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In South Asia and Africa, Airtel is a well-known payment method that is also frequently used to place sporting wagers. For those who want to learn more about this payment method, we’ve created a unique guide. You can start betting using Airtel around. Additionally, we’ll give you a listing of betting websites that accept Airtel Money.

Listing of betting websites that take Airtel Money as payment

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The Best Manual to Airtel Betting Sites


Best Verizon sportsbooks

Airtel is a very well-liked payment method for online gaming that is commonly used in Asian and African nations. This is because, in addition to the frequency of purchases, it is practical. Additionally, It & rsquo is very practical and reachable.

According to some resources, it is the second-largest wireless network in the world, with China Mobile Communications Corporatio taking the top spot. which, incidentally, has thrice as many clients, so there is no real competition. Continue reading to find out more about betting with Airtel.

What you should understand about betting on Airtel

things to know about airtel betting

Airtel is a communications firm, despite the fact that it can be used to make payments at online bookmakers. Airtel has gradually gained new functions, such as the capability to make repayments.

It operates in 18 nations, concentrating on the countries of Asia and Africa. It should come as no surprise that the majority of its clients are from New Delhi, India, where the company’s headquarters are located.

Some online bookmakers have started to accept this payment method since the development of the settlement function through their Airtel mobile. Additionally, athletes from various nations now have an additional choice when making deposits.

  1. Airtel is the second-largest telecommunications company in India.
  2. Airtel Payments Bank didn’t begin operations until 2017.
  3. Now, Airtel has more than 40 million subscribers.
  4. A collaboration between Bharti Airtel and Kotak Mahindra Bank is known as” Airtel Bank.”

Some online bookmakers have started to accept this payment method since the development of the settlement function through their Airtel mobile. Additionally, athletes from various nations now have an additional choice when making deposits.

All you have to do is use the” My Airtel software” to be able to make financial transactions using online bookmakers using Airtels. In this manner, bettors can deposit money on any gambling page that provides this method of payment.

Indian and African bettors can also visit our page with the best betting sites UK to find out more about popular English bookmakers that can also operate in their respective countries.

foundedPlace that was servedExchange speed
Table regarding bets on Airtel
Typemonetary method
Africa, the Channel Islands, and South Asia
has a specific softwareYes( iOS / Android )
charge for handlingNo cost



How do I place an Airtel wager at Sportpesa?

Sportpesa is no longer available in Kenya, but you can still use it in Tanzania or Nigeria, two different American nations. Check to see if the gambling site accepts Airtel Money as a form of payment by registering there.

How do I test my Airtel compromise?

Dial * 121 # for India, * 131 # or * 123 # to get started, and then go from there.

Is it possible to exchange funds between Airtel accounts?

Yes, you can typically transfer funds to another child’s account. To find out more about the terms and conditions of this opportunity, contact Airtel customer help in your area.

Is Airtel available where?

There are two obvious places to get to Airtel: India and Africa. Your best chances to open an account at this specific communications company are in Kenya, Nigeria, and Tanzania when it comes to Africa.

How simple is it to use Airtel?

If you reside in one of those areas where Airtel is accessible, getting it is very simple. Purchase a SIM card at the shop, and there it is. Finding a bookmaker who accepts Airtel, which can be challenging because not all sportsbooks do, is necessary if you want to place your wager using it.

How to choose the top Airtel sportsbook

Here are some pointers to help you find the ideal publisher to wager with Airtel because picking one is not always simple.

  1. View the thoughts

    When selecting a great bookmakers, it’s crucial to consider the opinions of various bettors. By reading our opinions, where our professionals evaluate the virtues of online bookmakers, you can save time and effort.

    check opinions
  2. Promotions and Bonuses

    Every gambler enjoys sizable prizes. For this reason, it’s crucial to look at the deals that are offered, particularly pleasant prizes that accept deposits made through Airtel.

     check offers
  3. Various Sports

    The best sportsbooks are those who provide a wide range of sports to wager on. Bookmakers that allow bettors to wager on their preferred game, even if it is less well-liked than some people, earn significantly more points.

    look for betting lines
  4. Try it out.

    Consider a bookie out if you’re still unsure of whether to use one or not. Try out what the publisher has to offer after signing up for complimentary and taking advantage of the welcome bonus.

    try out the bookmaker

India Airtel

Telecom Regulatory Authority of India is putting India Airtel in a comfortable third place amongst mobile operators with 327.35 million subscribers and a 28.43% market share at the end of 2019. According to their data, the company is only 0.46% behind Vodafone Idea, which currently resides in second place.

Airtel also has a lot of job to do if it wants to improve its position on the federal telecommunications market because this difference also translates to 5.3 million clients, which is nothing to laugh at.

How to activate India Airtel?

You can register a new Airtel line either by purchasing a SIM card in the nearest store and then visiting the nearest branch for the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, or, alternatively, you can order the new card online, and wait for delivery. Be prepared to show proof of identity or proof of address. India Airtel has an extensive list of documents that can be used for this purpose.

KYC is important for you to become a fully registered user of India Airtel and to benefit from all available offers.

How is Airtel loaded in India?

You can top up your account on the company’s recharge page if you don’t have a monthly contract with them. After entering your phone number, select one of the information boxes that are available and the preferred payment method.

A sketch code coupon can be used to reload your data as well. Purchase the coupon, scratch the back section that is covered, and then type * 130 * coupon code # into your phone to complete the process.

How to find out the stability on your Airtel

To see a list of options, dial * 121 #. To view your active balance and the accuracy of the range, select the” my amount” solution. As an alternative, dial 121 and adhere to the guidelines.

May I place an Airtel wager?

You can loan money by Airtel into your account and place bets using it by following the instructions provided by your bookmaker.

Indian gaming websites that accept Airtel

With new sportsbooks and technology entering the market, the landscape of payment methods is constantly changing. At least four sportsbooks are already aware of that embrace Airtel as a deposit / withdrawal method. These are Betway, 10Cric, 22bet, ComeOn, and 1, respectively.

  1. 1

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Africa Airtel

Africa Airtel is a leading African provider of telecommunications-based money services in 15 countries. Its area of operations consists mostly of West, Central and East Africa, with most income coming from Nigeria Airtel due to cheap tariff plans. It is a market leader in at least 8 of those countries.

Describe Airtel Airtime.

In essence, Airtel Airtime is a paid funds that can be purchased, transferred, or borrowed. Users can purchase it digitally, with prepaid cards, or with sketch tickets. Airtel Airtime can be purchased in bundles as part of promotions, and some businesses ( like Quickteller and M-pesa ) even offer their services in exchange for payment through their payment methods.

Kenya Airtel

According to various sources, Kenya Airtel is estimated to have the second-largest presence on the Kenyan market, slowly eating into Safaricom's subscribers. In the last year, Safaricom's share fell to 63.5% down from 65.4% in the year before that. Although its advantage is still enormous in comparison with competition, the fact that Safaricom loses customers should worry the operator quite a lot. In terms of numbers, this means that the leading company still has 31.8 million subscribers, whereas Kenya Airtel provides services to 12.8 million customers.

How to activate Kenya Airtel?

Request them for an Airtel SIM cards when you go to any verizon merchant( you can use their StoreLocator to find the ones closest to you ). They ought to carry out all the steps required for you to obtain an Airtel amount that is legitimate. If a retailer did not activate your cards, you can do it yourself by following the steps below:

  1. Take the package’s SIM cards out.
  2. Put it in your smartphone, then turn it on.
  3. Provide the PIN number 1234 as the definition. In your security options, you can alter the PIN at a later time.
  4. To activate your SIM card, dial * 123 #.

Your mobile should then show entry to the Airtel network if the procedure was successful.

In Kenya, how do I file an Airtel series?

Call * 100 #, choose” Manage my account” as the option, and then click the” Registration status” button. Your membership status may soon be sent to you via SMS. You can change the position by visiting the closest Airtel store( alt) if it does not indicate that there is an active membership. with the appropriate recognition, Airtel Money or dealer purchase. Please keep in mind that your identifying must be of the kind that can be used as a valid Identification( for example, African citizens may present an original identification card, an active passport, birth certificate, or Kenya Defense Forces service card ).

In Kenya, how do I fill Airtel subscribers?

You can load / deposit your Airtel airtime if you’re using money by going to the airtel money broker. You must present your unique ID before you can transfer money for Airtel subscription on your account.

In addition to that, there are other ways to top up your Airtel accounts:

  • Using a scratch card( Dial * 130 * PINCODE # using an official dealer’s code )
  • Using Airtel Money( Dial * 222 * 1 #, and then proceed by choosing the” Buy Airtime option”)
  • utilizing a variety of substitute options offered by numerous well-publicized third-party services( including M-pesa )

Verify your Airtel stability.

Call * 131 *#, choose your account, select” Balance ,” enter your Airtel money PIN code, and click the” Send” button to check your balance. You’ll soon get an Email with verification of your balance.

May I place an Airtel wager?

On gaming websites that give you these choices, you can use Airtel Money to deposit money into your profile. Just select the best option, then adhere to the guidelines provided by your gaming website.

Kenyan gaming sites that accept Airtel

In addition to the local and African-focused gaming sites that accept Airtel as one of their default payment methods, the following international businesses accept it: Betway, 1xbet, and 22beth.

Nigeria Airtel

According to the data from October 2019, the current leader MTN has cornered over 37.2% of market share in mobile telecommunications, which puts the company with approximately 65.7 million subscribers. Nigeria Airtel has just a bit over 27% of the market, which translates into 47.9 million subscribers, and its closest competitor Globacom who up until recent times was considered the second-largest communications brand in Nigeria sits very close at 26.76% and 47.2 million subscribers respectively.

This is good news for Nigeria Airtel, because not only it had taken second place on the market, but it did so by demonstrating strong consumer development at MTN’s expense. Prior to the most recent studies, the leading company controlled more than 40 % of the market, and the loss of almost 3 % of its clients unquestionably demonstrates its vulnerability.

How can Airtel Nigeria be activated?

You can install your novel SIM by dialing Airtel helplines after inserting it. To do this, dial 131 for monthly subscriptions and 111 if you are using a paid subscription.

In Nigeria, how do I file an Airtel series?

Call * 746 # and wait for a confirmation message to confirm your registration. You can complete the process in the closest Airtel store( find the most suitable businesses using their StoreLocator ) if your SIM has not yet been registered. For registration, you must present a current Card.

Either record your SIM card or refrain from purchasing any preregistered accounts, according to Airtel Kenya. Users will be able to fully benefit from the company’s provides in this way, and they will also have the opportunity to get their collection back in the event that something goes wrong.

In Nigeria, how do I fill Airtel Airtime?

There are various methods for increasing Airtel subscription:

    employing a scratch pad. Purchase an Airtel scratch card from a reputable seller, then cautiously damage the card’s backside to reveal the 16-digit code. Then press Send and dial * 126 *, the 16-digit code. Soon, funds should be immediately credited to your account.
  • Using cash from Airtel. To activate Airtel Money on your phone, dial * 903 #. You can use this service as an electrical finances to make deposits and withdrawals from your accounts( or from friends and family ). You can also link Airtel Money to your bank account for added comfort.
  • Utilizing various promoted Internet services, including Airtel’s individual Prepaid Recharge,

Verify your Airtel stability.

To check your balance, dial * 123 # and wait for the confirmation message. This company is complimentary.

May I place an Airtel wager?

It appears that at the moment, using Airtel simply allows you to deposit funds into your profile using this payment method.

Nigerian gambling sites that accept Airtel

The following businesses, similar to those in Kenya, accept Airtel Money: Betway, 1xbet, ComeOn, and 22 bet.

places that accept recover cards for betting

We examine the best gaming sites that let you place bets using Airtime Deposit in this section of the review. When looking for your future publisher, knowing these websites will make the process go more quickly.

Here is a list of gambling sites that accept deposits from Airtime. You can add money to your website gambling account by using these sportsbooks.

  • 22bet
  • 1xBet
  • Betway

You want to place a wager using your refill cards, regardless of the sport you prefer to wager on. You can add money quickly and safely thanks to this.

Another option for punters is online gaming with Airtime, though not all online bookmakers accept it. Finding the one that will work best for you is for your time and effort.

If you’re looking for a gaming site that accepts Airtime deposits, you should be on the lookout for one with an effective mobile application.

You can believe a bet page like Airtime, but make sure the casino has all the necessary security precautions. To take bets in your area, you need to be certain that the gambler is trustworthy, authorized, and legitimate.

Top 3 gaming sites for Airtel

We’ve created a selection below to assist those who are curious about which of the top gambling sites accept Airtel. See below for our best 3:

  1. 22Bet
  2. Betway
  3. Imagine Top
Important elementi Customer Assistance
Table about Top 3 gaming sites for Airtel
Methods of FundingCredit Card, Bank Transfer, and Debit Card
Just the Channel Islands, Africa, and South Asia offer it.
significant benefits of the processPeople using an Airtel portable device can use this technique.
The method’s main drawbacksThis approach hasn’t yet been adopted by some bookmakers.
telephone, email, and apps

other means of payment

Despite being a fantastic payment method, several sportsbooks still do not accept Airtel. Some players may choose to use different payment options as a result.

Here are some different repayment options that you can use in light of this.

Stand describing alternative payment options
Bookmakera bank lineSkrillNetellerMasterCard
22Bet$ 1 -& , No
$ 2 -& , No
$ 2 -& , No
Betway$ 25 &— nbsp,$ 100,000
10 Days, 2 -&
$ 5 &— ,$ 25,000
$ 5 &— ,$ 25,000
$ 5 -& ,$ 20,000
  • bank-wire-100x100sa

    Some bettors prefer this method to more modern options because it is quite traditional.

  • skrill-100x100sa

    Skrill is one of the largest card in the world and is supported in many nations around the globe.

  • neteller-100x100sa

    When making net payments, Neteller combines protection, flexibility, and agility. a fantastic choice for sportsbooks.

  • mastercard-100x100sa

    One of the top pay companies in the world, Mastercard is well-known all over.


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