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Betting in France is big business, with thousands of gambles placed every day on the top sports, including horse racing, football and tennis. France is a nation of sports lovers with a proud history of success in many of the top events, such as the FIFA World Cup and Grand Slam tennis. There is also plenty for followers of thoroughbred horse racing to be proud of. It's no surprise that French online betting sites are so popular.

When deciding to wager on your favourite sports, teams and athletes, it's crucial that you do so with a leading sportsbook. How do you choose the best bettors in France? Our team is here to help answer this question. We've researched the market in detail, reviewed the options and now return to publish our findings. On this page, you'll discover the French sports betting sites that deserve your attention. 

Let’s begin our analysis of our top European gambling sites right away.

French gaming sites list

9 Sportsbooks were found

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The best manual for European sports wagering


bettors in France

You’ll find this article helpful if you’re curious about France betting locations and how to get the best package right now.

Our knowledgeable review group has done extensive research on the subject, comparing the best programs and sifting through the competition. We have already put in the effort, so you don’t need to. Just read this analysis of the best European bookmakers to decide which one piques your interest.

To transfer your welcome bonus completely bet, click any link on this page to the website of your choice. We list the websites with the most good chances and free bet. Less time should be spent reviewing casinos and more time gambling. You can find the right information on French bettors on this site.

What you should know about bets in France

French football fan

The history of French gaming companies goes back further than is currently known. Many of the most common bets methods we use and enjoy today, such as the roulette table at casinos and the parimutuel for sports gaming, are produced in the nation. Both can be found at well-known casinos, gaming shops, and online. Certainly many countries have had an impact on the economy as significant as the French.

  1. Queens were added to a regular casino deck by the French.
  2. Blaise Pascal, a French scientist, created the roulette wheel.
  3. Gambling was made authorized for 18-year-olds in 1987.
  4. Sports and animal race are the two most popular sports to wager on.

Although France relies on these conventional forms of gambling for website gambling, this is not to say that they aren’t ambitious, forward-thinking, and passionate about how technology can enhance gambling.

What you should know about bets in France
Currency € ( Euro )
Well-liked Sportsbaseball, tennis, rugby, gootball, riding, and horse racing
Is it lawful to bet?Yes
Taxes on gaming12 % on earnings over € 1,500
most widely used pay practicesVisa, Mastercard, PayPal, Neteller, and Skrill are accepted payment methods.

In France, gambling on sports like football, tennis, and fighting was again outlawed because it was believed to be a threat to the nation’s love of placing bets on horse racing. All of that changed in 1987 when activities gambling became legal and bettors over the age of 18 were allowed to do so.

Today, the majority of bets are placed on smartphones using mobile gambling applications. Through the ages, horse racing has remained a favorite among French sportsbooks.



What kind of money you I wager on in France?

When opening an account in France, you will be given the option to wager using the Euro.

Is coin exchange possible?

By going to the members’ area and selecting the choice you’d like to use, you can shift your money at any time.

In France, will I be able to place a free guess?

You can take advantage of the welcome extra completely bet by opening an account with any bookmaker listed on this page.

What activities are available for wagering on?

The bookmakers mentioned on this site provide markets and odds on all significant sports, including sports, greyhounds, and horse racing.

How much money you I put down at the very least?

10 Euros is the bare minimum you can deposit into your gaming account at any given time.

How to investigate your wagers on animal race

Customers from France and around the globe can place bets on horse racing at the best French gaming sites. The largest paths, competitions, and conferences are all thoroughly covered, along with a variety of betting odds. Before placing your bets, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate them. Here are a few pointers that will help.

  1. Examine the shape.

    Find out the date, location, and outcome of your collection. On warm variety, you want to support a runner.

    Man using binoculars
  2. Examine the rider

    Is the jockey on a winning streak, or has it been a while since he appeared in the winner's enclosure? It's worth knowing.

    Basketball player
  3. Examine the earth

    Is the floor to sweet or dry for your runner, or does it suit them? The majority of animals perform ideal on their chosen terrain.

    Man uses magnifier
  4. Observe the probabilities.

    You should study the offers and choose the best French gambling site for racing value if you want to make sure you’re getting the most advantageous betting odds on your selection.

    Woman holds scales

How to choose the top gaming site in France

It’s common to become a little unsure of which net bookmaker to choose from among the many available options. In light of this, the following are some crucial considerations when selecting the top website sportsbooks in France.

  1. Examine your choices.

    Knowing a little bit more about each attainable sportsbook is crucial. Luckily, we have a number of finished reviews of the top French sportsbooks available on our website. In this manner, you can locate all the information required regarding various choices in one location.

    do your research
  2. Examine your interests.

    It is also crucial to understand the key characteristics a bookmaker may have in order to be deemed the best for you after learning more about the sportsbooks available. Determine which functions or activities are most crucial to you and choose those that provide them.

    explore your options
  3. Evaluate your choices.

    Comparing sportsbooks is a fantastic method for selecting the best one. Check to see which one offers more payouts, better possibilities, or perhaps additional features like live streaming. You can determine which ones have the most to give in this manner.

    check offers
  4. Utilize it

    Last but not least, it’s crucial to use the selected bettors at least once to confirm that you found what you were looking for. Utilize the opportunity to examine the sportsbooks you liked the most by taking advantage of the free subscription.

    create an account

smart wagering

Users can access a user-friendly mobile app or website from each of the European online bookmakers mentioned in this review section. This enables them to place bets while on the go. You can get an exhilarating sports wager whenever you open an account with one of France’s online bookmakers and download the mobile application to your Android or iOS device.

Each of the software on the list below received higher ratings than its rivals. These are the top gaming sites in France for mobile apps, according to our group.

You’ll find these to be straightforward, flexible, and easy to access even if you’re new to using your smartphone for gambling.

Important details
smart wagering in France
accessible wagering optionsLife streaming, Cashout, Accumulator, Bet contractor, and Live betting
well-liked playing pastimesHorse Racing, Casino, Lottery, and Sports Betting
Online games are not available in France.
most common conflict types Decimal
Benefits of FranceLegitimate online sportsbooks in France have more than 15 options.
France’s drawbacksSome well-known bookmakers, including Bet365, do not operate in France due to very rigorous legalization regulations.
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