Security Measure

Regarding this private statement

The use and disclosure of the information you provide to us is outlined in this plan.

GetMindApps is the trading name of SEOBROTHERS, a company with the authorized office at 23a Duntes Street in Riga, Latvia, and the company’s company number is 40203205517. The Data Protection Act of 1998, with register range 40203205517, applies to Seobrothers. When we use the terms” we ,”” us ,” or” mighytips ,” we are referring to this business.

The following are the ways you can contact us:

via email: info @

By mail: Hamburg, LV &— 1005, Duntes Street 23a, Flooring 3.

Who and to whom does this private statement apply?

Those who have registered with mightytips are subject to this scheme. The knowledge about yourself that you choose to give us is subject to this plan. This covers the following:

  • Your name and contact information, which you provide during the subscription procedure,
  • When you participate in prize draws, quizzes, competitions or answer surveys, you give details about your life, including your preferred sports, interests, and playing routines.
  • Information about how you use the web that we may learn about you from next parties( for instance, because you have given those parties permission to share that knowledge with us ).

Our duties

In relation to the data that you give us, we are a files accountant. We are therefore legally liable for how that knowledge is handled.

In the way we use your private information, we will abide by the Data Protection Act of 1998. This implies, among other things, that we will only utilize your private information:

  • quite, legally, and openly,
  • According to the law and this legislation,
  • to the amount required for these objectives.

We may approach your personal data directly or through data processors who will do so on our behalf. We will continue to be in charge of making sure that information processors adhere to this plan and data protection legislation if we use them.

To protect the personal information you provide, we will use all fair safeguards.

Please get in touch with us using the information provided below if you have any questions about our privacy policy, site, or service or any requests regarding your personal information.

What we’ll do with your information

We may use your information to send you the knowledge or ezines you’ve requested.

By submitting your private information on this site, whether in the fields marked required or not, you may give your consent for us to process your information where you have subscribed to our email or entered a competition.

You are affirming your consent for such information to be used in accordance with this Security Measure. You will be able to withdraw that consent at any time by the methods described below.

By continuing to use this website you have consented to information being collected from your device by cookies or other similar technologies, for the purposes described in this Security Measure, including the display of targeted advertising based on the information provided.

Leaving at a later time

However, you may also decide whether or not you continue to acquire communications after you have given your consent. By following the instructions in any email we send you, which will be an” unsubscribe” or” STOP” link, you can choose not to receive email marketing or newsletter communications.

Legitimate Goals

Processing this data is in our genuine curiosity for the smooth operation of our company, including transfer to our processors and analysis.

Keeping and destroying private data

We did take sensible precautions to guarantee the veracity of the data we have about you. Unless it is accurate and current( to the best of our knowledge ), we will not use your personal information.

We won’t hold onto your personal information any longer than is absolutely essential. The information will be immediately deleted once it has been determined that it is no longer required. The standard timeframes are displayed below.

  • This typically occurs three times after you stop receiving newsletters.
  • This typically occurs six weeks after the end of the contest for events.

Your decisions regarding private knowledge

You are entitled to:

  • gain access to your private data,
  • Learn more about us and the reasons we use your private information.
  • the right to send your data to a different company or to yourself
  • stop control that could cause you harm or distress,
  • oppose direct selling,
  • Opt out of more call by asking us to delete the data we have or correct any mistakes.

Please contact us using this email address: info @ if you would like to change or delete your information or get in touch with us regarding the use of your personal information.

Providing your information is disclosed

We may approach your personal data directly or through information processors who will do so on our behalf. These organizations could be categorized as follows:

  • organizations that assist us in promoting ourselves or providing our service,
  • We have received requests from e-mail service services who assist us in sending our newsletters and contacts with you.

Your personal data may be provided to the potential customer if our business( or a significant portion of it ) is put up for sale; they will be able to use it to help them assess the proposed sale. The consumer may be free to keep using your information in accordance with this private policy after the sale is completed.

If we are required to do so by law, we may also make your personal information public.

global transport

Your private information won’t be transferred outside of the EEA.


However, data transmission over the internet is certainly entirely safe. Despite our best efforts, we are unable to ensure the security of your personal data. Once we have your information, we will attempt to safeguard it against theft, unauthorized use, or loss by using tight security measures.

To keep the information stable, we will also need any third parties with whom we share it.


We gather private data on each person’s visits, including which site pages were viewed and how long they stayed there. Google Analytics is used to gather this data, which cannot be connected to any particular person. You can opt out of Google Analytics around, or you can find out more about it below.

Cookies may be used by Facebook and Twitter to monitor your activity and enable you to share our articles. This information is not available to us in any way. By accessing your settings or desire choices on the appropriate system, you can set up your marketing preferences on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Most web sites give the majority of cookies some degree of control through the browser settings. You might want to explore website for more details on this and cookies in general. concerningcookies. nonprofit. You will need to consult your phones manual for instructions on how to remove cookies from your mobile device. Please be aware that limiting cookies may affect your ability to use our website efficiently and may render some parts of it impenetrable or useless.

You can typically choose out straight through the protection plan of the specific website you are accessing if you no longer want to receive individualized advertising on any website that you visit. Please be aware that this will only prevent you from seeing advertisements that are relevant to your interests, no stop ads that appear on the websites you visit. This opt-out depends on biscuits, so if you delete all of them, the website won’t be able to recognize your choice. The same holds true if you access the internet using a unique computer or internet website. By going to the IAB opt-out program at website, you can also opt out of such marketing. Please be aware that you can choose not to receive interest-based marketing from registered users on this platform and other systems.

The following sweets are used by us:
We use Google Analytics for recording functions.

provides stores an array of bets that can be used to show a warning that the user’s ID hasn’t been formerly seen.


The conditions of this protection legislation may change from time to time. Any modifications may be made available on this site.

Getting in touch with us, exercising your knowledge rights, and complaints

If you any questions or comments about this Security Measure, wish to exercise your information rights in connection with the personal data you have shared with us or wish to complain, please contact:

via email: info @

Duntes Street 23a, Ground 3, Riga, LV-1005 is the post office.

If you think we haven’t done something, you also have the right to file a complaint with the Information Commissioner’s Office. have violated your freedom or are in violation of the law.

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