Best betting sites for Formula 1( F1 ) in 2023


F1 bookmakers have seen enormous growth over the past few years, despite no usually being one of the most favorite sports worldwide.

In fact, in 2021, the World Cup final( 108.7 million viewers ) outnumbered almost every other sport, with the exception of the UEFA European Championship( 328 million ).

Here is a list of trustworthy Formula 1 bettors you can review to determine which one you prefer. To learn more, stay reading.

The Top F1 Race Gambling Websites Record

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The Best Guide to F1 Driving Gamblers


formula 1 betting sites

As we introduce you to the world of F1 gaming and demonstrate how to use it, keep reading. This segment of the gambling industry has a lovely history, which we’ll get to soon.

After that, we’ll suggest a few top-notch F1 bookmakers and provide an in-depth evaluation of each. We’ll also examine the most effective Formula 1 betting tips and payment options for bettors, which you will get to be very helpful in your online betting endeavor.

The purpose of this article is to make sure you have a risk-free encounter when placing each wager on F1 racing.

Formula 1 Gambling History

formula 1 history of betting

Actually, no one is aware of the date that F1 bets became legal. But, people used to wager on F1 races as early as the 1950s, when the game was still in its infancy. Back then, betting was simpler because all that was done was identify the race winners.

But, as the F1 fan basic grew, more people learned about and became involved in the sport. In order to draw in more clients, nations that hosted F1 races began legalizing betting on this game.

  • Building a Formula 1 car costs$ 14.58 million.
  • Basically, there are 600 members of F1 team.
  • There are 80,000 parts in an F1 vehicle.
  • Once they reach 120 mph, F1 cars you turn around.

There are a wide variety of betting possibilities available in this day and time. The largest fan base of all car activities is F1 racing, which is the most popular sporting set in the world.

It had the good fortune to gain a lot of popularity at the same time as online sports betting. For each culture in the year, some guess companies offer pre-set gambling odds.

Compared to the betting system that was in place about 65 years back, this is much more sophisticated. Today, you can wager on a runner finishing in the top 3 and finishing higher than one of the competitors, among many other options.

Yet live betting is supported by the majority of betting sites. As a result, as the competition progresses, each driver’s chances of winning are constantly changing.

Initially introduceda well-liked in
Board pertaining to F1 gambling sites
Observing OrganizationsInternational Federation of Automobile ( FIA )
Coverage for BookmakersHigh
There are numerous different states in the world, including France, Australia, Canada, the United States, Finland, India, and Ireland.
World Cupprestigious
Olympic controlNo

How Can I House an F1 Bet Online?

It’s a simple process. You can quickly place your bets if you use the advice above. We’ll discuss some of the top bookmakers in the F1 business in a short while and make recommendations for an effective game plan.

  1. Pick a Bookie:

    Selecting the best casino for you is the first step. In our list of the top F1 gaming sites available, you can find a variety of programs. Choose the one that best meets your needs and aspirations by comparing their offers.

  2. Become Acquainted with the Bookie:

    Make yourself familiar with the bookmaker’s method of operation after selecting. To be eligible for withdrawals, create an account with your bookmakers and evaluate it. Additionally, don’t forget to review the terms and conditions of the casino’s promotions website.

  3. Your Bill Will Be Funded:

    After confirmation, you can deposit money into your account and begin placing your F1 stakes. Just select a payment method from the options on the casino, then begin your transactions.

  4. Position Bets:

    You are then prepared to place a Formula 1 wager. Explore the betting to view the F1 racing options and place bets on the races that are available. You may place F1 bet before or during the competition, depending on the publisher.

Formula 1 regulations and other details

Formula 1 regulations and other details

One of the most well-liked sporting events is Formula 1. Every year, the F1 Championship takes place. There is a table where all pilots compete for the tournament; the winner will be the one who scored the most points.

The points are given according to the place each pilot finished on the races, from the 1º place — who receives 25 points — to the 10º place — who receives 1 point.  All pilots that finish after the 10º place don't receive points.. The normal amount of races is between 19 and 20, however, the 2022 Championship had 23 races on it. Each of these races are called prestigious — or GP — and it usually takes up to 2 hours.

A F1 race does typically need to cover 305 kilometers, but each circuit has its own range of rounds. The competition is over when all When the racing aircraft reach the finish line or the two-hour mark, the race is over. There are 20 opponents per year on the nbsp, with 10 different teams competing in these races each with 2 pilots.

  • On the F1 Season, 10 groups with 2 planes each compete.
  • Grand Prix( GP ) refers to the various circuits that make up the season.
  • Navigation are dispersed all over the world.
  • If a contest lasts two hours before the final lap, it is over.
  • In addition to the racers’ competitors, there is also the competition for the team.
  • The number of rounds in each loop varies, but they must travel 305 kilometers.

The top 5 mobile gaming programs for Formula 1

As more and more bettors turn to using their mobile devices for betting, website mobile betting has become a crucial service that all bookmakers may offer.

We discuss the top mobile-optimized sites and casino apps for Formula 1 betting in this area. Study their advantages and disadvantages before comparing and choosing the option that best suits your needs or imagine F1 strategies.

  1. Bet365

    All wireless devices are compatible with this current software. It offers one of the highest valued possibilities for annual Grand Prix races when it comes to Formula 1. The website also provides a life gambling option. A variety of F1 events and gaming industry will be available for you to place bets on.

    Bet365 mobile app
  2. 888sport

    Similar to its site, 888sport offers an app with a straightforward interface. Because of this, it moves quickly and fluidly. A section of the website is furthermore devoted to Formula 1 gambling advice. When new users sign up for the game, they may receive enticing promotional offers.

    888sport mobile app
  3. Mobilewins

    The user interface, efficiency, and loading times of this application are all excellent. It announces all Grand Prix races’ and the prospects market’s dynamic odds. Great deals are also available on the platform.

    Mobilewins mobile app
  4. Paripesa

    The game was created by Paripesa to be user-friendly and to feature intriguing photos. On the blog, you can easily find what you’re looking for. They disperse their information across several pages as opposed to cramming it all onto one website.

    Paripesa mobile app
  5. Unibet

    One of the top lived Formula 1 betting sites for mobile users is Unibet. Some features, including live streaming and a variety of payment options, are simple for bettors to get.

    mobile app

Formula 1 gaming strategies and advice

formula 1 betting strategies and tips

If you know how Formula 1 works, you could gain a lot of money betting on it online. We’ve got you covered if you’re new to online Formula 1 gambling or a seasoned investor who has been consistently losing when betting on F1 championships.

Here is a record of carefully considered betting strategies that have been successful over time. Others are a little more complex, while some of them are common understanding. Regardless of your level of expertise in F1 sports gambling, you may also benefit from these suggestions.

Nevertheless, we strongly advise against rushing. Spend some time researching and absorbing these suggestions. To see how effective you are with these strategies, you should also check them out with small wagers. When you’re confident in your plan, you can then get all-in.

  1. Avoid Betting on One Vehicle

    Some people have a habit of betting only on one racer, whether it be the winner of the season’s tournament or the race winner. To place bets on several racers, one must have a thorough understanding of the game. You may wager on various racers and still earn a respectable residual income thanks to the windshield payout odds for each driver.

  2. Examine Every Racing Circuit

    Each F1 race circuits is constructed in a unique way from the others. Observe how the owners fared in the previous races at each lap. This will give you a general notion of what to anticipate. Each loop calls for a particular level of expertise. Knowing how effectively drivers drive at various circuits will give you an advantage, as much as it is good to know their common performance.

  3. Watch the Cooperation

    There are 10 teams competing in F1 racing, each with two vehicles. The staff on plays a significant role in success, even though each vehicle is fighting for their own objectives in the big scheme of things. Thus, your chances of winning may increase if you choose the clubs with the most effective teamwork.

  4. Don’t rely solely on contest results to qualify.

    The fastest vehicles in a qualifying race is frequently believed to be the fastest in the main event. That isn’t completely accurate. Compared to the principal contest, the weather may be different. Don’t place all of your faith in the semifinals. In the passing races, many punters like to wager on the fastest vehicle, forgetting that things can change. Keeping an eye on the top-performing vehicles on challenging wires will be a better tactic.

The Most Well-Known F1 Betting Markets

The top betting markets available to website Formula 1 sportsbooks are covered in this section. A variety of F1 imagine online businesses are available at the top Formula 1 betting sites. Let’s look at the most well-liked people below.

Live bets for Formula 1

formula 1 live betting

On the majority of our suggested websites, life gambling is another kind of wager you can make on F1. You can enjoy after the competition has begun with this type of wager. You must wager on a betting that you keep up with the speed of Formula 1 because it is an extremely fast-paced racing. Fortunately, every website on our list is eligible for life F1 gambling.

Our TOP &— 4 platforms for F1 Betting Offers are recommended.

We are here to assist if you want to wager on Formula 1 but are unsure of which gambling site to apply. After examining various possibilities, we were able to identify the top 4 online bookmakers that offer F1 Free Bets. To learn more about these gamblers, read the information we’ve gathered about them under.

  1. 1 # Bet365 Website for Formula 1 Bet

    Bet365 was established in the UK in 2000 and is currently one of the top sportsbooks for online sports betting. This bookmaker, which is authorized by Malta, offers its customers a 100 % first deposit bonus that can be made instantly with credit cards, prepaid cards and card.

    Our TOP - 4 platforms for F1 Betting Offers are recommended. - Bet365
  2. Site for Formula 1 bet: 1xBet

    Followers of sports betting frequently choose 1XBet, which is based in Cyprus and has a license from Curacao. Since its founding in 2007, it has provided bookmakers with favorable benefits by accepting more than 100 payment procedures for deposits and withdrawals, each of which may take up to 5 working time, depending on the method. A 100 % welcome bonus is also available to new customers.

    Our recommended TOP-4 websites for F1 Betting Offers - 1xBet
  3. 3 # Website for Rabona’s Formula 1 wagers

    This publisher was established in 2019 and is new to the global market. Bettors can confidently like the fantastic welcome bonus, which can be up to 20 % depending on your country of origin, thanks to the Curacao license’s assurance that it is legal and legitimate. You can only choose between credit cards and the two most widely used eWallets( Skrill and Neteller ) for payments in this sportsbook because there aren’t many payment options available yet.

    Our recommended TOP-4 websites for F1 Betting Offers - Rabona
  4. 4 # Unibet Website for Formula 1 stakes

    Since it was established in 1997, Unibet has a wealth of experience creating books. It makes sense that it has three distinct global permissions: Gibraltar, Malta, and the UK. Cashback and a£ 10 extra are available to new people. Additionally, there are numerous payment options; the majority of them process payments automatically, while withdrawals you take up to five business days.

    Our recommended TOP-4 websites for F1 Betting Offers - Unibet

Top 2 largest gaming websites for f1 wagering

Because they typically provide better benefits and excellent conflict, the largest betting sites are consistently among bettors’ top picks. The best gambling websites with F1 gambling offers are listed below.

  1. Bet365 is the largest Formula 1 gambling site.

    You can find a variety of activities here at one of the top online sportsbooks in the world. Bet365 provides a wide range of businesses, live gaming, and favorable odds for placing bets on Formula 1 for fans.

    Biggest Formula 1 betting site — Bet365
  2. William Hill is the second-largest Formula 1 gambling page.

    William Hill, another well-known company in the world of virtual gambling, was founded in 1998 and provides F1 fans with great options, an intriguing selection of betting markets, and the option to withdraw using various payment methods.

    Biggest Formula 1 betting site — William hill

For the best odds on F1 racing, usually examine bookmakers.

The possibilities are crucial when placing bets. The reward increases in direct proportion to how good a game’s chances are. For this reason, we make sure the F1 sites suggested here give our readers great odds.

If you’re looking for the top bookmakers to wager on F1 race online, then this is the website for you. We constantly update this section with new details regarding these bookmakers and their odds, so keep checking back.

Ratio for Bookmakers in the Top F1 Racing Leagues

Ratio for Bookmakers in the Top F1 Racing Leagues
BookmakerBahrain’s World CupGrand Prix in MonacoGrand Prix in ItalyGrand Prix in Abu Dhabi

If you choose Formula 1 to place online F1 Free Bets, the key advantages and disadvantages are as follows.

As with any gambling sports, there are benefits and drawbacks to betting on f1. To help you determine whether or not to wager on this sport, we’ll look at a few of them below.

  • Limitations
  • It’s no frequently covered by bettors.
  • lacks a wide range of bets lines.



How does f1 gaming operate?

It functions exactly like all other activities wagers. You sign up with a publisher, put money into your account, select the F1 race you want to play on, and then select your betting line.

Which best 3 bookmakers provide live F1 gambling?

Live betting on F1 is available on Bet365, 1XBet, and Rabona, among the others we recommended in the link.

Which F1 casino is the best?

There are numerous viable selections, and we have included them all in this link. Simply glance at them to take advantage of F1 Free Bets and many other features.

Which sportsbooks offer the best chances when betting on Formula 1?

To determine which bookmakers offer the best odds for the culture and business you want to wager on, look at the desk we left in this guide.

What kinds of wagers are permitted on F1 tribes?

The most popular wagers are placed on the competition success, but you can also place bets on who will have the fastest lap, which races will take place on podiums, and even who the season’s champion will be in the future.

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