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Valentin” Taty” Castellanos was merely well-known to ardent Girona supporters up until Tuesday, April 25, but one outstanding activity and four goals against Real Madrid were enough for the 24-year-old Argentine to garner international attention. In the Colonial tournament, Castillanos became the first person since 1947 to score four objectives against Real Madrid.

Valentin Castellanos from Girona

Valentin Castellanos was born in Mendoza, Argentina, but he never participated in a top sports game there. Valentin Castellanos moved to the Chilean Universidad de Chile after playing for a few minor clubs when he was younger and just participated in one Copa Libertadores activity there in 2017.

18-year-old Castellanos was loaned to Argentine second division team Torque in the summer of 2017, where he scored four goals in 23 games.

Decades of Breakout Castellanos

When New York City chose to product a person from Torque, it changed the course of Castellanos’ career. Castellanos persuaded the table to mark him on a continuous contract for more than 400,000 euros despite the fact that he only scored one objective in eight games in the second half of 2018. Valentin proved to be one of the best deals for New York City over the following few years as he played a crucial role in the group’s achievement.

Taty Castellanos (New York City, MLS)

Valentin Castellanos’ appearances in 2021 will live on in the minds of New York City fans permanently because he helped the team count for the finals by scoring 19 goals and adding eight assists during the regular season. He therefore scored three more goals during those finals, including the purpose against Portland Timbers in the championship game, giving New York City its first-ever MLS championship.

Castellanos relocates to Girona.

Girona’s relocation was scientific given that New York City is a member of the City Football team. They needed a famous scorer to help them avoid any relegation issues this season because Girona played in the next level of Hispanic football next year. With just three targets in the first 14 games, Castellinos didn’t have the best start in Spain. He has 11 aims for the year, including four against Real Madrid on Tuesday, despite the fact that he has significantly improved in recent months.

Coming of Castellanos’ style of play

Castellanos’ ability to move is his greatest asset because he is a skilled player. He makes a constant effort to locate the gaps in the team’s defense areas. He is also a fantastic game header despite being just 1.78 meters high. Castellanos doesn’t always bring the same creativity and vision that worked in the MLS to LaLiga, but he is still figuring out how to create and support his team.

Castellanos is becoming one of the most interesting workers in Europe, so it appears that moving to Girona was the right decision for him.

Market price over the course of a job

Market value of Taty Castellanos

Castellanos may never have played for Manchester City or another footballing powerhouse, but the Argentinean may be able to find a target against groups like Sevilla or Villarreal.

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