Best Revolut-accepting gambling sites


The purpose of this article is to give our readers the most up-to-date knowledge possible about bettors accepting Revolut.

However, we must first let you know that Revolut does not currently help gambling. The payment structure stopped supporting many bookmakers at the beginning of April 2020. We’ve come up with a detour to get this problem fixed, but it might not be right where you are.

The answer is fairly straightforward: according to our experience, using a Revolut debit cards to place bets at different gaming sites is preferable to using the payment system itself. In this manner, you can use the standard methods to deposit funds into your account before using the card that was issued to shift some of the funds to your gambling account.

Listing of Betting Sites for Revolut

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Revolute sportsbooks &— the ultimate guide


Best Revolut-accepting gambling sites

One of the most well-liked fresh e-wallets on the market in the gambling sector is Revolut. Every month, thousands of sports wagers are made using bet added by Revolut. It’s quick, safe, and simple to use. The only thing to remember is that Revolut is not accepted as a payment solution by all gambling sites.

Make sure you get the best odds, betting application, and campaigns if you plan to use Revolut for sports gambling. We provide a sizable completely bet welcome bonus along with our list of the top bookmakers.

What you should know about Revolut gaming

What you should know about Revolut gamingRevolut is not yet accepted by all gaming sites, but you can find a way to get around it by placing bets at some reputable bookmakers. Finding a gaming site that accepts Revolut is important because it serves as an acceptable form of payment. It provides immediate exposure to your reserves and is quick and secure.

  1. With a one click, deposit money into your gaming accounts using Revolut.
  2. Betting rewards can be immediately transferred to your Revolut account.
  3. Revolut takes pride in its most recent online safety measures.

On this site, we list the top bookmakers who accept Revolut. To register for an account and place the pleasant extra completely bet, press any website on this site to the betting site that best suits you.

Despite being established in 2015, the London-based business has only recently entered the online gambling market. Bettors are drawn to this transaction process because it has already had an effect and shown to be popular with them. This is a well-known product that you meet the needs of its customers, with over 1500 employees. You can deposit money and remove win using Revolut in a variety of widely used currencies.

Stand regarding Revolut wagering
Neighborhood that servedAsia, Europe
has a specific applicationYes( iOS / Android )
Running costNo cost
Exchange speedInstant



Is Revolut effective in my nation?

Check out the” Getting started” section of Revolut’s website to find out more about the nations they support.


How do I use Revolut to deposit money into my gaming account?

You’ll need to use a different repayment process as your middleman in order to deposit money into your gaming account with Revolut.


Can I use Revolut to swap money?

Yes. The Revolut cellular application makes it simple to exchange money immediately.


What sportsbooks accept revolut?

You can find the complete list of bookmakers that accept Revolut by clicking on the following link and selecting Revolut as a filter: Complete List of Bookmakers


What are the costs involved in closing an bill?

You will need to recall all of the money that is available in your balance if you want to cancel your Revolut account. After that, you may shut it down for nothing.

How to get Revolut

You can easily request a physical card after creating an account and validating your personal information( KYC &— Know Your Customer process ). You don’t have to pay any extra costs to remove money from any ATM in your nation. Revolut may charge a specific commission for processing your demand and shipping your natural card, depending on the nation in which you reside. These taxes, however, pale in comparison to the advantages that this kind of card offers you.

A thorough manual on how to get your Revolut cards using the wireless application( available at the Google App for it ) is provided below.

  1. Stage 1

    Download the Revolut wireless application.

  2. Stage 2

    Click the” Get your Revolut cards” option.

  3. Stage 3

    Set up your card’s architecture, PIN, shipping address, date of delivery, and pricing structure.

  4. Stage 4

    Make a payment into the bill.

  5. Phase 5

    Move funds from Revolut to your preferred alternative payment method


How to loan money using Revolut

All you need to do to deposit money into your Revolut bill is to open the mobile app. The user-friendly software enables you to quickly top up your account. The comprehensive list of steps you must take to deposit money into your Revolut accounts is provided below.

  1. Register with your bill

    Download the Revolut smart application.

  2. Start the payment box

    Choose one payment method by clicking the Add Money button, then the Change key.

  3. Choose the number

    Fill in the necessary information, such as the number, id number, and first and last name.

  4. complete the procedure

    Click the Add Money button after reviewing the data.


How to choose the top gaming site for Revolut

Typically, selecting a publisher to wager with is not an easy task. Here are some suggestions if you want to simplify this approach.

  1. Learn more about them

    The best thing to do if one wants to know something better is to read about it, and bookmakers are no exception. You can use the information in our several reviews to learn more about the bookmakers on the market.

    read reviews
  2. Consider your options.

    A good way to cut out selections and left only those that truly resemble the best bookies is to compare the options that are available.

    explore your options
  3. Select the item you are looking for.

    While some bettors prefer better conflict, some are unconcerned and prefer live streaming of games. Therefore, you must carefully consider your preferences in advance in order to find the publisher who best suits you.

    do your research
  4. Check it out.

    A bookmaker’s registration is absolutely free, allowing you to visit the website and check it out for a while to determine whether it is the ideal bookie for you.

    create an account

the top bookmakers that accept Revolut

Revolut is now accepted as a form of payment by an increasing number of online gambling sites. You can safely upload money and take out winnings. Debris for Revolut betting are fast, allowing bettors to immediately put money to their accounts and place a wager.

The main issueCustomer Service
the top bookmakers that accept Revolut
Methods of cashPrepaid Card, Credit Cards, Bank Transfer, and Bitcoins
Compared to traditional businesses, Revolut offers better money exchange rates.
The method’s main benefitsThey provide stable payment, don’t charge fees for transactions, and offer virtual cards.
significant drawbacks of the approachThere aren’t many bettors who agree with it.
App, FAQ

Here is a list of the top Revolut bookmakers:

  1. 1

    Welcome Bonus of up to € 100

    Apply for T & C. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +

  2. 2

    Up to 100 € in a 100 % bonus

    Apply for T & C. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +

  3. 3

    100 % benefit up to 150 euros

    Apply for T & C. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +

  4. 4

    100 % Bonuses up to € 500

    Apply for T & C. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +

Top 3 gaming websites for Revolut

It can be challenging to decide which gambling site to use even though there aren’t many selections that offer Revolut. This is due to the fact that bettors are becoming increasingly similar.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 3 choices for you below.

  1. 22Bet
  2. 20Bet
  3. 888Sport

Revolut Sports Betting’s health

Many people question the validity of this settlement strategy in practice. This occurs because this is one of the earliest electronic banking service providers to be offered globally. Revolut actually excels in terms of protection. The 256-bit crypto is used for all transactions processed using this repayment method. This guarantees that no one can intercept the exchanges and that all of your money is secure.

all accounts details( including username, password, bank accounts, etc. ) is secured by the most recent SSL techniques. As a result, no one can see the real information linked to your account besides Revolut Ltd. and your own gambling site. HTTPS ( Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure ) is used on their official website. All of the credentials and bank details you enter on their website are therefore entirely secure.

BIN: What is it?

The abbreviation IN stands for Bank Identification Number. Your lender card’s front is printed with a series of figures known as the BIN. It was created by ISO( International Organization for Standardization ) and ANSI( The American National Standards Institute ) to identify the various organizations that issue the accounts.

Premium, bank, gift, charge, and credit cards are all covered by this set of numbers. Each credit card has a BIN variety. The card’s bank or institution is identified by the numbers, along with the specific market identification.

Revolut: LT BINs vs. GB BINS

On credit and debit cards, a string of numbers known as the banks identification number, or BIN, is located. Your credit / debit card number’s first four to six figures are typically used. The institution from which the passport was issued is identified by the BIN. Therefore, the BIN informs the operator precisely where resources are coming from when you use your card to make a loan at an online game.

The UK Gambling Commission put fresh regulations into effect in 2020 that forbid using credit accounts at online casinos. You won’t be able to use your Revolut cards to finance if it has a BIN based in the UK. your accounts for gaming. But, that rule does not apply to people living in areas like Lithuania. You will be able to deposit money at an online betting site using your Revolut card if your card has a Lithuanian ( LT ) BIN or another non-UK ( GB ) BIN.

By going to one of the many free BIN monitoring sites, you can quickly assess your PIN to find out where your Revolut passport is from. Generally, all you have to do is enter your card number.

How to Verify Your Bucket

  1. Visit a site that checks BIN. There are several sites that let you test your BIN without having to spend any money. You can go to web. check the bin. io ,
  2. In the search box, type the initial six digits of your BIN range.
  3. Click the box next to”& lsquo ,”” Check & risquo.” Your BIN information will show up right away along with the card brand, card type, issuer name / bank, and ISO country name.

Bettors of revolution

Choose the bookmaker from the list above that catches your eye, then click the link to register for an account and start betting. After placing your first bet on that site, you'll receive your welcome bonus. You will also be asked to confirm your payment options, so you can stick to Revolut or add a list of alternatives. Doing so gives you greater control over your payments, allowing you to decide which accounts you use to pay for bets and where your winnings will be paid.

Revolut makes it simple and safe to add money to your website betting account.

Customers can purchase current, dependable online security at all times through the bookmakers mentioned on this site. When depositing or betting, all purchases made through Revolut will be safeguarded on both edges. Your sensitive information is protected by Secure Socket Layer technology, allowing you to move money and place bets in perfect confidence.

Before making a purchase, we advise reading the Revolut repayment terms and conditions. You can find information about shift times and maximum deposits and withdrawals it.

Revolut’s benefits and drawbacks


When compared to conventional banking techniques( natural ones ), this payment method offers a number of astounding benefits. The interoperability brought about by a modern banking provider first and foremost removes restrictions placed on different banks. Now you can take money out of any ATM without having to pay an arm and a leg in taxes.

Revolut also has a fantastic exchange rate that enables quick currency exchange for its customers. The exchange rate can occasionally be even higher than the one from the lender, depending on the currency you intend to transfer.

& , Methods of FundingThe main issuei’ Customer Support
Revolut’s benefits and drawbacks
Money, debit cards, electronic wallets, and cryptocurrencies
The most significant UK technology start-up company in history
significant benefits of RevolutQuick deposits, user-friendly website and app, safe transactions, and accepted by major bookmakers
significant drawbacks of RevolutRevolut is not yet accepted by all online gambling websites.
FAQs and lived talk


Starting from 14 April 2020, UK gamblers (both online and offline) are restricted from using Revolut to pay for gambling services. Therefore, all the bookmakers accepting Revolut were prompted to remove it from their available payment methods list. This action is part of the Government's Review of Gaming Machines and Social Responsibility Measures. To learn more about these restrictions, we suggest you take a look at the relevant Revolut blog post from April 10, 2020. Since there are no options for direct use of Revolut for betting, we can only recommend you to employ it to deposit money to other e-wallets.

Another significant drawback is that many middle-aged parents think this approach is unreliable. As a result, despite the incredible benefits of this program, the number of people is not as great as it could be. To deter customers from switching to Revolut as their main banking services company, many traditional institutions established a new set of applicable fees and charges.



cannot be used for gaming immediately.

Other means of payment

Other means of payment
888Sport£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 500,££ 5,£ 500,£
Bet365£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 500,££ 5,£ 500,£
Theodore Hill£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 500,££ 5,£ 500,£
Betfred£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 20, 000£ 5,£ 500,££ 5,£ 500,£

The most well-liked gaming choices are listed below:

  • skrill-100x100sa

    One of the biggest online transaction processing systems in the world, Skrill is supported in numerous nations.

  • neteller-100x100sa

    An extensive background can be found in the online payment system Neteller. It combines usability with protection and flexibility.

  • paypal-100x100sa

    PayPal doesn’t really need much entry. Since its 1998 founding, PayPal has exploded into the world of online payment, including gaming.

  • airtel-100x100sa

    An American communications company called Airtel is primarily active in Africa and India. It is a practical choice for many people because website bills are relatively new to the market.



In conclusion, Revolut is not the best payment method to use for online gambling due to the restrictions. However, you can always use it to top-up other payment systems. And besides gambling, you can use your Revolut card to pay for goods and services at any store that accepts card payment. The associated fees and processing times are smaller compared to traditional banks. Its coverage is similar to the one offered by major card issuers (MasterCard and Visa).

Revolut is a totally healthy pay approach, despite popular belief. Using their encryption protocols( SSL, HTTPS, and 256-bit encryption ), your transactions are protected and all the data you enter on the website is kept secure. You can control the funds in your account and your bills using the mobile application provided by Revolut even when you are on the go. You can tell if a deal was misprocessed or not by doing this. You overpaid what you anticipated.

3 ratings, 5 out of 5 on regular