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If you want to place your first New Zealand bet but don't know where to start, this review is made for you. Step by step, GetMindApps will break down everything you need to know about the current sports betting scene in NZ, its history, legitimacy, and all other important details. Plus, we'll share with you the best New Zealand betting sites that have already gained plenty of positive reviews from Kiwi customers and sports betting tipsters online. By the end of the article, you'll know what types of bets you can place, what are the most popular sports to bet on in New Zealand, which bonuses and promotions are available to punters, and other essential information that will be of use while placing your first wager.

New Zealand gaming sites list

27 Sportsbooks were found.

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Online sports betting in New Zealand: The best resource


Best New Zealand betting sites

With the current abundance of sportsbooks around the world, it might take pains to settle on one single option. What makes a good sports wagering platform? What do you need to know to start betting in New Zealand and make the most out of it? If your head might explode from the number of questions, don't worry. In this article, we've gathered only the most consistent info about the sports wagering industry in NZ.

Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of the top gaming sites in New Zealand and detailed each entrance, leaving out only the crucial information. Select from a variety of betting markets and specific bet types, find the most aggressive odds on well-known and niche sports events, and become familiar with the best bonuses and promotions for online gamblers. This evaluation should assist you in making your initial sports stakes in New Zealand. Come get right to the point without further ado.

New Zealand’s history of sports bets

What Information You Need to Know About New Zealand Betting

Both sports gambling and gambling have a long history in New Zealand and are well-liked all over the nation. Since the very first sports wager in the country’s history was recorded in 1867, Kenyans have been placing sporting wagers. As you might expect, a horse racing event was chosen as the wager because they were very well-liked in the 19th centuries. The Totalisator Automated Betting ( TAB ) was introduced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, greatly simplifying the betting process for all Kiwis and making horse racing betting the most well-liked pastime in New Zealand.

Sports gambling has reportedly always been permitted in New Zealand, according to popular belief. However, a little more than ten years ago, the very first rules of gambling activities in the nation came into effect. The operation of corporate online sports betting companies was made legal in New Zealand in 2012 with the passage of the Gambling ( Sports Betting ) Amendment Act. In New Zealand, this comparatively light policy doesn’t impose any significant limitations on sports gambling.

The 19th century, when it was mainly common among Kiwis to wager on horse racing events, is the rich history of sports betting in New Zealand.

Here are some fascinating details about New Zealand’s sports betting picture:

  1. BetEasy, which received its government license in December 2012, is the first accredited platform among betting companies in New Zealand.
  2. Up until 1992, it was forbidden to gamble at an online game in New Zealand.
  3. In New Zealand, all international sports gambling sites are free to use.
  4. Sport, football, basketball, and bowling are the most popular sports in New Zealand for online betting.

It is now simpler than ever to place bets on sporting events in New Zealand thanks to the growth of online sports betting businesses. Kenyans have access to a wide variety of not only local bookmakers but also foreign bookie companies.

What Information You Need to Know About New Zealand Betting
CountryNew Zealand
CurrencyNew Zealand dollar ( NZD )
Well-liked sportingbasketball, baseball, football, and rugby
Is Betting Accepted?Yes
Regulator& , New Zealand Gambling Commission
Taxes on gamingNo income on earnings and nbsp,
most widely used pay practicesVisa, MasterCard, Bank Wire, and PayPal are accepted.

The top sportsbooks in another nations:

How can I place a sports wager using the top gambling locations in New Zealand?

If you know what you’re doing, online gambling New Zealand activities can be both profitable and enjoyable. Making your first sports wager may sound difficult if you’re a novice. Read on to learn how to position your initial bet in New Zealand as quickly as possible in our brief guide.

  1. Locate a reliable activities gambling website

    Take a look at the selections on our list of the top gaming sites in New Zealand. We’ve given you succinct descriptions of each. system so you can choose the best bookmakers for you. Pay close attention to the betting markets, odds, bookmakers’ margins, and extra features that are available to bettors.

  2. Receive your welcome reward.

    Most New Zealand-based online bookmakers welcome items or even entire packages to their first-time customers. Don’t forget to check out the welcome benefit that is available and its wagering requirements as soon as you create your personal accounts and log in.

  3. Locate the occasion where you can wager.

    A variety of activities are available to bet on at all NZ-based bookmakers. Consider the game you want to bet on on the pre-game or in-play pages of your chosen bookmaker. Don’t forget to choose a betting market that will complement your gambling strategies.

  4. Look at the conflict.

    Don’t forget to assess the odds for all areas and outcomes once you’ve located the sporting event. Depending on the popularity of the sport and the type of bet, the statistics may vary. To continue placing your wager, locate the possibilities that are the most rewarding and click on the result.

  5. Position a wager

    You are then prepared to place your initial New Zealand wager. Check your wager slip’s interest amount, then wait to receive your winnings.

Top 5 New Zealand gaming websites

We’ve compiled the top NZ gaming sites in this review. Additionally, we’ve provided a brief overview of each platform’s major benefits for Kiwi bettors. Don’t forget to consider odds and margins, accessible sports types and betting markets, offered bonuses, and promotions when selecting the best bookmaker for you.

  1. IVIBet is the# 1 site in New Zealand.

    IVIBet, which was only founded in 2022, is one of the newest but presently well-liked casinos NZ based. The web accepts wagerers from all over the globe, including New Zealand, and is available in a variety of languages. More than 40 entries are included in the list of game types offered at IVIBet, and the bookmaker provides aggressive odds for the most well-liked sports and anticipated events. Additionally, IVIBet offers lived streaming, which gives you access to live broadcast of your preferred games right on the website.

    ivibet sport page
  2. Website # 2 in New Zealand: TonyBet

    Many Kiwis favor TonyBet when placing bets in New Zealand. This 2009-founded publisher has been on the business for more than 13 years. The casino offers competitive possibilities on the most anticipated sporting events and covers more than 25 different sports types. You can place your bets at TonyBet with just one click, and the location is available right up until the game’s final minute. More than 15 repayment options are available, and some of them allow for immediate payments.

    TonyBet sport page
  3. Sportaza is the third web in New Zealand.

    Sportaza is a brand-new activities gambling site that was founded in 2020. It offers great conflict on both major and minor events and covers more than 35 athletics. The publisher provides exclusive markets for prestigious leagues and events, a total cashout option, and VIP membership programs for the most devoted users. Additionally, Sportaza offers a good selection of payment options, including bitcoin, for making deposits and withdrawals.

    Sportaza sport page
  4. 22Bet is the fourth web in New Zealand.

    It is impossible to forget to mention 22Bet when discussing the top New Zealand gambling sites. This bookmaker, which debuted in 2017, has a significant impact on activities gambling markets all over the world. Due to its extensive sports policy, including more than 50 entries, lots of sports areas, over 100 pay options, full and partial cashout, and some fantastic bonuses and promotions, punters from New Zealand prefer 22Bet.

    22Bet sport page
  5. Rabona’s site is the fifth in New Zealand.

    Rabona is the best option if you’re looking for a new but well-known publisher. Rabona is a crypto-friendly betting with an impressive selection of web languages that has been available digitally since 2019. More than 30 sports are available for wagering on, and more than 35 000 standard pre-game events are covered by the bookmaker. Additionally, Rabona offers full or partial cashout as well as a variety of exclusive and alternative betting markets.

    Rabona sport page

How we evaluate and test New Zealand gambling sites

We thoroughly research each entry in order to give you only the best gaming sites New Zealand has to offer. A good betting is made up of a variety of elements, and the list above explains each one in detail.

  1. Odds

    Any sports wager depends heavily on the possibilities. We compare and contrast the conflict and markets offered by each program before providing bettors New Zealand based to our readers. These figures typically depend on a sport’s popularity, the type of competition, and— obviously— the betting market of choice.

  2. compatibility with smart

    The newest market trend is mobile gambling, which enables bettors everywhere to keep track of all sporting events and place their wagers even while on the go. The top betting sites in New Zealand ought to offer their clients established mobile applications, or at the very least, mobile-friendly, completely optimized browser versions. Another area of our study is the accessibility of mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

  3. accessible means of payment

    When it comes to the payment options for betting in New Zealand, each user has their own choices. Some choose the traditional credit and debit cards, people use e-wallets, and still others deposit all of their money in bitcoin. A great casino should be able to offer you a respectable record of techniques for both deposits and withdrawals, regardless of which payment method is best for you.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    A favorable reward or advertising on a sports betting website is not harmful. In fact, your chances of placing a winning wager increase as soon as an advantageous extra enters the picture. Welcome products and plans, deposit bonuses, free bets, bonus, and Club membership programs are the most popular types of bonuses offered by New Zealand bookmakers. In this overview, we’ll go into more detail about how each a functions.

  5. kinds of bets

    A solid betting strategy depends on selecting a suitable gaming market and bet type. Research the various gaming markets provided by your bookmaker in advance and choose one to make the best wager. For every type of sport, there are both typical betting markets and specific bet types.

  6. Help staff excellent

    You may require assistance from a skilled and receptive customer support team if your sports betting in New Zealand takes an unexpected change. We usually independently check each of the channels of communication offered by casinos. A live chat, phone number, email address, messenger, or social media account that is extremely flexible and effective is a good sign.

  7. Trustworthiness

    Integrity is without a doubt the most important feature of every website bookmaker. A specific sportsbook is it authorized and legitimate? When placing a wager that, are you entirely secure? In order to provide an answer to these queries, we examine not only the operating license and policy of the bookmaker but also all extra security measures, such as SSL encryption or bitcoin technology, which is typically used on crypto-friendly bookmaking platforms.

4 of New Zealand’s top gaming apps

The newest trend in the sports betting market is betting with your wireless devices. Who wouldn’t want to have unlimited access to online sports bets? It’s lucky that the majority of New Zealand-based bettors accept bettors in their formal iOS and Android mobile apps. Some have created tools that are practical and user-friendly. computers for wireless devices. We’ve gathered some of New Zealand’s most well-known bettors for this assessment, and they’re all willing to let users download their mobile apps.

The top bets game in New Zealand is 20Bet

One of the newest gaming websites in New Zealand, 20Bet, was introduced in 2020. Given that 20Bet supports more than 18 different bitcoin, this is a real pearl for punters who prefer to deposit their money in cryptocurrency. Most nations around the world have access to this adaptable smart game, which is also very well-liked by Kiwi gamblers. More than 30 activities are listed on the list of accessible activities in the 20Bet mobile software, and customers are regularly given access to over 40, 000 pre-game and in-play activities.



Small withdrawal restrictions

22Bet, the second New Zealand gaming application

22Bet, which has more than 5 years of industry encounter, is still one of the most dependable and frequently used mobile gaming apps worldwide, and New Zealand is no exception. More than 50 activities are listed on its impressive list of available events, and the odds are good for both well-known and specialized events. Additionally, there are more than 100 repayment options, including a variety of bitcoin. The 22Bet Android and iOS apps are available for direct access from the bookmaker’s site.



Mobile users are not pleasant here.

888Sport is the third betting apps for New Zealand.

A reputable sports betting site, 888Sport recently created its formal mobile applications for the Android and iOS systems. The portable version of the bookmaker provides a wide variety of generous bonuses that are simple to state, as well as an excellent in-play section with live-streaming capabilities for particular sporting events. Additionally, 888Sport provides quick transactions that typically take 1 to 3 business days. In a matter of seconds, you can obtain the 888Sport mobile app from the App Store and Google Play and place it on your device.



There aren’t many customer service programs.

# 4 Sportaza gaming apps for New Zealand

You’ll be happy to hear that Sportaza is totally mobile-optimized and functions flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices if you’ve chosen it as your go-to sportsbook for betting in New Zealand. The portable version has the same betting options as the desktop version, including a sizable life wagering section, and it has an easy-to-use layout.



Right now, only the portable computer version is accessible.

New Zealand life gaming

New Zealand life gaming

Kiwis can easily keep track of all in-play sporting events and place exist bets on betting sites in New Zealand thanks to the country’s complete legalization of live betting. One of the most common types of gambling in New Zealand is life betting, which makes sense given that live events are typically much more exciting and have relatively higher odds. Another fantastic benefit is if your preferred casino has a live-streaming option. You can watch live streaming of current sporting activities without leaving your sports betting website.

The most well-liked exist betting activities in New Zealand are:

2 brand-new sportsbooks in New Zealand

You can find some brand-new options that might catch your attention among the top NZ gambling sites. Although these sites haven’t been around for very long, they’ve already received a lot of good reviews from users and sports betting experts. You should also provide them a chance for the reasons listed below.

  1. Sportaza is the largest gambling page in New Zealand.

    Since its founding in 2020, Sportaza has been one of New Zealand’s newest sporting gaming platforms. Despite its relative innovation, the publisher now accepts customers from more than 100 different nations, and Kiwi gamblers can use its services extensively. Sportaza is renowned for its large payouts on big leagues and best events, as well as its competitive odds and more than 200 football markets. In addition, Sportaza provides crypto-friendly payment methods that are accepted for both deposits and withdrawals, as well as a complete cashout have for your winnings.

    Sportaza promo
  2. IVIBet is the second-largest gambling site in New Zealand.

    IVIBet was only founded in 2022, but despite being a relatively new gambler, it has already established itself in the sports gambling industry. Some Kiwis prefer IVIBet for their activities bet, which is licensed by the Curacao Gaming Authority and accepts punters from more than 70 different nations. IVIBet has an outstanding sports coverage, more than 40 different sports to wager on, everyday live streaming of over a thousand games, and payment options that are crypto-friendly.

    IVIBet promo

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with New Zealand bettors

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with New Zealand bettors

It’s time to place your initial bet on a sports event today that you’ve chosen one of our top gaming sites in New Zealand. How can I complete this correctly? Following our comprehensive instructions and place your wager on any game you enjoy step-by-step.

  1. Visit the website of the gambler you have selected, register, and log into your account.
  2. Visit the in-play or pre-game sports gambling area.
  3. Select an occasion you want to wager on after locating the game you’re interested in on the list.
  4. Check the conflict and look at the gaming markets that are available for your selected fit.
  5. Select the result you want to wager on by clicking.
  6. You can provide the interest amount and confirm your bet in the Bet Slip section, where your wager will be displayed.
  7. Don’t forget to say your winnings and keep track of your most recent wagers.

Incentives and bonuses for betting in New Zealand

You can find a good selection of bonuses and incentives for all customers at all New Zealand gambling sites. Picking the best promotions and adhering to all wagering requirements on occasion, however, may be difficult if you’re a new customer. This first examine the most popular bonus and promotional options available at gaming sites in New Zealand.

Prizes for deposits

Prizes for deposits are the most common type of promotion you can come across on a sports betting website. Quite often, you can get perks like extra cash or free bets for your first, second, third, fourth, and sometimes even fifth deposit on the website. However, there are always strict wagering requirements attached to deposit bonuses, so make sure to study them in advance before participating in this promotion.

Welcome provides

A sports pleasant bonus is instantly available to all new customers of a sports betting website. Just if there is one, of course. First-time users’ pleasant items frequently include additional cash bonuses, free stakes, or even both. Most of the time, before you can claim your pleasant surprise, a bookmaker will ask you to deposit X amount of money on the website and then finish the vehicle.

Completely wagers

Completely wagers are basically the bonus wagers allocated to users by the most generous bookmakers. If you want to test your luck and place some stakes on sports without spending actual cash, look for the free bet offers on your bookie's website. Quite often, there are general free bets for all types of events or all special free bets on a limited number of sports or matches.


Bonus offers can be customized for each sport, just like free wagers. You can find various rebate offers for rugby, cricket, basketball, eSports, and many other sports on some sports betting platforms. Cashback gives you back a specific percent of your bet each time you place an unsuccessful bet on an online betting site. Cashback is a particularly helpful development for novice gamblers who are hesitant to place their first sports wager.

Club privileges

Of all, we wouldn’t have overlooked members and Club loyalty programs. These special programs typically have levels, and as you move through them, each fresh level gives you extra money, free bets, cashback, or other valuable prizes.

Incentives and bonuses. New Zealand’s Best Free Guess Offers
BookmakerOfferAdvantagesConnection to Membership
Up to NZ$ 250 as a 100 % bonus
  • simple to navigate
  • good welcome bonus
  • a wide range of gaming markets
Get Bonus
100 % bonus up to € 100
  • Wonderful pleasant extra
  • There are many teams to wager on.
  • Numerous activities bonuses
Get Bonus
Up to NZ$ 250 as a welcome benefit
  • TOP 5 in the sector
  • 65 methods of removal
  • streaming services that is life
Get Bonus
100 % bonus up to € 100
  • Accessible money out
  • 24 hour customer service
  • good odds
Get Bonus
100 % bonus up to € 100
  • 24 hour customer service
  • good bonuses
  • Accessible money out
Get Bonus

Common sports bets payment methods in New Zealand

Customers can select from a variety of available repayment options for deposits and withdrawals at betting locations in New Zealand. While some bettors are accustomed to using their credit or debit cards for purchases, others favor e-wallets or even cryptocurrencies. Which choice is best for you? After reading through our record of the most widely used payment methods for sports betting among Kiwi bettors, learn more.

  • Bet with PayPal in New Zealand: PayPal is the most popular e-wallet in the world, and for a reason. Apart from being used at online stores, it is also a widespread payment method on sports wagering sites. PayPal is proven by time and millions of users all over the world. This is a secure and extremely fast payment method that only requires your email address to complete a transaction.
  • In New Zealand, imagine with Visa or MasterCard: Visa and MasterCard are traditional payment procedures that outperform many others in terms of security. Because there are no next parties involved in these deals, some Kiwi bettors use their debit or credit cards to deposit money or withdraw win from online sports betting websites. The payment is typically processed in a matter of minutes after you simply transfer the money from your bank account to your bookmaker’s.
  • Bet with Skrill in New Zealand:A well-known e-wallet called Skrill was founded more than 20 years earlier. It now serves more than 130 nations worldwide and provides quick and secure online services. deals involving 40 assets. Since it is accepted by the majority of bettors around the world, including NZ bettors, Skrill is also a good option for online sports wagering.
  • PayID is a particularly common payment process in New Zealand and Australia, so gamble with it there. By linking your mobile apps to a phone number, contact address, ABN, or Organization Identifier, you can make your own PayID. Kiwi bettors can send and receive quick bank transfers thanks to this practical payment process, and they can confirm that they are sending the money to their gambler before completing the transaction.



May you place a wager on life sporting events in New Zealand?

Yes, every sportsbook mentioned in this assessment offers its customers a variety of live betting options.

How can I place a cryptocurrency wager in New Zealand?

Get a crypto-friendly NZ betting on our list and look at the different types of cryptocurrency that are available to customers to make deposits in cryptocurrencies.

Is it permitted to bet in New Zealand?

Yes, New Zealand has laws and regulations governing all types of sports gambling.

Which gambling locations in New Zealand are the best?

Some of the top sportsbooks in New Zealand include 22Bet, IVIbet and ITN, Sportaza, and Rabona. On our list of gambling sites in New Zealand, we have discussed these and a few different well-known bookmakers.

How can I locate a reliable gambler in New Zealand?

Check out our comprehensive list of the top and most reputable New Zealand bookmakers to find a trustworthy NZ casino that will meet all of your wagering requirements.

What bookmakers in New Zealand have betting promotions?

You can place bets on the most popular sports in the nation at NZ sportsbooks, including baseball, basketball, rugby, and cricket. Additionally, you can find a wide variety of the most popular gaming industry as well as different kinds of bets.

What are New Zealand’s most well-liked activities to wager on?

Soccer, rugby, baseball, and basketball are the most popular sports to wager on in New Zealand.

What incentives and promotions are available to punters in New Zealand?

Kiwi bettors can take advantage of promotions and bonuses for sports gambling, such as deposit bonuses, pleasant gifts, completely wagers, rebate, and VIP loyalty programs.

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