Betting places in Belgium


Online gambling within Belgium has become a lot more common over the last few years, and the country now has its own gambling regulator — the Belgian Gambling Commission. The commission regulates all forms of online gambling and has opened up online casinos and online bookmakers to residents of the country. On this page, we're going to be looking at best betting sites in Belgium.

There is no doubt that online gambling is as popular in Belgium as it is elsewhere. By examining how they choose their bookmakers, payment methods, and how to take advantage of some of the best bonuses and offers available at French gambling sites, we’ll take a closer look at how bettors in Belgium can maximize their experiences in this article.

List of gambling websites available online in Belgium

13 Sportsbooks were found.

Rank Bookmaker Bonus Claim


Special offer up to €122



Sign up offer up to €100



Bonus up to €100



100% bonus up to €150



Up to €100 in bet credits

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Belgium activities gambling is the best resource.


Betting places in Belgium

This guide will help you bring to the table some of the top tips as you kickstart your ventures within Belgium betting. Follow our guidance as we try to bring you the best quality information on the bookies, their preferred payment methods, and how to optimise some of the best bonuses available to you.

You’ll become much more comfortable with the likes of these after reading with us here because depositing money, smart betting, and suggested payment methods are both essential components of knowing your way round.

So stay with us and take our advice as we work to make your gaming experience in Belgium the best it can be.

What you should know about gambling in Belgium

What you should know about gambling in Belgium

The French betting act, which allowed the country to assist in preventing gamblers and users from developing addiction, established the present online betting and gambling scene in Belgium in 2011. This indicated that betting locations in Belgium were now permitted in the nation.

  1. Horse racing has long been a favorite among Belgians.
  2. In Belgium, person security is taken very seriously.
  3. Within Belgium, sports is also a major draw.
  4. The Euro is now the national currency of Belgium.

Given that online betting was released from the constraints of strict regulation and allowed their bettors to wager in Belgium, Bookies may have a license in order to work there, as is the case with Bwin.

The Belgian Gaming Commission oversees the gaming laws in the nation and is very strict about how it is carried out, blacklisting and blocking websites and operators who disobey stringent license requirements.

Some of the most important and popular sports within the country are football, cycling and tennis.

Sports that are commonIs it lawful to bet?
Stand on betting in Belgium
LanguageEnglish, French, German, and Dutch
Golf, racing, horse racing, and football
RegulatorBelgian Gaming Commission
levies on gaminga 15 % general tax
most widely used means of paymentBank Transfer, Neteller, Skrill, Mastercard, and Bitcoin

The gambling websites in other nations:



Which Belgian gaming site is the best?

We can’t just suggest one renowned gambler because you might have personal preferences. We advise you to give each one a test to see how well they work and how quickly they run so you can judge for yourself.

Is Mastercard widely accepted?

Mastercard may be a widely popular method among bookmakers, but it might not be available everywhere — check our profiles on each bookie to see what sort of methods they allow.

What types of activities may I wager on?

There are many different activities betting options, and each casino may offer a different selection of activities for you to wager on.

Where can I find assistance with a publisher?

Each casino may have a support section of its own, with live chat features and more useful forums.

Can I apply multiple sportsbooks at once?

Yes, you are permitted to register with more than one gambler, which allows you to take advantage of numerous pleasant offers.

How are deposits made?

When you start betting, depositing money is crucial because it will be your primary source of money for your gambling endeavors and will allow you to top up your account as needed. Some of the most crucial elements of This will be choosing a strategy, so it’s crucial to think about which method you choose.

  1. Registering with your preferred bookie

    You must first and all have a working relationship with the bookie you intend to use. This will be crucial so that you can apply the money you deposit to make bets and other purchases. Just a few scrolls ahead, you can see the list of French bookmakers.

    create an account
  2. choosing a technique

    The approach you choose may significantly affect how you manage your money. You must have access to one that charges little and offers quick cash payments.

    examine payment methods
  3. Choosing an volume

    Making sure you exceed the maximum and stick to the maximum when choosing the amount of money for your gambling accounts is also crucial.

    select the ammount
  4. Complete your move and place a wager.

    After choosing the amount, you might need to adhere to any further guidelines provided by the publisher. When you’re finished, you can get any money you may have deposited into the account, allowing you to choose a suit and start placing bets with it while also taking pleasure in betting in Belgium.

    finish the process

How to choose the top gaming site in Belgium

We’re here to assist you if you still haven’t made up your mind about Belgium’s gambling sites. You can find some of the top bookmakers in Belgium with a gaming license in this guide, along with our success strategies.

  1. Investigate your bettors.

    Reading our evaluations of bookmakers will be very helpful because it will provide you with in-depth information without the need to spend time doing online research. This will enable you to learn some crucial details about each sportsbook.

    do your research
  2. Examine the bookmakers to one another.

    It’s time to compare once you have a good understanding of how each publisher conducts business. You can find out what books have what and what’s so great about them.

    choose a bookmaker
  3. Put the bettors to the test.

    You will gain knowledge and experience from using a bookie that studying on your own won’t. Finding a sportsbook that is ideal for you can be done using this method.

    explore your options
  4. Make your ultimate decision.

    Once you’ve located your last publisher list, you can select the top one from the group. However, don’t stick to just one because playing with multiple players can result in benefits and additional bonuses.

    finish the process

Belgium wireless gaming

The top gambling locations in Belgium will provide you with a variety of ways to use their services. Most probably, a desktop app that also creates an online mobile site is followed by much more optimized applications( for instance, the Bwin mobile app ) that are downloaded from online retailers.

Punters who use Belgian bookmakers can anticipate a smooth-running website that will enable them to place bets quickly as planned, with less slowdown and pause, in addition to their handheld betting style.

Check out their individual review pages for better and more in-depth information on how we found the experience to be if you’d like to learn more about a particular French bookmaker’s app, portable site, or alternative.

  1. 1

    Receive a 100 % welcome bonus of up to € 100.

    T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +

  2. 2

    Receive a 100 % welcome bonus of up to € 100.

    T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +

  3. 3

    Up to € 100 in freebet

    T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +

  4. 4

    100 % to € 100

    T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +

  5. 5

    100 % to € 100

    T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +

The Regulations Governing Online Gaming In Belgium

Online gambling has been permitted in Belgium since 2011 & ndash, which should come as no surprise given that it has historically been somewhat of a staple for Belgians. In fact, some scholars claim that the nation’s use of gaming dates back to 1300 AD!

Because Belgium is a member of the European Union, the government has chosen to abide by the laws of free trade( unlike some other nations ), which means that Belgian citizens are usually free to chance wherever they please.

In fact, the Belgian Gambling Act created a special regulator in the nation when it was passed( also in 2011 ), much like we & rsquo, which is what the UKGC has seen. As a result, countless websites can now directly apply for an online betting license from the French government.

You’ll see that many of the gaming sites in Belgium have licenses from the French government if you look at the list of them on this page. It & rsquo, however, is not a requirement andndash, and we should emphasize that Belgian citizens are free to place bets on any online gambling website they choose.

However, we advise against placing bets on websites that are not authorized by the MGA, UKGC, or French authorities.

3 gambling applications for Belgium

If you’re still unsure of which application to use, you may check out our list above, which includes some of the top ones for French betting. Stay with us as We & rsquo examines some of the best applications for your convenience.

Gambling is preferable.

  • Former Real Madrid companion
  • excellent accessibility
  • Excellent sports betting selection
  • Trustworthy
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T & C submit an application. Spend properly, age 18 +


Payouts have returned.

  • wonderful invite extra
  • Prizes that come back
  • a wide selection of activities to wager on
  • widely used pay options
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Apply for T & C. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +


Top 5 sportsbooks in law

Now, in order to work anywhere in the nation, any type of betting companies in Belgium would need to keep a permit with the Belgian regulatory body. Belgium’s gaming companies must be stern and watchful of the players while taking into account the level of protection provided by the nation.

The following are some of the top sports gambling websites in Belgium:

  1. Unibet
  2. 22Bet
  3. Betzest
  4. Bwin
  5. Betway

Unibet provides Belgium bookmakers with favorable opportunities.

It is a fantastic platform that offers an online game, gambling, and poker in addition to sports betting. For new members to enjoy and observe as they enter the gaming world, there are a variety of betting bonuses available. For bettors to join their ranks, they provide some fantastic opportunities!

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Belgian completely bet bonuses

Virtually all bookmakers in Belgium now offer free bets to new customers – and these are a unique form of promotion that all YOU to get something for – often times – nothing.

The no-deposit completely bet is a common form of free wager. This enables you to use your own money to make a free betting chip claim, which can sometimes be as much as$ 20. The free imagine will be automatically added to your account after you register with the bookmaker and verify your email or phone.

Visit a bookmaker’s page at & ldquo, promotions & rndquo to learn more about all the promotions and free bet bonuses that are currently offered there. You & rsquo will be able to see what is currently available from here as well as what will soon be available!

Top 5 bettors who offer the biggest bonuses

Prizes in Belgian sports gambling may give you the edge you’re looking for. The welcome bonuses and extra money may enable you to increase your rewards while also launching your gaming businesses.

We’ll be showing you five of the top French bettors to provide you only the best bonus offers you may wish for because allowing you to take advantage of these offers will put you in a much better place.

  • Bwin — Well-known and respected betting site.
  • 22Bet is another reputable publisher that provides a fantastic 100 % welcome bonus.
  • Completely bet and even bonuses are available on Betzest’s game!
  • Every day, new people are drawn to Betway because of the up to£ 30 in free bet.
  • Unibet&— offering you a few deals as part of their brand-new part beginner package!
Remember this
Table about Top 5 bettors who offer the biggest bonuses
available gaming optionsAccumulator, Bet contractor, Live supply, Cashout, and ScoreCast
well-liked playing activitiesgame, activities wagering, lotteries, and horse racing
When it comes to French bets laws, there have been some changes over the last few years.
common varieties of probabilitiesfinite probabilities
AdvantagesBelgium uses the Euro, which is accepted by the majority of sportsbooks, so bettors can enjoy without having to transfer money.
Disadvantagesa 15 % tax on playing.

Bwin is one of the top gaming sites in Belgium.

One of the top foreign bookmakers, they have also sponsored Real Madrid. They offer offers and bonuses right away for their users to take advantage of among a sizable selection of sports to wager on. This Hungarian gaming company has been around for a while and has established itself in the betting industry. It is one of the top gaming sites in Belgium.

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