Buducnost vs. Struga anticipation 26.07.2023 Conference League



GMT July 2615



    Europa Conference League, second limiting round, first foot
  • Time: July 26, 2023, a Wednesday.
  • Kickoff is at 16:00 UTC plus 1:17 CEST.
  • Gradski Stadion Struga( Struga ) is the location.

Two Slavic champions will maintain their German journey on Wednesday evening in the Europa Conference League’s second pass round following a disappointing start in League of Leaders Qualifiers. ,

Even though Struga was just established eight years ago, they quickly advanced to the top tier of Northern Macedonian football. After only four months in the First Macedonian League, they eventually won their first division championship in their final campaign. ,

Since gaining its independence in 2006, Budunost has been the most prosperous league in Montenegro. The Blue-Whites have from won six championships and finished in second place nine days. They scored the exact number of points as Sutjeska the previous year, but Buducnost won the league championship thanks to a better h2h result. ,

Pick: Struga will prevail in the match between Budunost.

Struga lost to Zalgris 2:1 overall in the League of Leaders’s second limiting round. But in those two game, they were little better than most people anticipated. ,

Struga greatly depends on their home field, which may be the game’s determining issue. They won 13 of the league’s 16 games last season without dropping a second game! ,

Budunost began this time in the League of Leaders’s opening sessions. Icelandic champion Breidablik defeated the Andorran team( Atletic Escaldes ) in the first round, and they were eliminated( 5:0 )! The White-Blues began the year ill in the domestic division as well, dropping the first game 2:1 to DG Mladost, a team that last season finished in second place. ,

Although both of these groups had subpar pre-seasons and sluggish start to the regular season, Struga, in my opinion, displayed a little more. Struga ought to have an edge over the Montenegrin champions in addition to having the home field advantage. ,


reports from Struga team

Coach Shpetim Duro spoke to the internet following his loss in the League of Leaders semifinals. He was disappointed by the loss, specially considering how well they performed in both activities. He continued,” They scored the goal at the perfect time, but their errors in the first two or three minutes cost them the game.” ,

We anticipate the exact starting eleven as against Zalgiris because Coach Duro shouldn’t have any injured or suspended people in this game. ,

Struga’s final games

  1. 23 jul 18


    1 : 2.


    League of Leaders

  2. 23 jul 11


    00: 0


    League of Leaders

  3. 23 jul 05


    1 : 2.

    Tirana, FK

    4 League Games

  4. 23 june 23


    2 : 2.

    Ballkani, KF

    4 League Games

  5. 20 May 23


    1 : 1


    The Macedonian Cup

portfolio for Struga


  • 1

    Kjosevski Vedran


  • 6

    Neziri, Medzit

  • 55

    Radic Sava

  • 16

    Krivanjeva, Besart


  • 24

    Malikji Edis

  • 10

    Bojku Besmir

  • 11

    Shabani, Bunjamin

  • 33

    Zguro Vangjel


  • 14

    Radeski, Marjan

  • 9

    Ibraimi Besrat

  • 5

    Mazrekaj Mentor


information from the Buducnost staff

After a 5:0 lost to Breidablik, the team fired head coach Miodrag Dzudovic and sporting producer Anto Drobnjak. One of the secretary coaches will take the team’s lead against Struga, and there is currently no word on their alternatives.

Vasilije Terzi, Zoran Petrovi, Marko Simi, and Ariel Lucero were among the first eleven players Budunost lost during the exchange window. These people were replaced by the club, but they haven’t yet displayed little. ,

final games of Budunost

  1. 23 July 22

    DG Mladost

    2 : 1.


    Second Division

  2. 23 may 30


    0: 5.


    League of Leaders

  3. 23 june 27

    Escaldes Atlètic Team

    0: 3.


    League of Leaders

  4. May 25, 23


    0: 1


    Second Division

  5. 21 May 23


    1 : 3.


    Second Division

Budunost portfolio


  • 31

    Pavlicic Djordje


  • 33

    Vlad. Adzic

  • 35

    Dakic Damjan

  • 3

    Raznatovic, Andrija


  • 14

    Brnovic, Milos

  • 88

    Theodore Pavlovski

  • 8

    Luka Mirkovic

  • 19

    Almeida Stephano


  • 15

    Gasevic Ognjen

  • 98

    Sekulic Balsa

  • 18

    Grbic Petar

4 Justifications for Struga’s victory over Budunost

  1. In two matches against Zalgiris, Struga performed well.
  2. In the previous winter, Struga haven’t lost a one game at home.
  3. Buducnost does not currently own a head coach.
  4. Budunost suffered a 1 : 7 goal difference in the previous two formal sports.

Main forecast: Struga &— Budunost

To succeed, struggle

23.07.2023 updatedclock

55 % win rate


two consecutive victories

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FAQ for Struga vs. Buducnost


Who might be Struga’s goalscorer?

Beart Ibrahimi, who scored against Zalgiris in the previous game.


Who might be Budunost’s goalscorer?

Bala Sekuli, who last year made 16 club appearances and scored seven goals. ,