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What is SticPay and how do you secure the best SticPay betting sites? You'll find answers to these important questions and many more in this article. Our team of sports betting experts has analysed this secure online payment method that is making an impact in the online sports betting market. The aim of our content writers is to bring readers fully up to speed on the best SticPay betting site, how they can use this e-wallet to gamble, and the steps to gaining a welcome bonus free bet. Read our thoughts and choose the bookmaker that catches your eye.

a list of bookmakers that accept SticPay

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SticPay bets is the best resource.


best sticpay betting sites

How do you get a welcome benefit completely bet today and who are the top SticPay bookmakers? This expert review of the top sportsbooks that now accept this safe e-wallet contains all of this information as well as much more.

The gaming apps that let users deposit money and remove winnings using SticPay have been thoroughly researched by our team of writers. You can start gambling by clicking the link to your favorite of the good welcome bonus completely bets we’ve selected. Visit any connection to select the SticPay bookmaker that piques your interest.

What information about SticPay gaming is necessary?

What information about SticPay gaming is necessary?SticPay is an international e-wallet that is used by thousands of consumers every day to pay for products and receive payments. It's fast, secure and reliable, which makes it perfect for use in the gambling industry. 

SticPay is growing quickly and has just made significant investments in their advertising, despite the fact that it may not be the biggest brand in the industry.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that this e-wallet, which was introduced in 2018, has attracted the attention of online sports bookmakers, and the top bookmakers have expanded their policy in response.

SticPay has four intriguing details:

  1. An foreign e-wallet called SticPay is used for playing.
  2. Since its founding in 2018, the company has become more well-known.
  3. All activities can become bet on using SticPay.
  4. With just one click, deposit money and remove winnings.

SticPay continues to grow in popularity with both bettors and bookmakers, but it's important to know that not all betting apps accept this e-wallet at present. Only the leading sportsbooks do and we have a list of them on this page.

Customers can quickly deposit and withdraw money using SticPay at each publisher we’ve reviewed. We talk about this transaction option’s move times, restrictions, and other crucial details. You can find the details here if it’s worth knowing.

What information about SticPay gaming is necessary?
was founded2018
Place that servedChina, the Philippines, UK, USA
has a specific softwareYes
charge for processing0%
Exchange speedInstant

Another trustworthy repayment options are available at gambling sites:



SticPay is it safe?

The most recent online security measures, such as Secure Socket Layer systems and a cutting-edge crypto services, are available to SticPay people.

Is StikPay reliable?

SticPay is one of the premier e-wallets available for use in the online gambling industry and is trusted by thousands of bettors every week.

Can I use my cellphone to lodge with SticPay?

You can obtain your virtual account on SticPay’s mobile website, connect it to your gaming account, and make transfers.

How do I use SticPay to pay for my stakes?

By choosing the person’s place, SticPay, and the amount you wish to payment, you can make a deposit to your gambling account using STICPay.

What kind of money can I apply with SticPay?

You can choose the currency that best suits you and change it when needed. Options include GBP and Euro.

How to increase your chances of making money

It’s essential that you always get the most generous odds when betting on soccer, horse racing, golf, or any other favorite sport. Even though the differences may seem insignificant, these profits accumulate over time. To increase your chances of getting a best rate on your bets, use the advice below.

  1. Do your homework.

    Regardless of the game you are betting on, it is imperative that you thoroughly research your wager before placing your wager.

    Do your homework.
  2. Search for offers.

    The top bookmakers provide consumers with prizes, specials, and improved odds on the most well-liked selections. Visit the promotional page for your selected bookmaker. to see what's available to you.

    check offers
  3. Think about different areas

    On the top accessories, there are many betting markets accessible, so it’s worthwhile to look beyond your typical wager. There might be a simpler way to generate income.

    choose a bookmaker
  4. Obtain the best chances.

    To increase your chances of winning over the course of a year or year, it’s crucial that you ensure the most good odds on each wager you place.

    get the best odds

Is it secure to use Sticpay for payments?

One of the main reasons that SticPay has become so popular with online bettors — other than the transfer speeds — is the security and peace of mind it offers. It allows you to focus on the enjoyment of betting.You can transfer cash from your SticPay account to your betting wallet with a single click or withdraw winnings in the opposite direction just as fast. When doing this, you will benefit from the latest security measures, including Secure Socket Layer technology. A professional encryption programme means that your details are never seen by another person.

Click the link attached to that sportsbook to open an account and start betting. You'll land a welcome bonus free bet and be gambling on sport in minutes. 

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Top 5 Sportsbooks for SticPay

SticPay is being accepted by more bettors every day, and the industry is expanding abroad. They are attracting notice as a result of their funding and advertising agreements with well-known sports organizations worldwide. ,

Just the top bookmakers currently accept this e-wallet, but more are joining the group every day. You may wager with a legitimate and trustworthy online casino if you want to like using SticPay for gambling purposes. Before determining whether a bookmaker accepts SticPay, you should first confirm that they are licensed and that gambling is permitted in your region.

We list 5 of our favorite betting websites that accept SticPay as payment methods:

SticPay deposits and withdrawals at casinos

Using a desktop computer or mobile app, you can transfer money from SticPay to the casino of your choice. ,
With just a click, transfer funds from your electronic budget to your gambling account, where you can use the money to wager on the device of your choice. Payments don’t have a waiting period, which makes it ideal for playing. Immediately place the wagers you desire to increase your chances of getting the best odds.

To loan money, adhere to the instructions below:

  1. Login
    Using your username and password, log in to your website gaming account. This procedure only takes a few seconds.
  2. Go to the person’s place.
    Find the bank and deposits links after clicking your password at the top of the gambling screen homepage.
  3. Specify facts
    Select SticPay and enter the amount of your loan as well as the source. You can pair your SticPay and betting accounts in less than 60 seconds if you haven’t already done so by entering your password and email address and then verifying.
  4. Confirm
    Visit to ensure that the amount you want to transfer between SticPay and your betting account is accurate. We’ll send the money right away.

SticPay is accepted by the top 5 big bookmakers.

We have now reached what will likely be the most notable part of our assessment for the majority of users. ,

Here, we list the top five sportsbooks that accept SticPay as a form of repayment. Choose the gaming software that catches your attention by looking through the list above.

  1. Click here to register and secure your complimentary imagine at 20Bet.
  2. For a delightful reward at 22Bet, visit here right away.
  3. 1xBetDon’t lose your complimentary bet, please.
  4. MELbet, take advantage of today’s reward.
  5. Your free sporting imagine is waiting, Megapari.

Instances, costs, and restrictions

Before choosing, it’s crucial to read the terms and conditions associated with each payment process. By doing this, you’ll be sure to have a solid grasp of transport times, restrictions, and any other crucial details. See more beneath.

Fees, Deposit Times, and Boundaries

Blog for GamingLoan rateFreeSpecify Min / Max



€ 10 to € 20,000, 000



€ 10 to € 20,000, 000



€ 10 to € 20,000, 000



€ 10 to € 20,000, 000

Fees, departure days, and restrictions

Blog for Gamingwithdrawing rateFreeSpecify Min / Max


3 to 5 weeks

€ 10 to € 20,000, 000


3 to 5 weeks

€ 10 to € 20,000, 000


3 to 5 weeks

€ 10 to € 20,000, 000


3 to 5 weeks

€ 10 to € 20,000, 000

other means of payment

SticPay isn’t the only form of payment accepted at online bookmakers. You can use the best debit cards and e-wallets to transfer cash securely to your betting account and withdraw winnings. Below are some of the options available.

Other means of payment
22Bet10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 5500 € 10 € or 5500 €
20Bet10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 5500 € 10 € or 5500 €
1xBet10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 20000 € 10 € or 5500 € 10 € or 5500 €
  • visa-100x100sa

    Due to its speed and stability on desktop and mobile devices, it continues to be the most widely used payment method for website bettors.

  • mastercard-100x100sa

    With a single click, transfer money from this bank consideration to your website betting wallet and take advantage of the most recent online security measures.

  • paypal-100x100sa

    a well-known e-wallet that gives customers immediate access to deposits and withdrawals that process in less than 24 hours.

  • skrill-100x100sa

    One of the most well-liked electronic wallets for punters, it is quick, safe, and available whenever you need it. Use your wireless or background to deposit and withdraw money.


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