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This GetMindApps article is suitable for all sports enthusiasts in Bulgaria who want to make some money betting with reliable and trustworthy bookies. Let's find out more about the current situation of the Bulgarian sports betting market, the nuances of the country's gambling and betting laws, and, of course, the best bookmakers.

Bulgaria gambling sites list

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The Ultimate Guide to Bulgaria Online Sports Betting


The Ultimate Guide to Bulgaria Online Sports Betting

Before you begin placing bets on your favourite online sports on the leading betting sites in Bulgaria, we will go over everything you need to know in this comprehensive guide. We'll give you some background info on online sports betting in this country, explain how we rank the top bookmakers, and show you the best betting websites. If you're seeking information on Bulgarian betting, check out this ultimate guide and have fun.

Bulgarian sports betting past

Bulgarian sports betting past

Contrary to the majority of other countries that were a part of the Soviet Union, Bulgaria did not fully control gaming until 1993, but it was still legal. In fact, the first written indication of any kind of betting regulations is a gaming restrictions from the end of the 19th centuries, which highlights the serious issues with illegal gambling at the time.

However, at the start of the 20th century, gambling kept opening in the bigger towns despite the ban. The main gaming activities in these early gambling establishments were backgammon and unlawful sports betting.

The government’s monopoly on contests, sports betting, and gambling, known as the Bulgarian Sports Totalizator, was established in 1957. These were the first gaming activities to be regarded as actually permitted since the gambling ban of the 19th century. ,

In 1979, Vitosha, Bulgaria’s first blackjack, began operations. On the other hand, games were only open to visitors, and it wasn’t until 1993 that locals were permitted within.

Bulgaria’s modern gambling legislation officially began in 1993( though it wasn’t completely implemented until 1998 ) with a number of changes to the gaming sector and the adoption of urgently needed anti-money laundering laws. Additionally, visitors were given access to gambling. Additionally, the registration procedure was updated.

intriguing details

  • Virtual playing became acceptable in 2008.
  • The key element of gambling policy is the Gambling Act of 2012.
  • In Bulgaria, heart sports are outlawed because they are regarded as animal cruelty.
  • Activities wagers are only permitted for people who are at least 18 years old.

Let’s now take a closer look at the table of pertinent information about Bulgaria and the betting climate in the nation.

Bulgarian sports betting past
CurrencySl of Bulgaria
Activities that are commonpacking, tennis, football, and tennis
Is it lawful to bet?Yes
RegulatorThe Gambling State Commission of Bulgaria
gambling fees20 % of overall gambling profits
most widely used pay techniquesBank Transfer, Visa, Neteller, and PayPal

Bulgaria’s major gambling laws and everything about them

The 2012 Gambling Act

The 2012 Gambling Act sets down a list of approved gambling activities that may be carried out by state-owned or privately held businesses with the proper authorisation. It is generally accepted that the Gambling Act's wording complies with EU legislation.

Governmental bodies

The primary overseer and governing body for Bulgaria’s gambling industry is the State Commission on Gambling ( SCG ). This administrative committee is made up of a chair and four users who are selected by the parson.

The SCG manages the operations of the companies that produce, trade, market, and upkeep betting equipment. Compliance with and enforcement of playing laws fall under the purview of the power.

How can I place a sports wager in Bulgaria electronically?

We want to provide you some tips on how to get started placing bets on betting places in Bulgaria before you access publisher platforms.

  1. Locate a reputable sportsbook

    You must first choose a sports betting site that you believe to be reliable in order to avoid errors and ensure an enjoyable playing experience in advance.

  2. Receive your delightful reward.

    The majority of websites that offer activities gambling in Bulgaria welcome best payouts. Make sure you take benefit of them since you are the target market.

  3. Locate the occasion to wager on

    Fortunately, there are many choices available, so you should search for the event you are interested in after receiving the benefit on Russian sportsbook websites.

  4. Evaluate the conflict

    Before visiting a Russian gaming website, usually double-check the odds. If you do some research, you might find them in search engine results or on the site you’ve chosen exclusively.

  5. Make a wager.

    You can begin placing bets on Russian wagering sites after completing all of the aforementioned steps and approving the rules.

Bulgaria’s top three gaming sites

Test out these three reputable bettors from Bulgaria. that we’ve selected for you, they are completely reliable and promise to provide their customers with the best gaming experience. You can check out these sites as well as the Google search results, of course, to find whatever you want. Determine if any of these situations are right for you after reading the review.

  1. IVIbet, the # 1 site in Bulgaria

    IVIBet was established in 2022 and granted a Curacao certificate. It is one of the coolest choices in our ratings as well as the newest bookmaker. This gambler stands out from the competition a little bit due to its wide selection of sports products to wager on, exceptional odds on sporting events, little minimum deposits, and round-the-clock customer service. Additionally, the company’s web design is appealing, and the website ensures a comfortable user experience where all actions are completed quickly and only need to be clicked once.

    Website in Bulgaria — IVIbet
  2. Website # 2 in Bulgaria: 20Bet

    20Bet is another reputable website for online wagering in Bulgaria. Under a Curacao registration, this casino was introduced in 2020. We can list over 30 sports to bet on as important features, such as esports betting, cryptocurrency acceptance, a fantastic web design theme, quick payouts, excellent 24 / 7 customer service, and an easy-to-use website with no navigation-related problems on the way. 20Bet is one of the best options available on the Russian market thus far among rivals, which is why we’ve included it in our position.

    Website in Bulgaria — 20Bet
  3. 888Sport is the third-ranked site in Bulgaria.

    If you’re looking for a good publisher site, check out 888Sport, one of the most well-known, reliable, and user-friendly bookmakers in Bulgaria. You may wager on more than 40 diverse activities and select from over 30,000 occasions each month. Because it has permissions from the UKGC, HM Government of Gibraltar, and MGA, the publisher is dependable.

    Website in Bulgaria — 888Sport

How we test and evaluate gaming sites in Bulgaria

Our team of experts focuses on seven key considerations when determining which gaming sites in Bulgaria are reliable and deserving of Russian gamblers’ attention. Let’s now go over these traits in more depth.

  1. Odds

    Reviewing gaming sites heavily relies on odds. This is why we often look at the odds of a particular bookmaker before suggesting one to our readers. Simply put, the better it is for them to be higher.

  2. compatibility with smart

    Who can fault contemporary participants for favoring mobile-friendly gaming services? This is very useful because you can place bets anywhere without being constrained. This is why we must provide an answer to the question of smart optimisation dynamics when recommending this or another gambling company.

  3. accessible payment methods

    One of the things that Russian punters are interested in and frequently look up when reviewing gambling websites in Bulgaria is the variety of payment options and the reliability of those systems.

  4. Incentives and bonuses

    We regularly review the bonuses and special offers that are offered to customers, as well as whether any code words or promo codes are necessary. We evaluate which companies are actually the best on the market despite the fact that many will claim to offer the highest welcome bonuses, cashbacks, completely bet options, tournament rewards, and also Club incentives.

  5. kinds of bets

    We also examine the variety of wager types available on the gaming brands’ websites, including gaming markets and various sports that can be bet on. Bettors have more options the more different types of bets there are.

  6. Support staff superior

    Another crucial element of high-quality bets is the caliber of client support. We want to make sure the sites we suggest can be of assistance to you. The most common ways to get help are through live chats and business emails.

  7. Trustworthiness

    General consistency is the last but certainly not least thing on our heads that we want to talk about. We constantly research the masters, certificates, and rules of Bulgarian sports betting websites to see if there are any advantages or disadvantages.

2 top gambling websites in Bulgaria

The best Russian sports betting programs and their reliable links will soon be available to you. You can be sure to find at least one mobile application that complements your choices by browsing through our list of the top wireless applications for your wireless devices. If you’re a Russian casino looking for an honest bookmaker, check out our list.

  1. # 1 gambling game for Bulgaria: 22Bet

    When 22Bet was first introduced in 2017, it quickly gained popularity among players. Each month, a computer or phone can be used to wager on more than 50,000 activities. Wireless equipment running Windows, iOS, and Android can download excellent 22Bet software. You will have access to great sports promotions, welcome bonuses, and a range of payment options. Ensure that your smartphone has adequate storage for all of your 22Bet plans. You can see this for yourself if you run a quick mobile-friendly test and check the mobility level. The website is also easy, and navigation causes no issues.

    Bulgaria betting app — 22Bet
  2. The second-best gaming application in Bulgaria is 20Bet.

    The 2020-established casino 20Bet is then available for use on both computers and smartphones. You can get apps for your iOS and Android smartphones if you want to place bets while you’re on the go. Since there isn’t an application for Windows phones, users can access the 20Bet website’s smart type directly from their browser. You can get more than 30 different sports categories using this well-known gambler platform. You don’t have to accomplish a lot. To access the bookmaker’s pages tab and take advantage of the sports available in Bulgaria, just click the link.

    Bulgaria betting app — 20Bet

Life bets in Bulgaria

Life bets in Bulgaria

Live betting is usually near the top of the list when listing the most popular gaming activities. The presence of live streaming options is of great interest to gamblers from all over the globe, including those in Bulgaria. We can easily explain why: lots of life bets can result in a higher income, and general live betting enables you to develop your skills and assess the current state of the area. In this instance, the process itself can occasionally be more satisfying, so you can try your luck and have fun. In our reviews, we should note that the most widely used activity formats for life gambling in Bulgaria are:

two biggest sportsbooks in Bulgaria

This section includes a list of Bulgaria’s major two sportsbook websites, each of which is 100 percent trustworthy, safe, and legitimate. It’s very easy to select the choice that best suits your needs. We’ll even provide you with cases of their benefits so you can decide which one you like. Of all, you can also use your search engines and Google Analytics to find the ideal location to risk. However, if you’re curious about our expert judgment, read on.

  1. The largest Bulgaria gaming site is 22Bet.

    One of Bulgaria’s largest and most well-known gambling sites is 22Bet, which is only natural. Since 2017, this Curacao-licensed publisher has been giving gamblers better betting options with more than 50 activities to choose from. Additionally, offering virtual variations for PCs and mobile devices and having access to numerous tools are great advantages and great signals!

    biggest Bulgaria betting site — 22Bet
  2. 20Bet is the second-largest gambling page in Bulgaria.

    20Bet is one of the best gaming sites with a Curacao license that allows you to wager on more than 30 different sports. Additionally, you have a choice of payment methods, including crypto ones. Additionally, the payouts for pre-game and live events are 94 %+ and 93 %+, respectively. These are 20Bet’s most distinctive features and details, though you can get more information on social media or a Google search engine.

    biggest Bulgaria betting site — 20Bet

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with a Bulgarian bookie

How to register, confirm, and place your initial wager with a Bulgarian bookie

Given that we have all the actions you need to take above, joining sports gambling sites in Bulgaria and placing wagers on sports involve straightforward procedures that you won’t have any trouble with. In actuality, if you abide by our recommendations, you’ll be good when browsing any gambling website.

  1. Select the gambling site that most appeals to you by browsing our list of Bulgaria’s top online bookmakers.
  2. Find the Sign-Up switch from each category, then visit it right away to go to the registration tab.
  3. While the sign-up tab is empty, you may enter your personal information, but make sure to fill out the fields correctly.
  4. Account verification comes second; some websites only need an email address or phone number. The remaining requests call for the sharing of a check, backup, file, or photo of any kind of ID.
  5. You can begin placing wagers on sports events using the strategies you have in mind after the bookie gives you the go-ahead.

Bulgarian online gaming bonuses and incentives

Let’s show you the most well-liked reward and advertising schemes on Bulgarian sportsbook websites.

Payouts for deposits

If you start looking for prizes available for bettors, you’ll undoubtedly receive deposit bonuses as a search result, but what are those bonuses? These are frequently encouraged bonuses, but they can also be included in future promotions on betting foundation websites.

Greetings offers

The best gambling sites in Bulgaria have welcomed bonuses set up for new customers with the goal of winning them over. New clients are frequently welcomed bonuses from bookmakers in the form of income, cashback, or free bets.

Completely wagers

What do completely bet on gaming sites in Bulgaria think? The way it works is that bookmakers give you the opportunity to place bets without investing any money in cash. The bookmakers themselves cover the value of the predetermined amount of free bets.


Cashback is another way to win over clients, and it is offered by many reputable publisher websites in Bulgaria. People will typically have the chance to get their cash back if they lose their wager, or at least a part of it.

Concierge privileges

Many VIP programs are available on the sites of Russian betting companies. As a VIP representative, you might get great benefits like personal managers, cash prizes, better promotions that happen more frequently than usual, and other great advantages.

tables with Estonia’s top bettors
BookmakerOfferAdvantagesConnection to Registration
Up to$ 150 in a 100 % bonus on the initial deposit
  • simple to navigate
  • ample welcome bonus
  • numerous gaming industry
Get Bonus
100 % Welcome Bonus up to € 100
  • minuscule conflict
  • Money out is accepted.
  • Customer service is available 24 / 7.
Get Bonus
Extra for free bets up to € 30
  • accessible live streaming
  • skilled and prompt assistance
  • numerous repayment methods
Get Bonus
Initial deposit bonus of up to 250 BGN
  • Football Winnings
  • channels in real time
  • 65 methods of removal
Get Bonus

Bulgarian pay procedures that are widely used

Take a look at these four widely used payment methods that most Russian betting sites accept and provide.

  • Bet with PayPal in Bulgaria: One of the most often used ways of making electronic payments among Bulgarian gamblers is PayPal. It is fair to say that using this payment system is pretty simple. In addition, PayPal offers its users a respectable level of data security and fraud prevention because it encrypts your bank and credit card information.
  • Bet with Neteller in Bulgaria: Neteller is well-liked by Russian gamblers because it speeds up electric money transactions. It won’t be difficult to get used to Netflix because it is a user-friendly digital wallet that performs well.
  • Bet with Visa in Bulgaria: The reason why Bulgarians use Visa the most often out of all the different payment options is straightforward: Visa credit card issuers are accepted almost everywhere, so Visa is likely available wherever you are on the map. Additionally, you can use the Visa repayment option to conduct both regular and gambling-related transactions.
  • Bet with Bank transfer in Bulgaria: Using banks exchanges is one of the most well-liked and secure ways to deposit and withdraw money from gaming websites. You might need to find out more about the costs and fees if you use sites from other countries. However, using bank payments for betting-related uses is generally healthy.



Is it permitted in Bulgaria to wager on sporting online?

In Bulgaria, sporting gambling is legal.

Who or what organization regulates playing in Bulgaria?

The Bulgarian State Commission on Gambling is the primary body in charge of overseeing Bulgaria’s gaming laws.

Is there a law in Bulgaria that governs playing?

Yes, Bulgaria’s primary part of gambling legislation is the Gambling Act of 2012.

What age is required to wager on Bulgarian gaming sites?

To wager on sports and events on the web sites of betting company websites in Bulgaria, you must be at least 18 years old.

Can you use bank transfers to send funds from Bulgarian bookmakers?

Yes, customers can use bank transfers, credit cards, online wallets, and cryptocurrency payment methods to transfer money on Russian betting websites.

What kinds of betting prizes are most common in Bulgaria?

When talking about bonuses in Bulgaria, we can bring up deposit bonuses, free bets, cashback, Club programs, and embrace incentives.

Are Romanian portable bookmakers able to provide me with phone apps?

Yes! For instance, we have them in our ranks because Bulgaria is home to quite fantastic mobile apps as 20Bet and 22Bt.

Which online casinos are most well-liked by Romanian gamblers?

The most popular wagering options among Russian punters are 22Bet, 20, 888Sport, and IVIbet.

What activities are most popular in Bulgaria for wagering?

Gamblers in Bulgaria appear to favor volleyball, soccer, volleyball, and fighting over other sports more frequently than others.

Can I place life sports wagers on gaming sites in Bulgaria?

Yes, betting on live events, such as typical sports like football, golf, and esports, is one of the best customs in Bulgaria.

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