Croatia’s Top Gambling Websites


A major aspect of Croatia’s personality is gambling. Since the nation gained its independence in 1991, the activity’s rules are still in effect. Betting is then regarded as a popular past time for both locals and visitors.

The Best Serbian Gambling Sites List

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The Ultimate Guide to Serbian gaming sites


Croatia's Top Gambling Websites

Since 2014, Croatia’s drawing has had a monopoly on the betting market, making it legal. This is no longer the case because it is now strongly controlled and regulated.

You will learn about the applicable bookmakers in the nation in this article, as well as some of the payment options and also how to choose the best publisher for you.

The development of Serbian bettors

Football-related objects

Croatia’s history of sports gambling is not a pretty long one. It dates back to 1964, when Croatia was also a part of Yugoslavia’s communist position.
Back then, the authorities severely curtailed gambling and all forms of gambling. To play, members of the public required a certain government-issued registration.

Additionally, there were limitations put in place on gambling sites, where only state-run businesses and kiosks were permitted to place bets. Any businesses caught engaging in illegal gaming were either severely fined or shut down right away.

However, gambling is now thriving in the nation, drawing both devoted visitors and anxious visitors thanks to the abundance of casinos and online gambling sites. Croatia introduced a law in 2003 that was successful in loosening restrictions on all types of gambling.

The new law attracted a number of businesses from nations like Germany and England to relocate it and seek higher salaries.

They imposed a 20 % VAT taxes on the revenue from physical gaming sites in 2009, which hurt smaller companies.

Because of the following limitations placed on games and the laws that govern them, online gambling sites generally receive more visitors.

  1. The profits made by the general public from foreign gaming sites are completely tax-free.
  2. In contrast to different nations where it is 21 years old, the legal age to gamble is 18.
  3. One of the first Eastern European nations to allow playing was Croatia.
  4. It’s a big deal when it comes to” tourist gambling ,” and many casinos are connected to hotels along the coast.

Fresh playing rules were implemented in 2014. They promote betting at particular Croatian betting companies that are authorized and governed by the state and highlight the legality of gambling in the nation.

Well-liked activitiesIs it lawful to bet?
The development of Serbian bettors
Country Croatia
Language Croatian
Currency Croatian Kuna
sport, football
Regulator Finance Ministry
Taxes on playing15%
most widely used pay practicesGiropay, Neteller, Sofort, and Skrill



Can just the aforementioned websites be used by Bosnian gamblers?

All gaming websites and apps allow you to place bets in Croatia. Applications from abroad are blocked but not blacklisted.


Is it challenging to risk in Croatia electronically?

When everything is said and done, it’s simple. All you need to do is choose a reliable site and an appropriate payment strategy.


Why shouldn’t I chose land-based betting instead of online gambling?

For online punters, there are merely more choices, chances, and offers available.


Is gambling prohibited in Croatia?

No. Virtual gambling is permitted, and games are well-liked by both locals and visitors. Although there are limitations, it is still 100 % legal.


When Croatians gamble on international blogs, are they penalized?

No. The blogs are widely used and completely legal to use.

How to choose the top gaming site in Croatia

There are a few considerations you should make when looking for the best publisher. Stay with us and take a look around because we’ll also include how to start looking for your best publisher in this article.

  1. research on bettors

    You can read some fantastic reviews on each publisher on our site, allowing you to view their gimmicks, benefits, and drawbacks. You can use this to create a list of potential bidders for later comparison.

    Man reading reviews
  2. Give the selected bettors test runs.

    Test runs are essential because they give you experience that you normally wouldn’t from reading, and they also help with the website’s usability and general feel.

    Mobile registration
  3. Examine the contenders

    Therefore, in order to reduce your options, you can examine every bookmaker who is still on your list. You may get rid of the people that fall short of expectations along with the rest.

    Man looking through magnifier
  4. ultimate choice

    What matters most in the end is choosing your publisher or bookmakers. You don’t have to restrict yourself to a single casino because there may be others. benefits coming from each side.

    Man using magnifier

Croatian cellular online gaming

Online gaming in Croatia has seen a huge boom in the last five decades due to ongoing restrictions on real casinos. Virtual reservations are governed by the Ministry of Finance. It enables four Croatian betting sites to operate legally and pay a 5 % tax each month.

A law that was passed in 2010 legalized all types of online gaming. It has contributed to the development of the gaming industry and solidified its position in the form of wireless gambling.

The majority of gaming apps are portable and tablet-optimized and simple to use while on the go.

Remember this
Croatian cellular online gaming
accessible wagering optionsLive stream, Cashout , Accumulator, Bet builder,
well-liked playing pastimesblackjack, sports betting, horse racing, and lotteries
Since the jackpot when controlled the entire market as a monopoly, gambling is strictly regulated in Croatia.
common conflict typesfinite probabilities
AdvantagesStreams can be used to see games while placing bets because some bettors, like Bet365, are available.
Disadvantagesthe strict rules and playing fees.

Both iOS and Android devices can download software, but neither platform’s websites require it in order to operate. The websites are suitable for people looking for a quick, hassle-free using session because they load fairly quickly and have straightforward layouts.

Many of the top online casinos in Croatia offer promotions and bonuses that significantly improve a Croatian’s playing knowledge in an effort to draw in customers. People can frequently take advantage of appealing and economical promotions offered by well-known websites like Bet365.

Other websites, like BetFair, give the gaming industry space for even more expansion. Website competitions and even live-streaming activities are available to players.

International bookies are not blocked in Croatia (you can check the Irish sports betting market, for example). Online bookmakers in Croatia have to compete against international sites that face no restrictions in the country.

  1. 1

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  2. 2

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3 best programs for Croatian gambling

There are websites that offer a good smart version for their users in addition to those that allow users to download an app to use all of its features even more quickly.

You won’t need to start your computer when using an app, which saves time. Additionally, apps typically load faster than website versions for portable devices, which can mean the difference between your bet on life events and one that loads a few seconds faster.

Bet365 is undoubtedly one of the most popular gambling apps for Serbian bettors. It is possible to observe life loading of games from the most popular sports, place bets on a wide range of events, and still have access to all the bookmaker’s features.

The list above will undoubtedly be of interest because Croatia’s top betting app unquestionably adds superior to the mix. You’ll want to know more about each workstation app in addition to the following, so we’ve compiled the best three:

betting game Bet365

  • One of the most reliable bookmakers
  • provides life streaming
  • a wide range of industry
  • effective transaction options
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T & C submit an application. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +

The nation’s top online sports betting business is bet365, so open an account right away and wager on a wide variety of markets.


betting app 22bet

  • Excellent for eSports
  • channels each and every month
  • winnings in sport
  • large bets market
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Top 5 Croatian Betting Firms with Huge Bonuses

Croatian gambling apps are a fantastic way to get players acquainted with the global gambling field.
Croatians are ranked 72nd in the world in terms of money spent on gambling, despite having a smaller community, thanks to the easy access to international websites.

Some sportsbooks make an effort to gain access to the Serbian industry by offering exclusive deals and special incentives, pitting them all against one another. A competition is now brewing between foreign and Bosnian bettors as a result of the bonuses these websites offer.

The most well-liked prizes frequently come with free stakes and a money-back promise. In terms of cross-platform usability, global sites are even one step ahead. Almost all of the international programs that Croatians can download are tablet and mobile-friendly. You’ll discover, though, that the common web design is responsive to desktops.

What distinguishes a devoted buyer from one who is persuaded can be found to be such an important component in &— welcoming experience.

In the list above, you can find the top Croatian betting site with sizable prizes:

  • 22bet
  • Bet365
  • 1bet
  • Goalbet
  • Librabet

Croatian bookmakers have easy access to 22bet.

22Bet, which was established in 2017, has established itself as one of the safest virtual gambling situations. The site is a desirable hub for the global gambling field because it supports 51 languages. Its popular live-streaming platform and smart usability ensure universal accessibility, enabling everyone to take advantage of its generous bonuses and high odds.

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Top Betting Organizations in Croatia- Legitimate

Despite the popularity of international gaming sites, some Croatians choose to continue using state-supervised bookmakers. Croatian legitimate gaming sites include Germania Sport and SuperSport.

All the rules and restrictions are effectively upheld because the Ministry of Finance regulates and supervises the websites. There seems to be very little room for wrongdoing and harmful practices at the legitimate control gambling sites. Gambling can place their wagers knowing they will be safe.

Online tournaments and competitions are frequently held by Bosnian gambling companies, which may attract a lot of interest and excitement within the betting community. Accolades range from sophisticated gifts to brand-new vehicles in addition to cash prizes.

The work made by websites like SuperSport and Germania Sport have been successful in bringing more people to gambling in Croatia. A dominance has been made possible by the limited freedom that constitutional restrictions have granted to online betting sites. just four lawful bettors are currently operating in Croatia as a result.

The top two gaming websites in Croatia are listed below:

  • 20bet
  • 22bet

Croatia’s 20bet is a very appealing new book.

Serbian punters are becoming more and more interested in 20bet. The movies and images are well-done, adding a touch of professionalism and civilization. For first-time consumers looking for everything detailed and enjoyable, the user interface is fantastic.

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betting on sports in Croatia

betting on sports in Croatia is an activity fully regulated by the government. Local bettors can place their wagers both at betting shops and also on betting sites.

Despite this, Croatian gambling websites are scarce. In either case, there are a lot of foreign websites that provide service to local players.

These foreign sportsbooks typically provide more range options for betting on sports and other traditional athletics than local sites, in addition to being free to use.

Because of this, some Croatian players choose to use these websites, like Bet365 and William Hill, to access a number of world championships, as well as to place their bets across numerous markets and very favorable odds.

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