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Online sports betting in Malaysia is quickly growing in popularity among Indonesian gamblers. You can choose from a wide variety of sports betting businesses in Malaysia, but as you might anticipate, some are superior to others. The main factors influencing the Malaysian market for online wagering are listed below.

List of the Top Online Betting Sites in Malaysia

18 sportsbooks were found.

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Up to €100 in bet credits

#AD. Open an account with bet365 today and bet on a huge range of markets with the world’s favourite online sports betting company.



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The Ultimate Guide to Malaysia Online Sports Betting


The Ultimate Guide to Malaysia Online Sports Betting

Online sports betting in Malaysia is very well-liked, just like in many other Eastern nations. In this review, we go over every aspect of the Indonesian sports betting market in great detail. There are numerous options for players to choose from, including a wide variety of sporting gambling websites.

You need not be concerned because we have done all the research you need to know about Malaysian online betting actions. In a market as crowded as Malaysia’s for sports gaming, research is crucial, but we’ve made things slightly simpler for you by giving you all the information you need above.

This is the right location to be if you enjoy sports betting, especially sports bets. We know exactly what to look for when reviewing a sports gambling site because our team is made up of professionals and enthusiasts in the field. You are in good hands because, in the end, we look into every aspect of Indonesian sports betting sites.

The Development of Sports gambling in Malaysia

The Development of Sports gambling in Malaysia

The Malaysian betting market is somewhat gloomy and has been for a very long time. It can be challenging to distinguish between what is legitimate and not because of the country’s large Muslim population and two system of law.

Malaysia is a liberal democracy with laws that apply to everyone, but the Arab area must also abide by stringent Sharia law.

The Betting Act of 1953 was the first piece of legislation that dealt with gaming sites based in Malaysia. This piece of legislation states that while sports betting and gambling are prohibited in Malaysia, just the legal raffle and horse betting are permitted in the nation.

With the introduction of Malaysian online gaming websites, the entire scenario becomes a little more complicated. People from within the nation can play on global websites, and the Malaysian government can do little to prevent them.

Some intriguing statistics regarding the Malay gaming market include:

  • 60 % of Malaysia’s population is Muslim, and playing for them is prohibited by Sharia law.
  • Gambling was introduced by the Chinese to Malaysia.
  • Since life games started in 2012, Malaysia has won an amazing$ 14, 000,000.
  • If you are caught gambling in Malaysia, you could spend up to 6 months in jail.

There are therefore many choices available to you, despite the fact that online sports betting tends to be illegal. You don’t need to worry because there are many top-notch global sports betting websites that accept bettors from Malaysia.

Sports gambling in Malaysia
CurrencyIndonesian Ringgit
Activities that are commonCricket, horse race, and sport
Is Betting Accepted?


levies on gamingn/a
most widely used means of paymentBank Wire, EcoPayz, VISA, MasterCard, Skrill, and SkRill

What are the major gambling legislation in Malaysia that you should be aware of?

Thousands of Malay punters also rush to worldwide betting websites to place bets on their favorite sports despite the fact that gambling and betting activities are essentially prohibited in the nation. Even though the Indonesian government has little to no sway over foreign bookmakers, there are still some important laws that make up Malaysia’s gaming laws. Before placing a wager, review all the information you require.

Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 and the Betting Act of 1953

The Betting Act of 1953 is Malaysia’s first and possibly the most one-restrictive laws addressing all forms of gambling. Because of this, it’s really challenging to get around, and anyone caught running a” betting home” is held accountable. This work carries a maximum sentence of 200, 000 MYR and up to 5 years in prison. Sharia rules cannot be applied to the Betting Act of 1953 because it is largely ignorant of the actions of individual gamblers and continues to be severe on authorities who run and maintain gambling houses.

In addition to sports wagering, all other types of gambling are covered by the Common Gaming Houses Act of 1953. According to this law, any Malay resident caught engaging in gambling faces a fine of up to 5,000 MYR and six months in prison. This law applies to all locations where Malay citizens you gamble, including the so-called gambling houses.

Sharia rules

Another grave restriction on gambling activities in Malaysia is Sharia rules. Given that over 60% of the country's population is Malay, Islam is according to the Malaysian Constitution, their faith must be practiced. All forms of gambling are expressly forbidden under Sharia Law. Because of this policy, the majority of Malaysians are prohibited from engaging in any form of gambling or sports wagering.

How Can I Place an Online Sporting Guess in Malaysia?

It’s not too difficult to place an net wager in Malaysia. We’ve compiled a list of the steps you must take in order to bet on an online gambling site in Malaysia for all newcomers to the gaming world.

  1. Locate a reliable website sportsbook.

    Finding a reliable Malaysia sports betting site is, of course, the first and most sensible move. Check to see if it has an international permit; this information is listed in the foot of the page.

  2. Receive Your Welcome Extra

    Make sure to take advantage of pleasant prizes if the website offers any because they are a great way to start your betting career.

  3. Locate the Function to Place a Bet on

    You will never run out of situations to wager on when playing football, which is a good thing. So, simply locate one and position your wager.

  4. The Odds are Checked.

    Check to see if you like the very competitive odds offered by Malaysian sports gambling sites before placing your wager.

  5. Invest Your Imagine

    The excitement is then start. Place your bet on the Malaysian online sportsbook and try for the biggest win.

6 top gaming sites in Malaysia

Let us introduce you to some of the reputable bookmakers who offer their services to Malaysian punters so you can feel reasonably secure gambling with foreign bookmaker operators in Malaysia.

  1. BK8 is the first site in Malaysia.

    The second betting in Malaysia that we’ll introduce to you is BK8. This gambler, which has a Curacao license, was founded in 2015 and has its current headquarters in Malta. Football is undoubtedly the most rewarding sport to wager on on within the BK8 platform, despite having some of the highest odds percentages for other well-liked sports. BK8 has undergone thorough screening and received certificates from BMM and iTechlabs, despite the fact that it still only holds one certificate. The biggest basketball leagues and tournaments in the world are also frequently sponsored by the site.

    Website in Malaysia — BK8
  2. Malaysia’s second-ranked site is 1xBet.

    One of the most reputable publisher platforms, 1xBet has been in the virtual betting market since 2011, and gamblers all over the world rely on it. Curacao issued its primary running permit, but the bookmaker even holds a number of regional certificates in Europe, Africa, and South America. More than 100 states are included in the truly amazing list of accepted nations, which spans the entire world. Malaysian bettors generally select 1xBet because it is a tried-and-true platform that frequently collaborates with the biggest sporting events in the world.

    Website in Malaysia — 1xBet
  3. 22Bet is the third site in Malaysia.

    One of the most well-known sportsbooks in Eastern Europe, 22Bet was founded in 2017. The Curacao, Canada, and some African nations’ governments have granted licenses to the bookmaker, whose headquarters are in Malta. Solid odds on the most anticipated teams and unique events, over 50, 000 regular sports matches, hundreds of pre-match football markets, and crypto-friendly payment methods are all included in 22Bet, which is powered by BetB2B.

    Website in Malaysia — 22Bet
  4. Malaysia’s fourth site is 20Bet.

    A relatively new sports gambling site called 20Bet was founded again in 2020. This casino, which is licensed by Curacao, draws bettors from more than 100 different nations, and numerous Malaysian users entrust the platform with their sporting wagers as well. 20Bet can provide more than 40, 000 occasions per month, both in the pre-game and in-play sections, large payouts on the best leagues and events, a live-streaming element, and cryptocurrencies among the payment options.

    Website in Malaysia — 20Bet
  5. PariMatch is the fifth web in Malaysia.

    One of the oldest and most seasoned sportsbooks in the business is PariMatch. The app went online in 2000 after being launched as a land-based bookmaker in 1996. Curacao and the UKGC are PariMatch’s primary running permissions. The site offers a selection of more than 25 sports to wager on, including well-liked selections like ice hockey, table tennis, basketball, volleyball, and sports. Additionally, there are countless different types of special bet available for both baseball matches and other sports activities.

    Website in Malaysia — PariMatch
  6. 888Sport is the sixth-ranked site in Malaysia.

    A French publisher operator called 888Sport was established in 2008. This casino is reliable because it has two operating permissions from the Gibraltar and Malta authorities, not just one. Additionally, it is the NFL’s established playing partner in the UK. For sports bookmakers, 888Sport offers a wide variety of bonuses and promotions, and the selection of seasonal and time-limited extra offers is regularly updated. That is to say, 888Sport will have its trump card available and bombard you with a variety of beneficial promotional offers whenever you decide to spot some bets on sports.

    Website in Malaysia — 888Sport

How We Evaluate and Review Malaysian Gaming Websites

Not every gaming site in Malaysia is reliable and worthwhile. When reviewing sporting gambling sites, our expert team of experts takes into account a number of factors. Let’s look at what we think of any Malaysia-based gambling site.

  1. Odds

    Of course, without strong probabilities, any Malaysian online casino is worthless. Any website we visit must provide extremely aggressive chances, and if we are pleased with what we see, we will suggest it to our readers.

  2. Compatibility with smart devices

    The future of the sports betting industry is widely believed to be smart bets. The most reliable online bookmakers in Malaysia will either have fully functional mobile apps or had optimized their websites for mobile devices.

  3. Acceptable Payment Methods

    Payment methods are also an essential component of any Indonesian online gaming website’s success. The publisher needs to have a variety of payment options available because punters have different preferences.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    In the Malay sports betting website market, continued bonuses and promotions are regarded as a crucial pillar. We make sure the bookmaker has everything at your disposal because completely stakes and cash bonuses are very common among gamblers.

  5. Varieties of bets

    If punters are entertained, they will be active on any website. Different bet types, such as over / under, final score, top scorer, tournament winner, and top assist maker, will amuse them.

  6. Quality of Assistance Work

    You will encounter various queries or issues throughout your online sports betting Malaysia trip. So, having a fully responsive and welcoming customer support team on hand to assist you at any time is essential for any website.

  7. Trustworthiness

    Malaysian online gambling is quite alluring and well-liked, but you must conduct your business on a reputable website. Before we even think about releasing the casino to our audience, we make sure it has all the necessary license and security information.

3 of Malaysia’s top gaming software

We have a sizable selection for you if you’re looking for an application to bet on sport in Malaysia. You can not only place your bets on these mobile-friendly sites. the most well-liked activities available, but you can also place bets on supplementary events.

# 1 gambling game for Malaysia: 20Bet

The standard 20Bet website’s smart version works flawlessly on both Android and iOS devices. Since the casino’s founding in 2020, it has been in operation. You have complete access to all athletics types and repayment options through the wireless application. On your smart device, it’s simple to switch between the 20Bet casino, life, and sports betting sections. On the official site of the bookmaker, bettors can download the app.



Generally speaking, small withdrawal restrictions

# 2 bets app for Malaysia: 22Bet

Despite being a relatively new publisher, 22Bet has now created its official mobile applications for both Android and iOS users. The program lives up to expectations and offers you access to the entire gambling world. You can get the entire selection of sport types and events that are available in the desktop version of the 22Bet mobile app, place bets on both pre-game and in-play events, and keep track of all the current events using sophisticated scoreboards. By using a hyperlink or QR code, you can immediately download the official 22Bet application from the website.



numerous prohibited places

# 3 gambling game for Malaysia: 1xBet

The gambling software Malaysia that we simply can’t ignore is 1xBet mobile. This bookie from Eastern Europe debuted electronically in 2011 after being established in 2007. It’s not surprising that 1xBet can provide flexible and reliable wireless applications given their impressive experience. The programs offer the same gambling options and practical tools as the website’s complete selection. But, because 1xBet provides an endless variety of gambling options, inexperienced bettors may initially have trouble using mobile apps.



For fresh bettors, the sailing might seem challenging.

Life Betting in Malaysia

Life Betting in Malaysia

Life sports betting is one of the most interesting features of any website, according to seasoned gamers in Malaysia. Players can make predictions about specific sport events while the action is now taking place by using live betting.

Everything can be bet on, including the following purpose, corner, yellow, red, and substitution cards. Each trustworthy website in our list of reputable bookmakers below ensures to draw players with cutting-edge live betting options.

Football is undoubtedly the most popular sports in Malaysia for placing life bets, but there are others as well. In Malaysia, some of the most well-liked activities, aside from sport, are: Sports betting sites must offer a wide variety of activities for gamers to choose from.

What may occur after that? Who is to say? You may experience all the thrill of life gaming while keeping track of your preferred sport’s results.

3 largest sportsbooks in Malaysia

Here are the three top bookmakers that have gained the trust of Malaysian punters. Before you pick a bookie for yourself, sign up, and start betting, let us provide you with a brief overview of every option at hand.

  1. AsiaBet33 is the largest gambling page in Malaysia.

    AsiaBet33, which was established in 2017, is a reputable casino that is well-known among Asian bettors. The bookmaker is in possession of three working licenses, one each from Curacao, MGA, and PAGCOR. By selecting AsiaBet33 for your sports bets, you can be sure to receive a dependable, time-tested, and secure betting. AsiaBet33 offers punters access to the most popular eSports areas, including activities from IM, iA, and TF Gaming, in addition to a variety of traditional sports types.

    Biggest Malaysia betting site — AsiaBet33
  2. The second-largest Malaysia gaming site is DitoBet.

    One of the newest casinos, DitoBet was founded in 2021 and currently serves more than 30 nations worldwide. The Curacao Internet Gambling Association ( CIGA ) has granted licenses to the bookie, which is owned by Dito Capital N. V. This multicultural gambling site offers great payouts, charge-free deposits, and a selection of more than 35 different sport types to choose from. Over 11, 000 live games are played each month, so you can usually get a game that is currently going on and bet on the most lucrative live conflict.

    Biggest Malaysia betting site — DitoBet
  3. The third-largest Malaysia gambling site is Global ODDS.

    Global ODDS, which was only founded in 2022, is slowly making its way to becoming one of the most well-known names in the Eastern gaming industry. This Curacao-licensed publisher provides quick, charge-free deposits and withdrawals that don’t take longer than 24 hours. One of the casino’s strong points is the ability to accept cryptocurrency payments and live streaming. The fact that Global ODDS doesn’t provide markets for horse racing betting is the only possible restriction for Indonesian bettors.

    Biggest Malaysia betting site — Global ODDS

How to Register, Check, and Spot Your First Gamble with a Malaysian Bookmaker

How to Register, Check, and Spot Your First Gamble with a Malaysian BookmakerOf course, you must go through a quick process of signing up and verifying your consideration before you can begin your online casino gambling Malaysia trip. If you’re a novice, you shouldn’t be concerned because the procedure will only take some time, as is described above:

  1. Complete the registration procedure, which entails giving your personal info in a brief manner.
  2. Validate your account. You’ll likely get an email with a verification link, which you must visit in order for it to be verified.
  3. Create your initial payment.
  4. Malaysia is where you should position your initial sports bet.

Bonuses and Promotions for Malaysian Online Betting

To draw in new players and keep them on their websites, every online gambling Malaysia legal site will offer a variety of bonuses and offers. Let’s look at the most well-liked prizes offered by Indonesian bookmakers.

Deposit Bonuses

Deposit bonuses are typically welcome items. A percentage fit on your initial deposit up to a certain amount will be given to you once you place your initial Malaysia gamble online.

Welcome Offers

Welcome bonuses and loan payouts can take many different forms. Free bet, cash rewards, no deposit bonuses, etc. are available. As soon as you sign up for the site, invite packages are available.

Completely wagers

Free wagers are quite well-liked by people, and it is simple to understand why. You won’t have to loan any of your income if you choose the free imagine Malaysia choice, so these offers are always appreciated.


You will receive a specific rebate percent from the bookmaker so you can recoup some of the income you lost while betting. Keep in mind that different bookmakers have different percentages of bonus.

VIP Deals

The most devoted bettors on any website basketball betting Malaysia site are eligible for VIP offers. Typically, there are various Club levels, and depending on which stage a player is at, they will receive various rewards.

Prizes and promotions in Brunei for online gaming
BookmakerBonus promotionAdvantagesLearn more.
Up to 300 MYR, a 150 % extra
  • accepts bitcoin
  • Apps for iOS and Android are accessible.
  • 24 hour help
Get Bonus
500 MYR or more
  • Membership is quick and simple.
  • Extra on the first loan
  • possibilities that are higher than average
Get Bonus
Special 600 MYR extra
  • TOP 5 according to the gaming market’s range
  • 65 ways to withdraw
  • lived broadcast
Get Bonus
On initial down payment, up to 100 MYR
  • more than 30 sporting
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Money out is accepted.
Get Bonus
Up to 100 MYR, 100 %
  • various types of bets
  • available in &— perform gambling
  • trustworthy user support
Get Bonus

The key distinctions between betting with an active bonus and betting without one are explained for Malay gamblers.

While it's wise to rely on GetMindApps predictions when it comes to picking the best sports betting website, there are some additional factors that come into play. In particular, the available bonuses and promotions. What perks can Malaysian punters get from activating bonus features offered by their sportsbook? Let's break them down one by one.

more effective fund managing

A specific sum of money that you reserve to use for your sports wagers is known as your budget. With this, we’re dealing with a limited budget that is typically tight, particularly if you are just starting out with your sporting wagers. More money added to your budget will undoubtedly work in your favor if you are able to receive a benefit from an online sportsbook. However, if you don’t activate any extra features, you run the risk of losing more money than you had intended.

reducing the challenges

Current casinos provide a ton of bonuses and promotions that can almost completely eliminate the risks. Offers like risk-free stakes are frequently available to you. In the event that this bet loses, these betting cover a specific portion of the money you spent on it. However, some incredibly kind sportsbooks may yet return your entire bet amount to you.

increased likelihood of success

The goal of all prizes and incentives is to boost your chances of winning. For instance, standard promotions will be promised to you as you place your bets on the website if you choose to sign up for a VIP loyalty program with your preferred bookmaker. It goes without saying that the increased possibilities on the most anticipated activities or cashback bonuses will increase your account’s payout by a certain amount.


Bonus wager needs are frequently stringent.

  • VISA: A very reliable payment method and the most common payment option in the country. There are no fees associated with deposits and withdrawals, and you can get your winnings in up to 5 days.
  • MasterCard:Nowadays, it appears that people has a MasterCard credit or debit card, much like VISA. For Malaysian people, using MasterCard to place bets is very easy, and all transactions are totally secure and protected.
  • Skrill:Skrill is a very well-known e-Wallet that has gained prominence in Malaysia in recent years. The quick removal method is one of the reasons it is so well-liked.
  • Bank Transfer:one of the earliest forms of payment at online sports betting websites, so you can be sure it’s secure. For players in Malaysia to use this alternative, they must register the sportsbook as a beneficiary in the bank.
  • EcoPayz:Due to the quick withdrawal process, the final option is also very well-liked by Indonesian players. Regardless of the bookmaker you choose to gamble with, you have access to all of your earnings within 24 hrs.

key benefits and drawbacks Asian gambling

The state doesn’t typically target specific players, which is encouraging, even though gambling and sports bet may be outlawed for a sizable portion of Malay punters. Indonesian bettors have the best access to the most well-known and reliable sportsbooks operating all over the world thanks to global bookmaker services that are not impacted by the law. You can therefore benefit from a variety of special bonuses and promotions in addition to placing your bets in an environment that is safe.

  • Limitations
  • On a political stage, betting is also prohibited.
  • There are no neighborhood bookmakers.


Why don’t you choose a publisher for yourself and try your luck at placing some bets now that you are fully informed about Indonesian betting laws and are familiar with the top sportsbooks and their benefit offers? Specific Malay bettors are protected on international betting websites, despite the fact that the government of the nation still imposes a number of notable restrictions. Now that I think about it, there is unquestionably a bright side to this scenario. The platforms located abroad are ready to swarm you with the most lucrative gambling markets and special promotions, even though you might be unable to place bets with regional sportsbooks.

Malaysian Online Betting &— FAQ


In Malaysia, is it permitted to wager on sporting electronically?

Sports gambling is prohibited in Malaysia, but non-Muslim gamblers can circumvent the restrictions by placing bets abroad.

How do I create a gaming account online?

Choose a gambler from our list of the top bookmakers in Malaysia, register, and enter your basic contact information. Before placing bet, you might also be required to complete a verification procedure.

In Malaysia in 2023, which gaming websites provide free bets?

888Sport, which gives you free bets for your first payment on the website, is a good example of an online casino with no-deposit bonuses.

In Malaysia, is I place an online sports wager?

Football online gaming is Malaysia’s most well-liked sport among native bettors, second only to horse racing wagering.

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