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our team’s qualities

50 our team's qualities


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50 our team's qualities


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expanding our knowledge every time!

expanding our knowledge every time!

We consistently provide top-notch information while keeping an eye out for the best advice, bookmakers, and payouts for our readers. Study to wager and win with us. ,

How we review bookmakers

Now, there are a lot of different bookmakers to choose from. We take a single website, assess it from every angle feasible, and provide you with the most up-to-date information in this saturated market. ,

How we review bookmakersHow we review bookmakers

Why you ought to believe our opinions

since we are concerned. Since we are ardent activities bookmakers, we understand how important it is for all punters to receive fair and thorough reviews. ,

Why you ought to believe our opinions

Our evaluation specialists:

How we craft our most accurate estimates

We examine information, trends, and players’ performance to create our best predictions, enabling you to choose wisely when betting.

How we craft our most accurate estimates

Why should you believe what we say?

since we care. You can place smarter bets with confidence in our predictions because they are supported by extensive research, professional study, and a track record.

Why should you believe what we say?

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  • launched English web

    March 2019

    launched English web

  • published as the first projection

    May 2019

    published as the first projection

  • Second, 200,000 people visit each month.

    October 2019.

    Second, 200,000 people visit each month.

  • Finnish site debut

    2019 November

    Finnish site debut

  • GetMindApps from Romania with us

    August 2021

    GetMindApps from Romania with us

  • Launch of French GetMindApps

    October 2021

    Launch of French GetMindApps

  • Spain, Serbia, and Brazil Stand!

    2020 December

    Spain, Serbia, and Brazil Stand!

  • google update cut some traffic

    2021 May

    Some customers was reduced by the Google update.

  • traffic come back

    May 2022

    Transportation has resumed.

  • Joining the team is a new task boss.

    2022 July

    Joining the team is a new task boss.

  • monthly second 1, 000, 000 guests

    2022 October

    monthly second 1, 000, 000 guests

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Our Knowledge

An international group of sports betting experts makes up GetMindApps, which offers visitors separate publisher reviews and expert daily soccer predictions. The gambling site and gambler bonuses sections of the website also contain a ton of helpful and recent information. ,

GetMindApps is one of the key projects of the SEOBROTHERS agency and your best source for daily sports betting insights and predictions.

  • specialists in book opinions
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  • Good predictions for sports

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GetMindApps is always open to mutually beneficial cooperation. If you think that we can work together on a project, or if you are interested in becoming a part of our team, don't hesitate to write to us at [email protected] and we'll see where we can go from there.

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    reader of a casino

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    Sports sourpuss

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    English-language author

Please use caution when gambling.

For those looking for assistance with their gaming habit, there are many excellent solutions available. It’s crucial to keep in mind that one therapy strategy might not be effective for everyone else in the same manner. It does occasionally get advantageous to use a variety of treatment options.

The choices include specialized counseling sessions with doctors and counselors as well as group assistance meetings with other people in comparable circumstances. There is help applicable in all forms, whether you need it right away or want to lay out a treatment program. The following tools are for overcoming playing addictions:

  • Gamblers Anonymous

    This company has a long history. Every kind of obsession, including drugs and alcohol, has a tree. There are organizations that come together to fight diseases all over the world. These groups simply demand that you want to stop gambling as a condition. A twelve-step plan that outlines a strategy to assist problem gamblers in recovery as well as an oath to refrain from engaging in history behaviors is available.

  • BeGambleAware

    This website program assists people who are having betting issues. There is a website that provides extensive gaming data and information. You can contact an advisor by calling their line or by visiting their site to have a talk. There is complete security, and you are not required to give any private information.

  • Problem Gambling

    This company is based in Toronto and is now known as Gambling, Gaming, and Technology Use. It is a component of the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health’s ( CAMH ) Provincial System Support Program. To increase your knowledge and understanding of the addiction, you may get a variety of information about problem gambling.

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