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Customers of online sportsbooks are constantly looking for quicker, safer, and more effective ways to transfer money to and from betting websites due to the constant development of new payment methods, which is why Dotpay betting companies are growing in popularity.

Listing of Betting Sites that Take DotPay

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Which sportsbooks accept Dotpay as payment?

Dotpay is still a reasonably new form of repayment, and not all bookmakers offer it. There are still many virtual bookmakers that accept Dotpay.


What is required for me to begin using Dotpay?

Dotpay doesn’t have any more conditions. You are not required to create an account. On the website of your bookmaker, simply select Dotpay as a repayment option.


Is Dotpay an authorized business?

A high level of security is ensured by the fact that Dotpay is a legitimate financial organization that operates in accordance with strict requirements.


Is Dotpay use completely?

Yes, using Dotpay is entirely free, and there are no extra expenses to be paid.


What is the deposit speed for Dotpay?

One of the quickest repayment options is Dotpay. The money may show up on your account almost immediately.

How to loan money using Dotpay

Making reserves with Dotpay is simple and doesn’t require anything extra, like opening an account. LVBet will be used in this instance, but Dotpay sports betting appears to be very similar regardless of the bookmaker you select.

  1. Select Dotpay as your preferred payment method and the number you wish to deposit.

  2. The Dotpay site will get redirected to you. You have a variety of options these from which to complete the transaction.

  3. The information from your bookmaker’s consideration should be immediately entered along with your full name and email address. You will be directed to the transaction computer you have chosen after you check the boxes and confirm.

  4. Choose” Deposit” from the list when you open your bookmaker’s program.

Dotpay: Is it secure?

Since 2001, Dotpay has been a well-known pay computer. Since it is a recognized, officially operating economic organization, its rules are nearly identical to those of banks. Because of this, selecting sportsbooks that accept Dotpay ensures a very high level of security.

Dotpay offers high-quality support in case something with your purchase goes bad. Consumer service may assist you with any issues whether you call them or send them an email. It has a significant edge over some other payment options that offer little to no customer service.

Nothing can be hacked or stolen from Dotpay because it doesn’t require you to create an account or business your money. Betting with Dotpay is a healthy option because of the high overall safety level and the absence of any possible vulnerabilities that could be easily exploited, as well as the fact that the financial company is highly regulated.

Dotpay: Is it secure?
Typewebsite banking
Location that servedWorldwide
has a specific applicationNo
charge for handling0%
Exchange speedInstant

Dotpay and LVBet

One of the most well-known gambling sites for Dotpay is LVBet. LVBet wasn’t as old and seasoned as another sportsbooks, but because of its willingness to innovate and capacity to react quickly to market demands, it quickly rose to great popularity. In addition to giving their customers a variety of deposit choices, including Dotpay, LVBet also makes sure that all payments to and from your accounts are completed as quickly as possible. LVBet is one of the top bettors for those who require a quick service and want to place wagers using Dotpay right away.

Benefits and drawbacks

All the benefits of a contemporary transaction computer are available to Dotpay. Dotpay allows bettors to accept debris from customers that are much quicker than traditional bank payments while still maintaining a high level of security. Dotpay also has the benefit of not having to enter sensitive information like your credit card number, which is an edge over more time-tested techniques like VISA or Mastercard. It’s also very simple to make a payment with Dotpay on both your computer and mobile device. Most importantly, it doesn’t require you to file and confirm an account, in contrast to payment processors like PayPal.

Dotpay has no significant drawbacks, but some users might find it annoying to have to give their complete name and email address. This feature of Dotpay may be difficult for those who are committed to ensuring the highest degree of privacy and anonymity, or just for people who dislike giving away their email address when it is not necessary.

Restrictions, fees, departure times, and amps

One of the quickest payments out of all the payment options is guaranteed when selecting Dotpay sports betting sites. Utilizing Dotpay is simple because it only takes a few steps, and the deals are finished in under two seconds. Funds deposited with Dotpay typically show up on your bill at the betting site right away.

Other than the standard restrictions imposed by your publisher, there are no additional fees or restrictions for Dotpay deals. Keep in mind that the restrictions set up on your cards will still be in effect if you decide to complete the Dotpay repayment using a Mastercard or VISA.



requires complete name and email address to be provided.

No ideal for those who prioritize protection

Fees, Deposit Times, and Boundaries

decor-blue decor-blue
Blog for GamblingPayment rateFreeMax / Min / Limits



10 € or 5000 €

Fees, Withdrawal Times, and Limitations

Blog for Gamblingwithdrawing quicklyFreeMax / Min / Limits



20 € or 5000 €

alternatives to payments

For more information about popular electronic payment options, please visit our page on crypto deposits.

  • paypal-100x100sa

    One of the most well-known transaction chips is PayPal, which enables quick and secure transactions.

  • bitcoin-100x100sa

    Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that uses bitcoin systems to guarantee extremely high levels of security and protection.

  • mastercard-100x100sa

    One of the most common ways to make quick virtual payment is still with debit and credit cards.

  • bank-wire-100x100sa

    Traditional bank transfers are a slower form of payment, but they offer an practically unmatched level of security.



It’s becoming more and more common to use Dotpay for online sports betting, and for good reason. Due to the fact that Dotpay is a financial institution with similar stringent rules to those that apply to bankers, deposits made with it are very quick, don’t require registration, and are highly secure.

You only need to enter your complete name and email address when using Dotpay; there is no need for you to provide any sensitive information on the website. As a result, Dotpay payments are generally personal but not private.

Whatever card, bank, or software you choose to use to make an online payment, Dotpay will almost certainly be able to process the loan because it supports a variety of methods for concluding the transaction.

Given all these benefits, it should come as no surprise that more and more people choose Dotpay as the preferred method of depositing money to bookie sites, despite the fact that it is still a relatively new method.

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