payment methods
  • great range of bonuses
  • The chances are competitive.
Get Bonus

widely used means of payment in the Netherlands

As with the rest of Europe, bettors in the The Netherlands provide the broadest variety of payment options. Bank cards, transfers, digital wallets, and yet cryptocurrency are all accepted by customers of nearby businesses.

  • Bet with iDeal in the Netherlands: iDEAL is a popular payment method in the Netherlands that allows users to make online payments directly from their bank account. iDEAL is widely accepted by bookmakers in the Netherlands, making it a convenient and secure way for users to deposit funds into their betting accounts.
  • Bet with Skrill in the Netherlands: Skrill is an electronic wallet that some sportsbooks in the Netherlands accept. Users of Skrill can safely and quickly transfer money and make online payments. People can use a bank transfer, credit card, or debit card to finance their Skrill profile, and they can then use the money to make deposits and withdrawals at bettors that accept SkRill.
  • Bet with Visa or Mastercard in the Netherlands: Users must provide their passport information, such as the card number, expiration date, and security code, on the bookmaker’s site in order to make a deposit using Visa or Mastercard. The transaction is processed in real-time after the card information is verified, and the money is promptly credited to the person’s gambling account.
  • Bet with Neteller in the Netherlands: Customers do not have to divulge their bank information to the publisher when using Neteller, which increases the level of protection. Additionally, Neteller provides quick and convenient transactions, with funds typically being credited to the user’s account within a 24-hour period.



What are the Netherlands’ age limitations for bookmakers?

If a person is under 18, they are not permitted to place bets.

How can I tell if a gaming site in the Netherlands is secure?

If it has a license, it is secure.

Is it permitted to wager on sports digitally in the Netherlands?

Yes, online gaming is now permitted in the Netherlands as of 2021.

3 ratings, 4.7 out of 5 on regular