Updated 28 April 2023

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Sportsbook Review Richy



  • Richy Sports offers a special welcome bonus of up to$ 500.

  • Customer service is available around-the-clock.

  • There are a wide range of repayment options, including cryptocurrency.

  • The mobile game is accessible on iOS, Android, and both.

Payment Techniques:

BitcoinPerfect MoneyAmerican ExpressEthereumLitecoinTetherTRONBitcoinCash

Apply for T & C. Spend properly, age 18 +


  • Life Sporting


  • Offers & Prizes


  • Odds


  • Mobile


  • Usability


  • Different Stakes


  • Credibility


  • Repayment Techniques


  • Support


betting on Richy LIVE

9 / 10.

Users of Richy Sportsbook have the option to play while live games are still being played. Richy websites have a web-based match / game tracker that keeps customers informed of the match’s events while leaving betting options available to place bets based on the odds that are available. As one could play any number on a winning team also close to the end of the game and still win, it could be said that Richy Sports aims to defraud itself of its money.

Different LIVE game genres at Richy

The exist betting function can be found in the following game:

  • Soccer
  • Hockey on snow
  • Basketball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

betting on Richy LIVE

Casino Richy

9 / 10.

Casino Richy provides for many online casino games, which include:


Richy site offers up to 299 different types of life casino casinos, including games like Rumba Blackjack 4 and Ruby One Black as well as online blackjack. The operators of these various varieties of blackjacks vary.


The same rules apply to richy online roulette as they do to online casino. In contrast to in-house casinos, Richy Roulette allows an average-income person to purchase cards for merely$ 0.5 per device. Additionally, people have the choice of stopping on a get manually or automatically.


Richy Sports offers up to 97 unique life Baccarat games from various game developers, including Bgaming, Evoplay, and Pragmatic Play.


On Richy, there are up to 4431 online casinos. They include Cosmic Jewels, Ball & amp, Laughing Buddha, and Ball. All of these casinos have video modes where players can practice playing the game.

Casino Richy

Bonuses and deals at Rich Sportsbook

9 / 10.

For new customers, Richy Sports offers a generous welcome bonus as well as an exclusive sign-up offer and different exclusive deals for seasoned players. The bonuses for new or seasoned people are listed below:

Welcome Bonus for New Users: Rich

On their first deposit, new clients receive a 150 % Richy welcome bonus as well as free 200 spin, 200 Satoshi, and 300 lottery tickets. New customers can take advantage of these free spins to earn up to 1 Bitcoin in free cryptocurrency, and lottery tickets can be combined to increase their chances of winning more BTC. These prizes are just a Richy registration sell, though.

Welcome Bonus for New Users: Rich

Cryptocurrency Lottery

Users can obtain new lottery cards at the cost of 0.00000001 Bitcoin per seat after using up all of their free tickets. A user’s chances of winning more than 0.1 BTC increase with the number of cards they purchase.

Wheel of Fortunes and Free Bitcoin

Richy Sports, a top-notch betting that cares deeply about its customers’ winnings, creates the complimentary cryptocurrency possibility that gives players bitcoins based on the number they receive after each spin. Without paying a coin, the Bitcoin roll offers up to 0.1 BTC. People of Richy can choose from various portions of the Wheel of Fortune’s cryptocurrency. People can wager up to 1 BTC on the Wheel of Fortune twist. A strange number of cryptocurrencies are given to current players every 24 hours in addition to the bonuses already mentioned.

large profits and conflict

7 / 10.

The distinction between the possibilities offered is a margin. on the likelihood that the results of a sports event will occur. Betting sites price odds on areas in a way that doesn’t accurately reflect the true worth possibility of an outcome. The bookmakers gains more as the percentage increases. The odds offered are better the lower the ratio. After reviewing Richy, we discovered that the margins offered decreased by 2 % to 5 %, which is excellent. The majority of bookmakers provide profitability greater than 7 %.

margin of victory

  • Football



  • Basketball



  • Hockey



  • Tennis



  • Baseball



  • Volleyball



  • MMA



  • Handball



  • Cricket



  • Cybersport



  • Boxing



  • Rugby



Total betting ratio: 4 %

sophisticated mobile applications

8 / 10.

Both iOS and Android mobile apps are supported by Richy. The user-friendly app is beautiful. Assessment demonstrates that the application is functional and free of bugs. The customer experience is excellent because it is simple to use and unclumsy. The software can be easily installed on more products because it is an extension of the background website version. No element was sacrificed in order for the mobile app to function; it has the same design as the web version. In fact, compared to the online version, it is even smoother.

    App for Android: Yes.
  • iOS Application: Yes.
The phone App allows you to play.

phone application


The Android software allows you to play.

Samsung application


Playing is possible in the wireless website.

wireless web browser


The Opera Mini is open for play.

Opera Mini


Functionality and features of Richy Sportsbook

8 / 10.

It’s very simple to use Richy Sportsbook. The home site highlights current game and odds for significant future games. Poker, life casino, cryptocurrency jackpot, and even chess are all supported by Richy! Additionally, it includes unique Richy Games like Roulette, Limbo, Hilo, and others.



The site takes a while to listen.

It doesn’t provide live downloading.

Richy: activities to wager on

9 / 10.

Richy offers most activities you may think of. Richy Sports range from the more common Soccer, American Football, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Ice Hockey, Formula 1, Handball and Golf, to the less common ones like Aussie Rules, Handball, Table Tennis, MMA, Futsal, Cricket, Basketball 3×3, Gaelic Hurling, Gaelic Football, Indy Racing, Speedway, Cycling, Dart, Waterpolo, Bandy, Snooker and richy online activities like eFighting, NBA2K, Rocket League, FIFA24, eBaseball, among other eSports.

Richy common types of bet

The lines for the common sports are very large with the most famous options and additional combo options.

Richy Review: Credibility

9 / 10.

Richy Casino is a certified company for virtual gambling solutions running for some decades now. Its safety, in terms of money, is more than ordinary as it uses certified and verified game tools and services like Netent, Booming, Playngo, Red Tiger, KA Gaming amongst others. Its wagering games are described as fair because it makes use of dedication schemes and encrypted hashing. Richy has an automated consumer support services on the website, where most of your concerns can be easily answered. Most of its existing customers are somewhat satisfied. The Casino receives little complaints as most assessment websites rate Richy regular.

Richy pay techniques: deposits and withdrawals

9 / 10.


During Richy subscription, you may choose from 55 various methods as main forex which includes 15 bitcoin options. Despite this, you may simply lodge with nine crypto options. Various payment options vary on what is chosen as big deposit money. USD supports American Express, Perfect Money and Facilito. Offer codes may be used to reduce deposits.

Richy Withdrawal

To remove your income, all you have to do is visit the status symbol, and select your preferred technique of withdrawal. You may withdraw your funds to your lender or crypto budget. Simply click the” Transaction History” link in your account to view your transaction record.










Perfect Money

American Express

$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$1—$100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
$5—$10,000a maximum of 24 hrs0%


8 / 10.

A chat box image can be found in the bottom right corner of the Richy site. Your customer support network is there, and it can respond to the majority of your inquiries. It introduces a few keys that you can use to self-solve your issues. The app does advise speaking with an agent if your issue is strange.

You can also send an email to support @ richy.casino.



[email protected]

lived chat

Competence0 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Politeness0 out of 54 / 5.5 out of 5
Answer Timen/a1 to 2 daysInstant

Bill Check and Richy Registration

9 / 10.

Bill validation on Richy Sportsbook is quick, simple, and direct. When signing up, you may choose to do so using the phone number process or your email address known as the” quickly sign up.” Both methods, such as One Time Password ( OTP ), do not require any immediate confirmation. After Richy user for both immediately and contact sign-up methods, you will be prompted to confirm your email. There is no need for extra confirmation!

Rich Betting Markets: a brief overview

8 / 10.

For your gaming experience, Richy Website offers a wide selection of having markets. You can glide through the business while selecting the one you feel most at ease with. This look over the possibilities now!

( Totals ) Over / Under

You can wager on a predicted rating with or without this opportunity. For example, you can wager on a group either scoring more than or fewer than two goals.

Eastern handcuffs

This implies that the staff you give a handicap has not lose more than what they were given. If you choose Man United + 1.5, your wager will be won if there is a draw or reduction of no more than 1 goal difference.

Betting on Accumulation

You can load at least four sports and more on the same betslip if you choose this opportunity. You can choose from a wide range of possibilities with this one wager.

Spread Point

This wager is made on a team’s likelihood of winning. Sports enthusiasts frequently experience it. The option is available on Richy Sport if you believe the LA Lakers may defeat the Milwaukee Bucks by + 7, + 10, or &— 10 points.

Bet on the moneyline

This entails two or three results in a single wager choice. Here, your bet wins if any of the benefits happen.

Prop Bets,

There are also statement bets, in which you are exempt from wagering on game results. On players to report, bright cards, and other odds, you can place a wager.

Prop Bets,

Rich licence and rules

9 / 10.

Favorite Industry NV is the standard certified provider of gaming companies, Richy Casino. Richy Casino has its registered office at Zuikertuin Tower in Curacao and is authorized and governed by the laws of that country under license number # 5536 / JAZ. It is formally represented by Ingenious Development Ltd., an EU business with the registration range HE428609.

How to make a wager in Richy

9 / 10.

You can find a simple, natural step-by-step instructions on how to place bets at the Richy betting above.

  1. Follow the instructions to build your account after first registering using the particular website.
  2. Use code thirty to make your initial deposit.
  3. Bank it after that. You’re ready to start betting this approach.
  4. Make your initial wager by selecting a play.

How do I register in Richy?

8 / 10.

Creating an account on the Richy site is very simple. You can quickly create your own Richy bill by just following the directions we’ve provided for you.

  1. Click the” sign up” and” quote” buttons.

    Push” Mark &— Up” in the top right corner of the website. You will be taken to a website, and all you have to do is adhere to the guidelines.

  2. Pack in all necessary grounds with pertinent information.

    You can choose to sign up for cellphone, quick, or social on the pop-up page. After deciding on your choice, dollar comes next. The particular package can then be filled with your telephone number.

  3. Check your account’s validity.

    All you have to do now is click” Sign Up” after you’ve entered your phone number. You can enter a referral or promotional code before clicking” Sign Up” if you have one. Your Richy bill doesn’t need to be verified.

  4. Good job.

    You are now prepared to experience a superior betting world after creating your Richy account!

Is Richy reliable? last ideas

8. 5 / 10.

Richy Casino has undergone a thorough review, and we believe it to be reliable. We have taken into account the casino’s player issues, estimated revenues, registration, games’ veracity, customer support value, terms and conditions justice, withdrawal and earn limits, and other factors, but we have found no pertinent complaints.

  • Limitations
  • Casino that is fairly new and hasn’t yet been proven by day.
  • The game does not provide a life streaming service.

Portion for FAQs


May I get in touch with customer support?

The customer service at Richy site is quick, helpful, and experienced. You have a variety of ways to express your problems or need for assistance.

Does Richy Casino offer live streaming services?

Sadly, no. On the Richy website, there is no life sports channel. However, the website also has a ton of other great features.

Exist invite bonuses?

To appreciate your betting experience, you can get bonuses, Richy Promo, and great rewards when you register for a richy sport account.

Payments are they safe?

No matter if you’re depositing or withdrawing money, Richy website transactions are secure. for your benefit. Schemes are not a concern for you.

public details

Website www.richlinktrk.com
Phone None
Email[email protected]
PaymentsBitcoin, Perfect Money, American Express, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, TRON, BitcoinCash, Dash, USDT
Wagers of various kindsSnooker, Tour de France, Eurovision, English Premier League, Europa League, UEFA, FIFA, Dota 2, NHL, NFL, FIFA World Cup, FIBA, NBA, League of Legends, American Football, WWE, CS:GO, Golf, UFC, Cycling, Darts, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Politics, MMA, Hockey, Handball, Formula 1, Football, eSports, Boxing, Biathlon, Basketball, Baseball, Kabaddi
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