Kenyan gambling sites with jackpots


Every seasoned gambler I know is adamant about discovering the top gambling websites with jackpots. In this article, we’ll provide in-depth analysis of the African market for betting on football prizes. We will support:

  • betting places in Kenya with jackpots
  • Biggest payouts were won.
  • 5 effective payouts in the top 5
  • Bettors of jackpots with regular payouts
  • winnings betting method
  • methods of payment for African bets

Places for Jackpot Betting in Kenya

10 sportsbooks were found.

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winnings betting method

When betting, especially when betting on jackpots, approach is everything. It has now been established that by constantly strategizing your results, you can win at gambling sites in Kenya with jackpots.

Purchasing just one solution for a game is insufficient. That is entirely dependent on success in order to win the pot. Funding and purpose are much more important to professional bettors than that. They use a method that covers the majority of results, i.e. e. 33 % of the potential results.

To cover all potential outcomes for a prize with five games, you do need three tickets for each game, which may result in 243 tickets overall. One jackpot with 12 matches did require 6561 tickets, while one with 7 games would need 2187.

Consider SportPesa’s Mega pot, which consists of 17 activities. It would be wise if you covered all of the potential results in order to bet effectively. A professional payout warrior would have ultimately purchased 129, 140, or 163 lottery tickets. I hope this example alone will make it clearer that successful requires a significant financial commitment rather than pure chance. Additionally, it’s typical to see professionals working together to reduce solution costs. They are also reducing multitude in the process.

Experts choose the games with the most visible results before attempting to cover every scenario. The betting experts may find 1 in every ticket if Liverpool were playing against, say, Watford and our apparent victory was 1. They would then strive to achieve the best results in the remaining lights. This necessitates vigilance in order to be happy on games with apparent winners and to account for the remaining 33 % of potential benefits. The goal is to increase your chances of making accurate predictions by using your gaming possibilities to select the most likely outcomes that will ultimately be accurate.

You can also broaden your list of available jackpot offers by going to other locales like betting sites UK, but it likely will be safer to bet at home.

Biggest won prizes for sports gambling in Kenya.

At the very least, you bet because you believe that one day you & rsquo will walk away with a sizable sports betting jackpot, possibly worth millions in the best-case scenario. That has been the fact for some bettors in recent years. While they were still in operation in Kenya, SportPesa was one of the biggest prize winners.

  • Samuel Abisai, the biggest prize champion to date, defeated Ksh. 2017 SportPesa Mega pot totaled 221 million.
  • Ksh. A pot bonus winner received 41 million dollars for correctly predicting 16 out of 17 predictions.
  • Two 16 / 17 accurate predictors were crowned with Ksh a month prior to Abisai & rsquo’s significant victory. thanks to the SportPesa Mega pot, 31 million

Numerous wonderful bettors won prizes in 2016 and 2015 as well.

  • Three winners received Ksh’s SportPesa Mega pot bonuses in 2016. 36,000,000, Ksh. Ksh 23 million, and 21.6 million.
  • Ksh was served by Betway Kenya. After winning the regular payout, a 50-year-old person received$ 20 million.
  • John Mwingi changed his name to Betika & rsquo, s Ksh. 16 of the 17 games were properly predicted, and the winner received a 10 million jackpot bonus.

Kenya’s top 5 pot betting sites

There are still some betting companies that give African bettors quite the jackpots despite the closure of major gambling firms in the nation. The top jackpot gambling sites are listed below.


Because of its prizes, betlion is gradually gaining popularity among African bet. The Goliath Jackpot of Ksh has given them a sizable business share in Kenya. 350, 000, and 000. This far outshines what other betting sites have to offer, such as SportPesa & rsquo’s Ksh 250 Million jackpot. Properly anticipate 20 games to win. Ksh is the entrance fee. 100. Properly foreseeing 19, 18, and 17 games don’t go unrewarded. The winners leave with Ksh pot bonuses. 5,000, 00, 000, Ksh. 1 Million Ksh. 500 and 1000, both. Players who correctly predict 16 of the 20 scores have a chance to win free bets on the prize for the following week. SMS, USSD on * 418 #, an Android mobile app, and the website are the three simplest ways to play the Goliath jackpot at Betlion & rsquo.

The Ksh Midweek Jackpot is another well-liked betlion pot. The Midweek kitty has 15 games, with Ksh being awarded for each solution. 50. It’s fortunate that Betlion sends you your winnings right away.


Without a doubt, Betika is one of Kenya’s most well-known bookmakers immediately. Their largest prize is the Ksh. Grand jackpot of$ 100,000,000. There are 17 sports in it. There are kitty bonuses available, but they change every week for bettors with 12 to 16 accurate predictions. At Ksh, stakes are placed. 60. The weekly jackpot, which is worth Ksh, is the other well-liked Betika jackpot. 15 Million for 15 matches that were properly predicted.


One of the newest players on the African gambling industry is Bet254. They seized control of Betpawa. Bet254 is well known for its Midweek Jackpot, which guarantees Ksh. 25.4 million for accurate forecasts. It just requires a play of Ksh, making it one of the most affordable betting sites. 10. 50, 000 participants are anticipated to input the Bet254 Midweek pot. Your chances of winning the pot or bonuses increase if you place bets up to 300 times.


Up until the Coronavirus shook the world, African bookmaker Shabiki competed on the gambling table with great sharks from other countries like SportPesa. You only need to pay a quick visit to the Shabiki website to learn that the crisis has caused them to operate more slowly. That doesn’t change the fact that it is the location of one of Kenya’s most renowned best kitty betting sites, the Shabiki Mbao jackpot of Ksh. 20,000,000. There are 10 matches. Its popularity among Kenyan betting sites with jackpots can be attributed to its affordability( KSH ) and stakes-and-rsquo nature. 20 bets each ) and the ability to place it repeatedly raises the likelihood of receiving prizes. The number of targets that will be scored, which is typically between zero and three, must be predicted by the investor.

In Kenya, Betway is doing well!

One of the global bookmakers that has prospered in the African market is Betway. The Pick 13 Midweek and Pick 15 Weekend prizes are two of its most well-known winners. The jackpot prizes have a Ksh value. 25 million shillings. 38 million, both. Since they can be changed, these payouts are no set in stone. You need Ksh in terms of bets. 25 for the Ksh and Midweek. 50 for the payout this weekend. Properly predict 13 and 17 activities, both, to win. Getting 11 to 14 out of the 15 estimates for the weekend kitty to receive bonuses of 380 000 and 950 000 Ksh, respectively. Identify 10 to 12 of the 13 games for the regular prize to receive consolation prizes of between Ksh 250, 000, and KSh. 1, 000, 000.

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Bettors of jackpots with regular payouts

Which gambling sites offer daily jackpots is another query for which you might get racking your brain. We will see gaming sites in Kenya with regular prizes in this area.


One of Kenya’s top pot betting websites is Mozzart. Bettors receive a regular prize of Ksh from the Mozzart Super Daily. 10,000,000. At Ksh, the margins are at their highest. 50. All you have to do is create 13 accurate game predictions on Mozzart & The fantastic thing about the Mozzart Super everyday prize is that everyone who participates, even those who don’t make any predictions, has a chance to leave with an extra bonus. 12 accurate estimates draw in A benefit of 100,000 Ksh is awarded if 11 appropriate answers. Right numbers 10, 000, and 10 equal Ksh. Correctly, 1, 000, 9 gets Ksh. 500, 8 accurate estimates receive Ksh 50, and finally, all erroneous estimates are given a KSh. repayment of 1000. The fact that Mozzart has normal draws as opposed to the majority of jackpot betting sites’ regular draws is one intriguing feature.


It is for Ksh to win the Shabiki Daily pot. 25,000 for Ksh. 25 bet Payouts begin with five accurate predictions. Ksh. 300, 000, K. 30, 000. Ksh, 3, 000. 300, Ksh. 65, Ksh. 50, Ksh. 40, Ksh. 32 are given to people who correctly predict 13, 12, 11, 10, 9, 8, and 7, respectively. Five accurate predictions result in free bets on the upcoming prize for the player.


One of the gambling sites with everyday jackpots is Betlion, which offers a Ksh jackpot every day. 200, 000 that has eight games with jackpots. Every solution is for Ksh. 20.

suggested methods of payment for African pot hunters

Both domestic and foreign betting sites have established locations in Kenya. The majority of well-known bookmakers that offer prizes accept cash on wireless devices. USSDs, which are offered by certain betting companies like Betway, greatly simplify transactions.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that as more and more online betting sites— most of which are foreign — appear, methods like debit / credit cards like Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, e-wallets like PayPal, Neteller, Skrill, Bank Transfer, and Cryptocurrencies are accepted. Take care because these online programs might not always be licensed.
Some of the most effective smart income services are found in Kenya. African gamblers still primarily use Mesa as their form of payment, closely followed by Airtel income. Given how widely used the service are across the nation, it is not surprising that the two are very popular.

You need to have a SIM card registered in your name with Safaricom( service provider for MPesa ) and Airtel( airtel money ) in order to use mobile money transfer. With that in hand, you can quickly deposit the bookie & rsquo, s PayBill number using your MPESA / Airtel Money toolkit. Visit your betting website, log in to your account, and select recall to MPesa or Airtel funds to make a withdrawal. As usual, the service provider’s exchange fees are in effect.

  • mpesa-100x100sa

    M-PESA, one of Kenya’s top online payment alternatives, gives you quick and simple access to financial services for your gaming needs.

  • airtel-100x100sa

    One of the most well-liked choices is Airtel, which has a simple-to-download app that enables you to send and receive money via SMS.


Betting websites with licenses in Kenya

Kenyan gambling sites have seen better days. The government’s introduction of new tax legislation in Kenya in 2018 shook the gaming community. The new law mandated that wagering companies pay a 20 % excise tax on stakes. Additionally, before the country’s gambling governor, the Betting and Control and Licencing Board, renewed their licenses, betting companies were required to demonstrate tax compliance.

Since then, 27 bookmakers have had their licenses revoked by the African government, and some are also vying for it in court. When you consider the sport prize in Kenya, it is impossible to ignore sports betting juggernauts like SportPesa and Betin. Since their licenses to conduct business on African earth were not renewed, the two are still not in use there.

However, there is great news for gamblers. There are still betting places in Kenya that provide payouts to bettors. The majority of sports betting jackpots fall under the categories of regular, midweek, and grand winnings. Here is a list of licensed sportsbook bookmakers and some gaming websites that offer Kenya 2020 prizes.

  • Betlion
  • Betika
  • Bet254
  • Betway
  • Odibet
  • Betboss
  • Shabiki
  • Mozzartbet
  • MCheza
  • Eazibet
  • Dafabet
  • MBet
  • Sportybet
  • Author Sportsbooks
  • Eastleighbet
  • Fortunately 2u
  • Bet on the fingers
  • Start off

However, if you’re not satisfied with available choices and want to try something else more international, here are our top football bookmakers.

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