Cuba’s Top Betting Sites( 2023 )


Where do Caribbean sports enthusiasts wager on sporting events? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the most reputable activities gambling sites Cuba has to offer. The specifics of gambling in Cuba, its short history, and the major laws and regulations are all covered in detail in this review. Continue reading to find a list of Cuba-based sportsbooks whose pros and cons we have carefully examined. Begin placing your bets on the most anticipated situations as soon as you locate the best sports gambling system for yourself.

List of gaming sites in Cuba

14 sportsbooks were found.

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Cuba online sports betting: The best manual


Cuba online sports betting: The best manual

Get ready for a brand-new review from GetMindApps, one that will break down all aspects of betting in Cuba and share with you some of the most reputable Cuba betting sites. There are many factors you have to take into account while searching for the best bookmakers Cuba has. Luckily, we've simplified this tedious research for you, so all you have to do now is go through this article and find the best offers for online betting Cuba activities. Exciting history, lucrative markets, generous bonuses — let us share them with you right now.

Cuba’s history of sports gambling

Cuba's history of sports gambling

Cuba, a genuine Atlantic stone, draws millions of visitors each year thanks to its beaches and breathtaking natural beauty. The propriety of playing and sport betting in Cuba has inevitably come up as tourism on the island grows. The information on this subject, however, is quite depressing. Since the adoption of the 1959 Ley ( Law ) 86, all forms of gambling and sports betting are prohibited in Cuba. Fidel Castro passed legislation that still stands today outlawing all land-based playing in the nation that same year.

Can you place a sports wager with onshore companies in Cuba? Yes, absolutely, is the response. Although the ancient law does not specifically mention online gambling or sports betting, it is safe for Caribbean bettors to place sports wagers with foreign business bookmaker operators that offer their services there. Several offshore sportsbooks are happy to offer Cuban bettors their services in response to high demand.

Numerous foreign bookmaker operators also accept nearby bettors on their websites despite the fact that gambling and sports betting are technically prohibited in Cuba.

Here are some intriguing details about the Cuban activities gambling scene that could be useful:

  • The 1959 Law actually forbids gambling and sports gambling, but this policy makes no mention of online activities with seaward operators.
  • Gambling was one of the main tourist activities and attractions on the island prior to the Cuban Revolution of 1953 — 1959, and Havana was regarded as the center of its local casino industry.
  • Cuba has not seen any progress toward perhaps a limited legalization of betting on the island since the 1959 Ley 86.
  • Even though they are not covered by the law, online gaming and sports betting are also regarded as illegitimate in Cuba.

Can you still place bets using gambling sites in Cuba? Yes, but you’ll just have access to foreign bettors. Specific punters are hardly ever targeted, despite the Cuban government’s best efforts to impose some restrictions also on these systems and routinely blocking some of them in the nation. However, it would be preferable to consider a fail-safe and place sports wagers in Cuba since covertly as you can. For added safety, we also advise downloading a reliable VPN service.

Cuba’s history of sports gambling
CurrencyThe Cuban Peso( CUP )
Sports that are commonAmerican football, hockey, boxing, and ball
Is Betting Accepted?No
Taxes on gamingNone
Most widely used pay practicesMaestro, Skrill, ecoPayz, Neteller, and

How can I place an online activities wager in Cuba?

You must research all facets of online sports betting in Cuba before you can begin with one of the gaming websites that are available. However, you don’t need to complete this personally because we have compiled all the necessary steps and organized them in the tutorial that follows.

  1. Locate a reputable sportsbook.

    Visit our list of the top gaming websites in Cuba to begin placing bets on sports in the nation. Once there, weigh your options and choose the software that will work best for you. Pay close attention to the bookmaker’s conflict and profits, offered betting marketplaces, in-play gaming part, and, of course, bonuses and offers.

  2. Receive your delightful reward.

    Almost all onshore bookmakers welcome visitors with a welcome reward. You are ready for this campaign once you choose a bookmaker and open your personal account, which can offer your sports bets an advantage. Typically, the welcome bonus you award more money, free bets, or both. Before claiming your delightful package, make sure to double-check and fulfill all wagering requirements.

  3. discover the occasion wager on

    It’s time to locate a sporting event to place your bets on. Either visit the pre-game or in-play part of your sportsbook to review the options available. You can choose from specific sporting events or significant tournaments and leagues using a useful processed search.

  4. Look at the conflict.

    Before placing your wager on a game, don't forget to check the odds. Luckily, most offshore bookmakers Cuba has available offer strong numbers, especially when it comes to popular types of sports and major international events. Remember that the winning potential of your stake greatly depends on the odds, so pick the outcome you wish to wager on wisely.

  5. Make a wager.

    You are now suddenly prepared to spot your Cuba wagers. Your bet may appear in your Bet Slip when you click on the preferred results. Once this is finished, insert your bet amount, confirm it, and then wait to see if you win.

Cuba’s bottom six gambling sites

Punters must turn to seaward firms because it is impossible to locate a nearby qualified bookmaker in Cuba. Fortunately, there are many of these. We have carefully examined and chosen the top gaming sites in Cuba for your wagers specifically for this review. Learn a brief outline of each choice before making your decision.

  1. 888Sport is the top web in Cuba.

    Since its founding in 2008, 888Sport has amassed nearly 15 years of industry expertise and has established itself as a dependable publisher worldwide. The two operating licenses that 888Sport holds — one from the Gibraltar Authorities and the other the MGA — as well as its legitimacy. Regarding the key components of this platform for placing sports bets, 888Sport provides a respectable selection of sports in both pre-game and in-play sections, as well as numerous promotions, including increased odds on selected events, and the Bet Builder solution.

    Website in Cuba — 888Sport
  2. Cuba’s Website # 2: 20Bet

    20Bet is one of the most renowned and widely trusted Cuba sports betting sites. Established back in 2020, the platform now covers more than 100 countries all around the world. Cuban punters, who are welcome as well, can choose from over 30 sports to wager on in both in pre-match and in-play sections, receive high payouts on their winning bets on top sports events, and even watch live streams of selected matches.

    Website in Cuba — 20Bet
  3. Website # 3 in Rabona, Cuba

    Rabona is one of the comparatively new Cuba betting sites, founded only in 2019. Despite its relative novelty, the platform already has thousands of loyal users in different countries of the world. If you decide to wager on sports with Rabona, you can expect more than 30,000 pre-match and more than 20,000 live events monthly, hundreds of football markets, fast markets, players' specials, and many other perks for more fruitful wagering. Additionally, Rabona has already come up with convenient and responsive applications for Android and iOS devices.

    Website in Cuba — Rabona
  4. Cuba’s fourth webpage is 1xBet.

    1xBet is a name that speaks volumes in the online sports wagering scene. Given that this bookmaker is actively operating in many countries of the world, Cuba is on the list as well. Why is 1xBet a perfect choice for sports betting in Cuba? First things first, this is a time-tested sportsbook that has been in the industry since its establishment in 2011. However, its history traces back even earlier, to 2007, when 1xBet was first founded as a land-based bookmaker. What to expect from this bookie? A choice of more than 50 sports to wager on, over 60,000 monthly events, live streaming, and fast withdrawals. And this is only the start.

    Website in Cuba — 1xBet
  5. WilliamHill is the fifth web in Cuba.

    If you're an active bettor, then you should have heard about WilliamHill at least once in your life. This is a recognised sports betting brand that was first established back in 1934 and went online in 1998. Proven by time and lots of positive user reviews, WilliamHill provides customers with over 30 sports types to wager on, including football, cricket, basketball, horse racing, motor racing, and many other popular and niche options.

    Website in Cuba — WilliamHill
  6. PowBet is the sixth web in Cuba.

    PowBet is a relatively new bookmaker that saw the light of day in 2021. Despite this fact, it is already operating in more than 100 countries, welcoming users on a daily basis and attracting them with lucrative bonuses and promos. You can choose from over 35 sports types to wager on with PowBet, as well as more than 30,000 monthly events in pre-match and in-play sections. To simplify your betting process and make it as enjoyable as possible, PowBet also offers such options as Bet Builder, full or partial cashout, and 24/7 customer support.

    Website in Cuba — PowBet

How we evaluate and test gambling websites in Cuba

To make up our list of Cuban bookmakers online, we thoroughly review every suggested platform. There are many aspects to take into account and, thus, save punters the time they would otherwise spend on tedious research. Here are the factors we consider while reviewing Cuba betting sites.

  1. Odds

    Odds play a significant role in your wagers on all gaming sites in Cuba, as we already mentioned above. Don’t forget to carefully review the offered amounts before placing your bet on a sports event. Keep in mind that it is preferable to assess the odds offered by various sportsbooks at once. The popularity of a particular activity or function, as well as your preferred gambling market, typically have an impact on your chances.

  2. compatibility with smart

    Users can download the official Android and iOS applications from some Cuban sportsbooks. We constantly seek out bookmakers that can offer Cuban bettors a flexible and totally secure mobile gambling experience and encourage this. You can continue placing bets on sporting events while on the go by installing a wireless version of your preferred casino on your device.

  3. accessible means of payment

    Apart from other crucial factors, we also look at the lists of payment options offered by different bookmakers Cuba available to punters. Given that it's not recommended to wager on sports using credit/debit cards or bank transfers in Cuba, most local users prefer digital wallets instead. And luckily, these are in abundance.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    If you think about utilizing bonuses in advance, bets in Cuba can become even more lucrative. It is unquestionably encouraging when a bookmaker may provide its customers with access to numerous sports gambling promotions. However, we usually double-check the validity of each of these offers as well as the bet conditions associated with them.

  5. kinds of bets

    With Cuba betting places, what kinds of bets are available? It should go without saying that well-liked activities and events typically have a wider range of gaming markets associated with them. A casino does, however, provide some unique bet types, perhaps for specialized sports, which is a huge advantage.

  6. Quality of aid work

    Of course, a customer support staff is essential to any contemporary gambler system. This is a common way to stay in touch with and assist bookmakers whenever they require it. A reputable bookmaker must also provide users with its email address and / or mobile number in addition to the website’s 24-hour live chat feature. Live chat don’t usually solve problems, so consumers should always have one to ask for assistance. Additionally, having social media accounts allows a casino to inform customers of any changes to its policy or merely updates regarding all new features, which is an added benefit.

  7. Trustworthiness

    Additionally, legitimacy and dependability are unavoidable features of any sports gambling website. We always consider the value of working certificates and any additional methods that may be used. A gambler makes sure that every user is safe.

3 top gambling websites in Cuba

When you can perform them on the go, website gaming activities in Cuba become even simpler and more enjoyable. It makes sense that most gamblers don’t always have their laptops on hand given the pace of living today. This is where betting on smart sports comes into play. How can you place wagers on a cellular device while keeping up with all latest sporting events? Choose a reputable website publisher that offers its standard Android and iOS apps. Here are a few of the most well-liked choices among Caribbean bookmakers.

  1. # 1 gambling game for Cuba: 22Bet

    Users can also download 22Bet’s Android and iPhone programs, one of the most well-known bookmakers in Cuba. You can get a 100 % welcome benefit for all new mobile customers by downloading and installing straight from the bookmaker’s website. The software provides the same selection of industry and gaming options as the full background type, as well as helpful features like full or partial cashout, Quick Bet & amp, Edit Bet, and live scoreboards for in-play events.

    Cuba betting app — 22Bet
  2. 20Bet is the second Cuba gambling application.

    Another good sports betting game is 20Bet, which is accessible on iOS and Android devices. The bookmaker guarantees that both the background version and the mobile apps will provide users with a wide range of wagering options and practical tools. The 20Bet mobile apps should run efficiently and without lag on your device because it is compatible with all the most recent software versions.

    Cuba betting app — 20Bet
  3. 3 Cuba gambling software: 1xBet

    The 1xBet mobile apps, the final but no less significant item on our roster, is ideal for placing quick and efficient bets on sporting events worldwide. The software offers a selection of more than 50 sports to wager on, supports live streaming for in-play games, and, if you’d like, may give you regular force messages to keep you informed of your most recent wagers.

    Cuba betting app — 1xBet

Life gambling in Cuba

Life gambling in Cuba

Millions of bettors worldwide participate in life activities betting each year because it is such an exciting activity. Fortunately, the majority of betting locations in Cuba are seaward users that actively promote live betting and offer customers a respectable selection of daily, weekly, and monthly in-play events.

Additionally, if you find a casino that provides live streaming, live betting in Cuba can become even more lucrative and enjoyable. If you intend to wager on well-known activities, matches, or leagues in any case, you’re all set. However, this alternative typically only covers a small selection of chosen events. You can keep track of all changes in the conflict while watching live streams of your favorite one events or significant sporting events, allowing you to place your bet at the most advantageous time.

The most well-liked sporting in Cuba for in-play sports bets are:

Two of Cuba’s largest and most reputable bettors

Before you begin placing bets in Cuba, you must locate a reliable casino that will satisfy all of your needs. Instead of rushing into study, rely on our list of the biggest and most well-liked Caribbean betting sites. Choose the best choice for you by reading the succinct details of each system.

  1. The largest and most reliable Cuba gambling site is 22Bet.

    22Bet, a well-known brand in the sports betting community, first entered the market in 2017. This platform’s main operating license, which is registered in Curacao, as well as several native licenses in Africa and Canada, serve as evidence of its dependability. Due to 22Bet’s broad selection of more than 50 offered activities, large payments on the most anticipated fits, over 100 payment options, and top-notch promotions for bettors, punters from all over the world choose it.

    Biggest and trusted Cuba betting site — 22Bet
  2. Bet365 is the second-largest and most reliable gaming site in Cuba.

    We strongly advise you to check out Bet365 if you’re looking for a reputable and time-tested casino in Cuba. The betting has been available since 1974 and first went live in 2000. Over 20 million effective consumers continue to regularly place bets with Bet365. The sportsbook provides a list of more than 45 games to wager on, live streaming for specific events, and an immediate wager settlement via the Quick Bet have. It also provides quite an adequate general payout across all of the offered sports.

    Biggest and trusted Cuba betting site — Bet365

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with Cuban sportsbooks

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with Cuban sportsbooks

Read our brief step-by-step training to get started with sports betting activities in Cuba once you’ve chosen a gambler to your liking.

  1. Log in to your account and record at the casino of your choice.
  2. Loan money using any of the available payment options.
  3. Find an event to wager on by going to the” Sports” or” Live” sections.
  4. Check the possibilities before selecting a betting market from the available options.
  5. Select the result you want to wager on by clicking.
  6. Enter the interest amount and verify the wager once your bet is displayed on the Bet Slip.
  7. Maintain a record of your existing wagers, and remember to collect your winnings on occasion.
  8. Before asking the bookmaker for a withdrawal or your winnings, make sure you have thoroughly verified your individual betting account.

Incentives and bonuses for betting in Cuba

Punters you find a Promotions area with all the pertinent bonuses and promotional offers for sports betting on all of the top gaming websites Cuba has. Taking advantage of an effective extra may significantly increase your chances of winning. It would be wise to take advantage of a reward offer before placing your bets, regardless of whether you are an inexperienced investor or an ardent fan of Caribbean betting sites. Above, we’ve categorized the most popular kinds of deals offered to Cuban bettors.

Payouts for deposits

Payouts for deposits are among the most widespread promotions on all online betting sites Cuba. As a new user, you can get some extra cash for your first, second, third, fourth, and sometimes even fifth deposit. But don't forget to check and meet the wagering requirements, as they are quite often strict for this type of promotion.

Welcome provides

Welcome provides are exclusive sign-up packages offered to all new users of sports betting sites. They usually consist of extra cash or free bets, and wagering requirements include a certain minimum deposit and a rollover of a stated bonus amount. Make sure to check out a welcome bonus and its conditions once you register with any new sportsbook.

Completely wagers

Completely wagers are indeed lucrative promotions that give you a chance to place some bets on a bookmaker's website without spending actual cash. Though you will find them rarer than the deposit or welcome bonuses, free bets are still offered by plenty of offshore bookmakers in Cuba.


A certain percentage of the cash you can get up on losing bets is known as cashback. The rebate percentage can increase to 50 % on some very generous betting sites. Additionally, you can frequently find unique bonus offers for particular sports or events, such as NBA or cricket Cashback.

Club deals

When it comes to common sports betting promotions, VIP loyalty programs are just as significant. In particular, devoted bettors can take advantage of a VIP software provided by their gambler and receive some sizable rewards. The rewards for your Club position also increase in value as you move through the levels, placing more bets with a sportsbook and winning more wins.

Incentives and bonuses for betting in Cuba
BookmakerBonus promotionAdvantagesLearn more.
Offer to sign up for up to € 100
  • 30 + sports
  • 24 hour customer service
  • Money is available.
Get Bonus
Benefit of up to € 100
  • Simple and quick membership
  • Extra on the initial deposit
  • greater than average conflict
Get Bonus
100 % up to € 100
  • excellent gaming protection
  • accepts cryptocurrencies
  • Welcome prize is accessible.
Get Bonus
Up to € 122 in Welcome Bonus
  • TOP 5 according to the gaming market’s variety
  • 65 methods of removal
  • life broadcast
Get Bonus
Up to € 100 in wagering funds
  • life broadcasting
  • a wireless application that is user-friendly
  • largest global company
Get Bonus

Common methods of payment for sports gambling in Cuba

How do you deposit money and remove win using Cuban bookmakers? Dominican gamblers must employ a variety of digital pockets at their disposal because using credit and debit cards to place bets is not permitted in the nation. For sports betting in Cuba, we have compiled a list of the most widely used pay techniques.

  • Bet with Skrill in Cuba: Skrill is a worldwide-known digital wallet that has been offering its services since 2001. Currently operating in 131 countries and 40 currencies, Skrill is a universal choice for all online transactions, and sports betting is no exception.
  • Bet with ecoPayz in Cuba: EcoPayz is a well-known provider of electronic payment services that swiftly and properly handle international online payments, much like Skrill. You can open multiple accounts in various currencies at once after downloading the ecoPayz software to your iOS or Android system. Additionally, it is possible to open an account without connecting it to your bank card and top it off using more practical means.
  • Bet with Neteller in Cuba: Neteller, another well-known digital wallet, was established in 1999 and is a member of the Paysafe Group, which guarantees the total protection of all transactions made using this method of repayment. One of the best options offered by sportsbooks all over the world is Neteller, so making your charge-free debris with it won’t be a problem.
  • Bet with Maestro in Cuba: Some bookmakers offer this option if you want to consider placing sports wagers using your Mastercard Maestro debit cards. Due to the fact that no third parties are involved in the processing of a transaction, this payment method is very safe. To deposit or withdraw money, you will still need to input your card information.



Is gambling permitted in Cuba?

No, activities gambling has been prohibited since the 1959 Law, but it is still possible to make bets on websites that operate internationally.

How can I place a wager in Cuba?

Consider a bookmaker on our roster that suits your preferences, register an account, deposit money, choose the event you want to play on, and place your wager to begin betting on sports in Cuba.

What are Cuba’s top gaming sites?

This article lists the top gaming websites in Cuba, including 888Sport, 20Bet, Rabona, 1xBent, WilliamHill, PowBest, 22, and Bet365.

How can I locate a reliable publisher in Cuba?

Check out our list of the best bookmakers available to Caribbean bettors to find a reputable sportsbook there.

Which casinos in Cuba offer bets promotions?

The most popular activities in the nation, such as hockey, American football, golf, cricket, eSports, and many others, have hundreds of markets on Caribbean bookmaker websites.

Can you place a wager on in-play suits in Cuba?

Yes, all you need to do to begin placing bets is to locate an in-play gaming section at your preferred casino.

Baseball, American football, soccer, and fighting are the most popular activities in Cuba for placing bets.

What incentives and promotions are applicable to Cuban bettors?

Loan bonuses, pleasant packages, completely bets, rebate, and VIP loyalty programs are the most popular bonuses and promotions you can find on Cuban betting sites.

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