Top Gambling Websites in Hong Kong


In order for you to choose the best publisher and place bets on your favorite sports, we’ll do our best to give you the most useful knowledge on the top sports betting sites in Hong Kong.

List of gaming sites in Hong Kong

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Online Sports Betting in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide


Online Sports Betting in Hong Kong: The Ultimate Guide

We'll cover all you need to know in our comprehensive guide before you start betting on your favourite sports at the top betting sites in Hong Kong. We’ll provide some information about sports betting in this country, explain how we rate top bookmakers, and show you the top websites for placing bets. Check out this detailed Hong Kong betting guide if that's what you're looking for.

Hong Kong’s history of sports bets

Hong Kong's history of sports bets

There aren’t many legitimate nearby casinos where you can gamble online, and it’s illegal to use an unlicensed website or an outside bookmaker. Since the laws were put in place in 1977, gamblers have followed them strictly. However, social betting is also permitted.

The Law on Gambling, which also controls Hong Kong’s betting and gambling sector today, established the laws governing sports betting there.

Horse racing is one of the most popular sports in the nation, and Hong Kong horse betting is also a specialty of organizations.

The fact that basketball and other athletics are frequently observed and bet on wherever it is legal is what drives sports betting in Hong Kong. Mahjong is another well-liked sports in the nation that is frequently played and occasionally even wagered on. The most popular sports among gamblers in Hong Kong are basketball, volleyball, table tennis, hockey, horse racing, and mahjong.

intriguing details:

  • In Hong Kong, Mahjong is a very well-liked playing game.
  • Since 1977, there has been a controller.
  • Hong Kong has strict wagering regulations.
  • Horses races in Hong Kong draw large bets from all over the world.

We can then move on and examine a unique stand in Hong Kong that is dedicated to sports gambling.

Well-liked SportsIs gambling legitimate?
What you should know about Hong Kong gambling
CountryHong Kong
CurrencyDollar from Hong Kong
basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and sports
RegulatorThe Law on Gambling
taxes on playing25%
most widely used pay techniquesVisa, MasterCard, PayPal, Bitcoin, and banks transfers

Hong Kong’s key gambling laws and everything related to them

gambling on international websites

The government does not pursue players who join worldwide online casinos and wager on sports, despite the fact that it is regarded as illegitimate. Therefore, it is up to you whether or not you want to place bets on international websites.

era of gambling

The legal gambling age in Hong Kong is 18 years old. All forms of gambling are prohibited, with the exception of those that the state has particularly authorized under the Gambling Ordinance.

permitted playing actions

There are numerous land-based games all over the nation that offer the most popular games, such as poker, blackjack, and roulette. Therefore, you can play these casino game in Hong Kong. Additionally, lotteries, sports bet, and horse racing are all exclusively the responsibility of the Hong Kong Jockey Club.

How can I place an net sports wager in Hong Kong?

Before you really visit publisher systems, we want to give you some advice on how to start betting on betting sites in Hong Kong.

  1. Locate a reliable activities gambling website

    To avoid making mistakes and ensure a respectable gaming experience in advance, you must first locate an online sports betting site that you believe to be trustworthy.

  2. Receive your benefit now.

    The majority of sportsbook websites in Hong Kong offer pleasant bonuses. You are the target market, so take advantage of the straightforward rules.

  3. locate the wagering occasion

    You should look for the event you are interested in after receiving the reward on Hong Kong casino websites. Fortunately, there are numerous choices available.

  4. Evaluate the possibilities

    Expert idea: It’s crucial to weigh your options before visiting a website in Hong Kong. If you do some studies, they might show up in search engine ranking, or you might look for them on the particular site you’ve chosen.

  5. Position a wager.

    If you successfully completed all of the aforementioned periods and were happy with the terms, you can begin placing bets.

Best 5 sportsbooks in Hong Kong

This section lists the top 5 casino platforms in Hong Kong, all of which are 100 percent trustworthy, secure, and reasonable. The plan is to choose the choice that merely appeals to you more. In order for you to choose for yourself which program you prefer, we’ll also give you example of their advantages.

  1. 22Bet is the top site in Hong Kong.

    22Bet is currently one of the best website sportsbooks in Hong Kong. The Curacao Gaming Control Board has granted it a license and is in charge of it since it was founded in 2017. Each month, you can place bets on more than 50,000 various events across 50 distinct sports with 22Bet.

    Website in Hong Kong — 22Bet
  2. Website 2 in Hong Kong: 20Bet

    A licensed, user-friendly online gambling site is called 20Bet Hong Kong. Secure payment options, such as credit accounts and electronic cards, meet a variety of needs. A sizable betting, a live game, and generous bonuses are among its best features. Pros: a mobile-friendly design, 24 / 7 customer support, and quick withdrawals.

    Website in Hong Kong — 20Bet
  3. Hong Kong’s third site is 1xBet.

    Advanced sports gambling services are offered by 1xBet, a publisher founded in 2011 and licensed by the Curacao Gaming Control Board. You may wager on more than 50 athletics with 1xBet in Hong Kong, including basketball, esports, football, and biking.

    Website in Hong Kong — 1xBet
  4. Website # 4 in Hong Kong: Bet365

    Under a permit from the Malta Gaming Authority, Bet365 has been providing top-notch gaming companies since it entered the gambling business in 1974 and the web space in 2000. With the Bet365 publisher, Hong Kong bookmakers you wager on more than 45 various activities. Additionally, there are numerous repayment methods available, some of which enable users to conduct charge-free money transactions.

    Website in Hong Kong — Bet365
  5. Hong Kong’s top site is Betwinner.

    Betwinner was established in 2018 and has Eastern European roots as well as a Curacao certificate. 2, 000 activities per day from a variety of sports, including basketball and football, as well as less well-known options like surfing and cross-country jogging, are featured in the company’s pre-game area. More than 350 wild bets are available to football players for each activity, including Win to Nil, Total Goal Minutes, and Combination bet. All of these areas offer the Betwinner conflict, which are fiercely competitive and can even reach 97 % on major leagues.

    Website in Hong Kong — Betwinner

How we test and evaluate gaming sites in Hong Kong

Checking bookies and choosing Hong Kong bookmakers is difficult but essential. If you're curious about how we evaluate sportsbook platforms, allow us to demonstrate some factors that the team of GetMindApps professionals considers while reviewing betting sites.

  1. Odds

    When evaluating Hong Kong gaming sites, we carefully consider the possibilities bookmakers offer and work to select those with the best offers.

  2. Smart functionality

    We always check to see if a publisher is mobile-friendly even though cellular games has never been more popular.

  3. accessible means of payment

    Before placing a bet on sports in Hong Kong, it is crucial to select your preferred method of payment. Additionally, we want to offer you a wide range of trustworthy repayment options.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    We don’t forget about items! Additionally, it’s crucial to research any notable bonuses and opportunities provided by Hong Kong website bookmakers. Good bonuses and practical tools aid bookmakers in achieving higher rankings and establishing a competitive advantage.

  5. kinds of bets

    A wide variety would excite every investor in Hong Kong, and the more sports gamble types there are, the better it is for gamers. You could also think of this as a good content marketing tactic.

  6. Support staff superior

    We often take into account the customer service staff’s responsiveness and the variety of ways to contact them, such as live chats, business letters, phone calls, and others, when evaluating Hong Kong publisher brands.

  7. Trustworthiness

    Betting on the websites of Hong Kong betting companies may be permitted. One of our strategies is to carefully examine licenses, rules, owners, and the web hosting safety precautions of betting foundations to ensure that customers are protected.

3 top gambling websites in Hong Kong

Additionally, we’ve compiled a list of the top casinos in Hong Kong where you can place bets on sporting events while using the same devices as if you were working on your desktop or laptop. These programs are fully optimized for mobile devices and letting you try your luck and had fun.

  1. # 1 gaming apps for Hong Kong: 22Bet

    For Android, Windows, and iOS portable devices, you can obtain 22Bet’s top-notch wireless applications from the built-in stores of your device. Using the 22Bet application, which also has a good web design, you can easily sign up, place bets on anything from more than 50 distinct sports, select from over 100 different payment method resources, and achieve success with exceptional odds.

    Hong Kong betting app — 22Bet
  2. 20Bet is the second betting application in Hong Kong.

    20Bet is a mobile-friendly publisher that works on both phones and tablets running iOS and Android. With the aid of this wonderful wireless sportsbook, you may take advantage of the coverage of more than 30 various sports, including tennis, ice hockey, and football. One of the bets software products that deserves your attention is 20Bet, which provides respectable performance and a first-rate user experience.

    Hong Kong betting app — 20Bet
  3. 1xBet is the third betting application in Hong Kong.

    The 1xBet web development team made the decision to release its mobile applications in the best types for smartphones, Windows devices, and Android smartphones. Additionally, if you have a product running one of these operating systems, you are welcome to use it for smart betting. In essence, you can conduct your own mobile-friendly test to determine whether it functions properly on your device and fits your screen size. Remember that all you need to download the app is a reliable internet connection.

    Hong Kong betting app — 1xBet

Life gambling in Hong Kong

Life gambling in Hong Kong

Both locals and visitors to Hong Kong enjoy gambling quite a bit. Bettors in Hong Kong may use a live streaming tool to watch games and activities in real time and place bets on various sports. The good news about life gambling is that you essentially become a part of the celebration because you have to watch the game and conduct specific activity analysis in order to decide.

Your ultimate choice will be determined by the current situation on the area, but you have the option to change your mind until the competition is about to come to an end. Additionally, this style of gambling is more thrilling. The activities that novice and seasoned Hong Kong bettors who want to place life wagers of most often are listed below. You are free to place bets on life sports if that is your intention because doing so is one of the most popular gaming customs.

two of Hong Kong’s top bettors

You may make up your mind and choose which publisher, in your mind, is the most reliable before placing a bet in Hong Kong. We’ll present the two biggest and most respected sportsbooks available in Hong Kong so you can make this choice. The gambling webmaster site you prefer as a visitor and gambler is finally reached by clicking on the links.

  1. 22Bet is the largest gambling site in Hong Kong.

    It makes sense that 22Bet is one of Hong Kong’s largest and most reliable gaming sites. This Curacao-licensed bookie has more than 50 different activities to choose from. since 2017 have provided bettors with high-quality gaming services. Additionally, having PC website versions and mobile applications is a huge advantage!

    biggest Hong Kong betting site — 22Bet
  2. The second-largest gambling page in Hong Kong is 1xBet.

    The 1xBet publisher has arrived with a permit from the Curacao officials. This sportsbook is well-known throughout the world thanks to its 10 years of playing business experience. 1xBet has been providing top-notch bets service since its inception. More than 50,000 events, including contests in sports like basketball, volleyball, and sports, are now available for wagering on each month. More than 50 unique sports are available for viewing, along with a range of repayment options and rapid withdrawals.

    biggest Hong Kong betting site — 1xBet

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with a publisher in Hong Kong

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with a publisher in Hong Kong

It’s very easy to sign up and validate your accounts on Hong Kong gambling sites for future bet placement.

  1. Check out our list of the leading bookmakers in Hong Kong and pick the one that most interests you.
  2. Concentrate on finding and clicking the website’s membership button.
  3. Make sure all necessary grounds are filled out with your personal information. Answer seriously because the information must be accurate from the start to prevent it from becoming a problem in the future.
  4. The next step is confirmation, at which point you’ll likely be asked to submit a copy, scan, file, or image of your identification documents. On some bookmaker platforms, simpler methods like phone number and email confirmation may also be available.
  5. You can now place bets on Hong Kong gambling sites, start your betting activities, test all the strategies and advice, read more about gambling topics, and wait for the results of the games after completing each step listed below.

Hong Kong Online Betting Bonuses and Promotions

If you’re interested in learning more about the bonuses and special offers that are available in Hong Kong, then let’s get started right away!

Prizes for deposits

Prizes for deposits are undoubtedly gifts that you might receive after making a deposit into your account on a betting website in Hong Kong. They can take the form of cash awards, free bets, or occasionally even cashbacks.

Welcome provides

Welcome provides are the coolest marketing approach and a well-working algorithm to entice new players to stick with a bookmaker and continue placing bets on that specific platform. These bonuses may require making deposits or you can go without any investments. Always check the updates and guidelines for a bonus you're interested in.

Completely wagers

Completely wagers are wagers that the chosen bookmaker pays out. You may always check with the operator to be sure you actually want to claim a bonus — truth be told, you always need to find out more about the value of these free bets, which may vary.


A cashback offer is frequently displayed on the website for publisher enthusiasts who want to recoup all of the money they spent or at least some of their money on betting websites. Audiences must review the requirements and conditions on the website of the operator they have chosen because not all events are normally eligible for this incentive.

VIP deals

Customers can join VIP clubs at a number of bookmakers in Hong Kong, where they can benefit from further deals, gifts, and benefits in addition to getting specific managers or other cool things. Some casinos also award opulent automobiles or cutting-edge smartphones. Anyone can win within their website because there are no restrictions on the lists of potential gifts.

Hong Kong Online Betting Bonuses and Promotions
BookmakerOfferAdvantagesConnection to Membership
Up to 1,200 Hong Kong dollars in the pleasant extra
  • Football Winnings
  • live broadcast
  • 65 methods of departure
Get Bonus
100 % Welcome Bonus up to € 100
  • good odds
  • Money is available.
  • 24 hour customer service
Get Bonus
Up to 1,000 Hong Kong dollars in a 100 % bonus on your initial deposit
  • More than 100 deposit choices
  • possibilities that are higher than average
  • initial deposit extra
Get Bonus
Up to 769 Hong Kong, a 100 % benefit is available on the first loan.
  • Free Toto imagine pass prediction to receive a bonus
  • 25 various bitcoin
  • Bet Exchange and Bet Constructor
Get Bonus
Up to € 25 in pleasant bonuses
  • 24 hour help
  • largest global model
  • user-friendly smart application
Get Bonus

widely used means of payment in Hong Kong

You may look more closely at payment methods in order to create an opportunity to have a enjoyable gaming experience. Numerous bookmakers may offer a range of payment options, each with unique limitations on how much you can recall or lodge in particular locations. If you want to succeed in sports betting relationships and increase your chances of making a better profit from gambling, you should read up on this subject. as well as all of its varieties in Hong Kong.



Is betting on sporting activities permitted in Hong Kong?

Sports betting is permitted in Hong Kong, but there are also tight regulations. For more information, read our article or search for them on Google.

What are Hong Kong’s most widely used gaming payment methods?

The most widely used payment methods among bookmakers on a Hong Kong gambling website are UnionPay, Skrill, Neteller, and Visa.

What Activities Are the Most Common for Betting in Hong Kong?

Sports, table tennis, basketball, and soccer are the most well-liked sports in Hong Kong among the betting public.

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