Places for FCMB Gambling


First City Monument Bank, also known as FCMB, is used by top-tier bettors to embrace payments. They accept payments in a variety of ways, including USSD, ATM cards, online banking, and smart bank.

Bank at FCMB branches may be appropriate for a large majority of people who may find it difficult to access reliable internet or even lacking ATM cards.

Listing of FCMB-accepting Betting Sites

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Which bettors accept the FCMB?

Some of the top FCMB gaming websites include Bet9ja, Betway, and 1XBet!


Is it safe to apply FCMB?

Yes. They use cutting-edge encryption to protect your income.


May I get FCMB for free online?

Yes, you may sign up for an FCMB accounts on their website.


What is required in order to join FCMB?

Your name and scanned copies of your passport photo are what you need.


What tickets are available from FCMB?

Accounts from Visa, MasterCard, and Verve include Credit, Debit and Prepaid.

How to get a FCMB

FCMB membership can be completed online. Visit FCMB’s site. A scanned pass photograph and signature are required. Fill out your country of residence, email address, telephone number, date of birth, and BVN on the website account beginning request form. Make sure to provide any referral codes you may have. A minute website will appear after you read and accept the terms and conditions. Input all of your information, including your phone number and the two necessary images. You can finish by clicking” Perfect.” Your message should receive a check.

A debit card that comes with an FCMB accounts can be used to make repayments on a variety of programs. On the FCMB site, you can apply for a bank card. Fill out the form with your information and specify the kind of debit cards you want from FCMB. These are your choices.

Visa Card for FCMB

There is no need to introduce Visa accounts. The global brand can be used for business both domestically and abroad. Common, silver, and platinum are its three available variations. People can conduct business in Naira, USD, or GBP.

FCMB Visa MasterCard

Additionally, The MasterCard is never a man. Customers can select between the silver and traditional categories. The bank cards only allows transactions in Naira.

FCMB Verve.

Verve is growing in popularity in Nigeria every time. You are also free to choose what suits you from the options of silver, platinum, and classic. The Naira is the money of exchange with Verve.
Please be aware that if you’d like, you can go to your neighborhood FCMB leg to get a copy. Fill out an account application type, then give it to the banker. Additionally, if you prefer using payment cards or pre-paid accounts, please ask about them.

    FCMB Sports Betting: Is it secure?

    FCMB betting is a secure option to apply. A particular level of security regular must be upheld by Nigerian businesses. Current encryptions are used to protect FCMB purchases, making it more difficult for crime to affect the financial services behemoth.

    One of the biggest businesses in Nigeria, FCMB provides both financial companies and online banking. You can be sure that using it will be safe because there are a number of reputable FCMB bookmakers.

    Do not, however, disregard all precaution. To prevent you from becoming a victim of fraud, protect your user ID and passwords from sly arms and watchful eye. The bank’s customer service lines are available for support and for reporting alleged suspicious activity.

    FCMB Sports Betting: Is it secure?
    Location that was servedNigeria, the United Kingdom
    has a specific softwareYes
    Handling cost0%
    Exchange speedInstant

    How to loan money

    Debris made through FCMB are very simple. You will have to take this action.

    • Explore the closest FCMB branch to deposit money into your gambling account if it accepts the NFL.
    • Since they don’t recognize money deposits, obtain an FCMB check or funds transfer form.
    • Pack in the form’s blank with the following information: Account Name of the bookmaker
      The User ID you use to place bets is your bill amount.
      Title of the depositor, i.e., your brand
      The sum that you wish to deposit into your profile
      No Check You must provide your FCMB check number in order to pay with a check.
    • Suggest which bookmaker you are using to deposit your cash or check.
    • Go to the teller and give them the finished application. Request that the exchange be completed via Paydirect.
    • The teller will give you a certificate after the transaction is complete. Preserve it for research in the future.

      Best Bettors for FCMB: Bet9ja

      Among the betting sites designed to meet the needs of the ordinary Nigerian, Bet9ja is ranked highly. Even though it doesn’t have the most amazing user experience or layout, it is still accessible enough for even a novice bet. It could be argued that Bet9ja is still a favorite of several bookmakers.

      FCMB is a dependable repayment option because of its extensive network of branches spread across the nation. FCMB provides a wide range of transactions and accounts for conducting transactions. Additionally, it allows for standard bank deposits. It’s quick and simple to open an account with FCMB!

      Best Sportsbooks for FCMB &— 1xBet

      1xBet is a well-known gaming website for the FCMB. Bets can finance their transactions from anywhere and at any time using the FCMB bank accounts, MasterCard, Visa, and Verve! You can also choose to allow the cashier to finish the purchase on your behalf. If not, one of the simplest options is to use FCMB on the 1xBet software!

      Benefits & amp, restrictions

      Anything in life has both advantages and disadvantages. Here & rsquo is what to anticipate from online bookmakers that accept FCMB. Let’s begin with the positives, shall we?

      It’s safe to do business with FCMB. To protect your income, they have invested in cutting-edge encryption technology. Additionally, FCMB is eager to notify you via SMS and email as soon as a transaction is completed. So, it is essential that you provide them with the proper email address and phone number so that each time They send the emails, and you get them right away. You’ll get better able to detect when one tries to access your account this way.

      Deposits are made instantly, and cash payments and transactions happen fairly quickly. Banks accept their bank cards as well.

      Despite the fact that their advantages outweigh their disadvantages, we may draw attention to them. When you are careless with your PIN, fraud is a chance. Additionally, followers of conventional banks must deal with the occasionally drawn-out lines.

      Sportsbooks’ FCMB deposits and withdrawals

      When you know whether or not your sportsbook of selection is an FCMB sports betting site, I’m sure the other point you’re wondering about is the fees associated with those transactions.

      Since the transactions are processed fairly quickly, some people may find them to be a acceptable option. The frequency and restrictions of FCMB deposits and withdrawals are listed below.



      When someone accesses your passport PIN, there may be fraud.

      annoying lines at the bank

      Costs, Deposit Times, and Limits

      Blog for GamingPayment rateFreeSpecify Min / Max



      100 &— 9, 999, and 99



      100 to 250, 000



      400 &— 1, 000, 000

      Fees, Withdrawal Times, and Boundaries

      Blog for Gamingwithdrawing quicklyFreeSpecify Min / Max


      in the next 24 days

      ₦5,000- ₦9,999,999


      three weeks of firm

      € 10 / Equivalent in


      up to five days of work


      Other means of payment

      When it comes to repayment options, gamblers have a wide variety. Airtel Nigeria, a mobile wealth transfer service, is one of the other processes offered to bettors.

      Third, OPay, a mobile platform accessible as an app for Android and iOS devices, and second, there & rsquo, an instant digital payment platform called Interswitch. There are no transaction fees on the system. Last but not least, another popular credit and debit cards are even accepted.

      • mastercard-100x100sa

        MasterCard is everything you need from a debit card because it is quick, has no transaction costs, and can be used everywhere. Debit cards are widely used.

      • visa-100x100sa

        One of the most well-known credit card companies is VISA, which is available at almost all banks branches.

      • bitcoin-100x100sa

        Due to the way it operates, Bitcoin is one of the safest forms of payment. Although it is unstable, it offers privacy and is a fantastic way to boost your bill.

      • skrill-100x100sa

        Look no further than Skrill if you’re looking for an eWallet opportunity! It is fast, safe, and widely accepted all over the world!



      FCMB is without a doubt well-established in Nigeria. There are many different repayment methods available, including MasterCard, Visa, and Verve. Potential customers can easily record and conduct transactions on FCMB’s site, which is also functional. Even for those who don’t actually need FCMB accounts, shaky internet connections, or lack ATM cards, bank halls are still an option.

      It’s safe to use FCMB. To avoid impending scams or security attacks, keep in mind to exercise reasonable caution. As soon as you become aware of suspicious action on your account, contact the lender. FCMB has a customer support line and email address where you can contact them for assistance, explanation, or the reporting of suspicious activities.

      Overall, FCMB continues to be a quick and dependable way for African bettors to withdraw money.

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