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45 Noon in June 1618



    UEFA EURO Semifinals are in opposition.
  • Time: June 16, 2023
  • First: UK: 19:45; CEST: 20:55
  • Pristina City Stadium is the location.

When Kosovo hosts Romania on Friday nights, they will be in a determined attempt to win the Group I EURO 2024 Qualifiers for the first time.

The hosts are third in the class, four points behind Romania, who are already in second place.

In the EURO 2020 Qualifiers, Kosovo placed second in a class that also included England and Czechia. The Dardanians would have undoubtedly hoped to place in the top two this day, but they haven’t had a particularly strong stop. All two games played so far have been drawn by Alain Giresse’s people. However, the fact that they scored in each of those matches will serve as motivation for them.

In the EURO 2020 Qualifiers, Romania placed fifth in a class that also included Spain, Sweden, and Norway. This time, the Tricolours have two wins to their name, but they are trailing Switzerland, who have a better purpose change.

Betting guidelines for Kosovo vs. Romania: Team2 to win or draw, Both team to score

Kosovo is experiencing a lot of defensive issues. To put this into perspective, the Dardanians were unable to win any of their final nine games across all events. Additionally, all four of their previous games were gets, making them winless.

Romania only managed to score 2.5 targets per game over the course of their final six games without conceding. A wager on an” again succeed or draw” is a wise choice for this sport because Edward Iordănescu’s people have also won four of their last five activities across all events.

    Romania’s Double Chance is the best idea.
  • forecast of Kosovo vs. Romania: 1-1


reports of the Kosovo group

Samir Ukjni, Rrahmani Amir, Rachica, Edon Zhegrova( Lille ), and Vedat Muriqi( Mallorca ) were selected by Kosovo head coach Alain Giresse to play in his team.

Vedat Muriqi is the leading scorer with 23 targets, while Rrahmani Amir has made 51 appearances.

most recent suits in Kosovo

  1. Kosovo

    1: 1


    European Reservation

  2. Israel

    1: 1


    European Reservation

  3. Kosovo

    1: 1

    Territories of Faroe

    amiable International

  4. Kosovo

    2: 2.


    amiable International

  5. Kosovo

    5 : 1.


    UEFA International League

Kosovo card


  • 12

    Muric Arijanet


  • 2

    Hadergjonaj, Florent

  • 13

    Rrahmani Amir

  • 4

    Kryeziu Mirlind

  • 19

    Leart Paqarada


  • 9

    Celina Bersant

  • 5

    Fazliji Betim

  • 14

    Berisha Valon


  • 7

    Rashica Milot

  • 18

    V. Muriqi

  • 10

    Zeneli Arbr


Romanian staff news

Tudor Baluta, a midfielder from Romania, was injured and had to leave the game before halftime in the 2 — 1 victory over Belarus in March. He has since recovered and will be back in action on Friday.

Man, Dennis’s goal in the same sport was his fifth goal for the Andora global football team, while Alibec Denis scored his fourth goal against the team in March.

Romania’s most recent games

  1. Romania

    2 : 1.


    European Reservation

  2. Andorra

    0: 2.


    European Reservation

  3. Moldova

    0: 5.


    amiable International

  4. Romania

    1: 2.


    amiable International

  5. Romania

    4 : 1.

    Herzegovina and Bosnia

    UEFA International League

Romanian card


  • 12

    Radu Ionuţ


  • 23

    Deian Sorescu

  • 15

    Burcă, Andrei

  • 3

    Drăgușin Radu

  • 2

    Rațiu, Andrei


  • 11

    Olaru Darius

  • 18

    Marin Răzvan

  • 10

    Theodore Stanciu


  • 20

    Man, Dennis

  • 7

    Alibec Denis

  • 21

    Moruçan, Olimpiu

We predict Romania will succeed or pick for three reasons, with both teams scoring.

  1. Romania triumphed in each of their final 3 matches across all divisions.
  2. Both groups scored in each of Kosovo’s final six games.
  3. In all events, Kosovo only won one of their final 7 games.

Main forecast: Kosovo vs. Romania

Romania’s victory or loss( X2 )

updated 13.06.2023clock

56 % win rate


6 victories in a column

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more forecasts

To Succeed Group 2

3.03 is the best conflict.


Best chances: 1.91

Kosovo and Romania’s recent positions in the Euro Qualification

Guanine- An
1Switzerland22008 &— 0.+86
2Romania22004 &— 1.+36
3Kosovo20202 &— 202
4Andorra20111 &— 3.-21
5Israel20111 through 4-31
6Belarus20021 &— 7.-60

Romania vs. Kosovo- FAQ


Where can I enjoy?

On Friday nights, the Sofascore system will stream Kosovo vs. Romania stand.

How many spot kicks does Romania typically score per game in this competitors?


How many bright cards does Kosovo typically get per game in this competitors?