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Review of the Jungliwin Sportsbook in India( 2023 )



  • casino with a license

  • The chances are competitive.

  • Welcome Free Guess Up To 5,000 Indian Rupees

  • area for live sports

Pay Techniques:


T & C submit an application. Spend Carefully Aged 18 +


  • Life Sporting


  • Deals & Bonuses


  • Odds


  • Mobile


  • Usability


  • Bet of various kinds


  • Credibility


  • Methods of payment


  • Support


Casino Jungliwin

9 / 10.

Exposure to a diverse selection of online slots, table and live dealer games, and various thrilling game entertainment is available through Jungliwin in addition to sports betting companies. Common casino game like French, British, and German roulette and blackjack can be found in their extensive catalog, along with a wide selection of slot machines from well-known manufacturers like NetEnt, Playtech, Pragmatic Play and Evolution.

Furthermore, Jungliwin presents an array of casino bonuses and promotions to enhance the gaming experience for their players. These incentives include enticing sign-up bonuses and free spins. Notably, the company displays generosity by extending these bonuses not only to new users but also to loyal bettors. Additionally, the site boasts an exceptional loyalty program designed specifically for regular players. If that's not enough for you, check out all bonuses sportsbooks have to offer.


One or more standard deck of playing cards are used in the compelling card game of blackjack. The main objective of the game is to get a hand price that is less than or equal to 21 than the dealer’s side without going over 21. People have the chance to attract more accounts and wager more money on particular combinations throughout the game to increase their chances of winning.


A bike decorated with amounts ranging from 1 to 36 is used in the thrilling sport of casino, which frequently includes a natural 0( or occasionally an 00 ). Players congregate around a table to place bets on their prognostications about the location of the little ball’s landing on the rotating wheel. The goal of roulette is unstable because it is a game of chance, making it all the more exciting to play as players try to predict where the ball will land.


As one of the top bookmakers, Jungliwin offers different variations of the renowned game, baccarat. This includes diverse options such as Speed Baccarat and versions that incorporate side bets. While baccarat may not be as widely favoured among casino enthusiasts, the site administration at Jungliwin recognises this and dedicates more focus to enhancing other areas of their platform.


Players can have a varied and interactive gaming experience thanks to the variety of themes, gameplay styles, and bonus features offered by the slot machines on the bookmaker platform. Jungliwin offers access to liberal jackpot slots in addition to the traditional casino games. These specific slots have a jackpot that grows steadily with each person’s wager.

Casino Jungliwin

Bonuses and incentives at Jungliwin

9 / 10.

The casino offers the convenience of quick payouts and excellent odds. These advantages may, however, be further enhanced by taking advantage of the different bonuses offered. Whether you’re a new or seasoned client, the bonuses provided by the sportsbook are all listed in detail below.

Welcome Free Imagine Up to 5,000 Indian Rupees

This football sportsbook offers a lucrative first deposit bonus to its new customers. The minimum deposit required to receive the bonus is 1,000 INR and, to fulfil the wagering requirements, you need to bet with odds of 1.50. The bonus is available for 7 days, then it will be cancelled if you don't clear it.

Additionally, players can get bonuses of up to 5,000 Rs for their next deposit. The wagering requirements for this benefit are the same as those for the first deposit welcome bonus.

Bonuses and incentives at Jungliwin

Increase Combo

Increase your rewards with the thrilling ComboBoost function! By placing a combo wager on your chosen sporting event with three or more options, you can increase your profits by up to 50 %! Simply go to the Sports section of the website and select a minimum of three sporting industry and / or activities that you want to wager on together. The increased odds will immediately show up on your wager slip once all the requirements have been satisfied.

Cash Back

Immerse yourself in Jungliwin’s amazing selections, and your gaming experience will be elevated to new heights of fulfillment. Consider the scenario where there has been a significant lack of gets in the previous 10 matches between two groups as an example. With a keen understanding of this trend, the gambler is confident that it will continue.

You only need to wager on the team you think will win in order to take advantage of this alluring option. In the event of an unexpected turn of events, you can be sure that the bookmaker will graciously refund all of your lost bets if the game ends with a score of 0 : 0.

Odds & amp, Jungliwin Margins

8 / 10.

Jungliwin, one of the best betting sites in India, offers a diverse range of betting markets with varying odds and margins. These factors are subject to fluctuations based on the specific event, market type, and available betting options.

In the world of sportsbooks, success is attained by charging a fee, also referred to as the vig, for each wager made. Depending on the market and certain imagine, its price may vary, but generally speaking, it never exceeds 5 %.

In comparison to other bettors in the business, Jungliwin aims to offer favorable possibilities. The margins typically match the market average of about 5 %, though they can vary depending on the particular occasion. It’s crucial to keep in mind that odds and margins for each function can fluctuate as a result of variables like gambling quantity and other variables. So, before making any bets, it is advised to examine and verify the odds and margins.

betting border

  • Football



  • Basketball



  • Hockey



  • Tennis



  • Baseball



  • Volleyball



  • MMA



  • Handball



  • Cricket



  • Cybersport



  • Boxing



  • Rugby



General gambling ratio: 2.2 %

applications for Jungliwin Mobile

9 / 10.

For Windows, Android, and iOS products, Jungliwin boldly offers its top-notch mobile apps. This user-friendly and feature-rich software provides a smooth and practical betting experience, enabling users to quickly get dozens of functionalities.

The mobile app is made to be incredibly convenient, allowing users to easily play their preferred games, collect and use bonuses, and place bets. Users can explore different betting markets, examine odds, and handle their account with just a few taps thanks to the user-friendly interface’s easy navigation.

You can easily access your account whenever and wherever you want with the Jungliwin mobile app, giving you the freedom to take advantage of the thrill of smart betting. Additionally, the software makes sure that your preferred payment methods are seamlessly integrated, making deposits and withdrawals possible quickly, securely, and quickly.

Nevertheless, the bookmaker’s dedication to providing a better and user-centric platform is evident in the Jungliwin mobile app. To make sure your betting encounter on your mobile device is seamless and satisfying, it combines comfort, functionality, and a user-friendly interface.

    Samsung application: yes
  • Yes, iOS game
The phone App allows you to play.

phone application


Play is available in the Android game.

Android applications


Playing is possible in the wireless website.

wireless web browser


The Mini Opera is open for play.

Mini Opera


Features of Jungliwin Usability & amp

8 / 10.

The user-friendliness of the Jungliwin casino is given top priority, making it simple for players to understand the website and get the information they need. Users can quickly locate ideal betting markets and events thanks to the interface’s straightforward design, which includes clear recipes and backlinks.

Live betting is a striking feature that offers real-time odds updates and covers an extensive collection of sports. Furthermore, the Jungliwin casino offers mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it possible to bet conveniently while on the go. The advantage of the person is further improved by the variety of deposit and withdrawal options.



default black concept

In general, the Jungliwin sportsbook delivers a seamless and user-friendly betting experience that makes this platform one of the best betting apps in India. The company has gained a reputation for reliability and trustworthiness, making it a preferred choice for many gamblers in the market.

Activities to wager on in Jungliwin

9 / 10.

For Indian bettors, the Jungliwin business excels in the gambling industry by offering a wide range of sporting events in addition to top-notch customer support. Common sports like football, cricket, basketball, tennis, e-sports, and many other fascinating events are among their amazing selection.

For each unique occurrence and betting market, the sportsbook at Jungliwin adopts varying lengths for its gambling lines. The goal is to provide quality, making it simple for players to understand the possibilities and place bets. For example, corresponding odds are typically listed next to each variety in pre-match betting markets where the lines are displayed in a column format. Each line’s length is properly optimized to make the odds and selection name visible without obstructing or cluttering the user interface.

The length of the betting ranges in live betting markets can be changed to reflect the level of information and details that needs to be communicated. For example, in basketball live betting markets, the lines may have wider widths to offer more details like the most recent score, remaining period, and other pertinent information. You can always experiment, by the way. predictions footballgames based on a thorough examination of every source on our site.

Popular Types of Bets in Jungliwin

The bookmaker has compiled a series of the most well-liked sports in the area on its webpage:

You can immerse yourself in a wonderful and amazing gaming experience, brimming with anticipation for the results of the matches you choose to wager on, thanks to the bookmaker’s carefully curated assortment of sports events. As you interact with the world of sports betting on their system, be prepared to experience a variety of emotions, from excitement to tension.


9 / 10.

As a dependable publisher, Jungliwin is known for its honesty and integrity. The business, which holds a passport from Curacao, upholds the strictest security requirements for financial transactions, protecting clients’ money and personal information. Jungliwin uses cutting-edge systems to carefully protect players’ information.

Standard audits carried out by impartial third parties help Jungliwin maintain its credibility in addition to its commitment to safety. These audits act as a crucial safeguard to guarantee the fair and open activity of the casino. By putting its operations under exterior investigation, Jungliwin strengthens its standing as an impartial and responsible platform.

Players can feel secure knowing that they are working with a gambler who places an extreme focus on honesty, security, and transparency in all facets of its operations when using Jungliwin.

Deposits and withdrawals from Jungliwin are accepted payment procedures.

9 / 10.


You can use transaction methods like UPI, RuPay, PhonePe, Gpay, MobiKwik AstroPay; Visa, MasterCard; Crypto; etc., according to the publisher. The minimum loan amount is determined by the user’s preferred payment method.


The gambler enables the withdrawal of earnings to the same payment methods that the customer used to make the deposit. The dedicated security team carefully examines each payout, ensuring a rigorous review within an average of 30 minutes. Players can therefore anticipate that their winnings will be quickly and seamlessly withdrawn, without any needless delays.







Binance Coin








₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of 24 hrs0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of 24 hrs0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of 24 hrs0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%
₹2,000—₹100,000a maximum of an afternoon0%


8 / 10.

Jungliwin provides a first-rate help service, ensuring that people may get help right away whenever they need it. People have immediate access to a dedicated staff of customer service representatives through the live chat feature offered on the website and mobile apps. Players can seek assistance whenever they want, regardless of where they are or their time zone thanks to the 24 / 7 live chat support.

A wide range of questions and concerns can be addressed by competent assistance experts. Players may rely on the support team’s experience to clarify bet types, navigate through different markets, or resolve any other significant issues. With their prompt and effective assistance, Jungliwin makes sure that bettors have a hassle-free and clean gaming experience.

So, the bookmaker’s dedication to customer satisfaction and its commitment to offering top-notch assistance whenever it is needed are demonstrated by Jungliwin, which also offers exceptional support service along with the convenience of live chat accessibility.



[email protected]

lived chat

Competence0 out of 55 out of 54 / 5.
Politeness0 out of 55 out of 54 / 5.
Answer Timen/a3 days maximumInstant

Confirmation of accounts

7 / 10.

Like many other bookmakers, Jungliwin has an account confirmation requirement that serves to confirm players’ identities and guarantee their safety. Typically, the buyer is required to submit specific documents and information for confirmation after registration.

The following actions typically make up the identification process:

    Check of identification: The user might be asked to submit scans or images of identification-confirming documents, like a passport or driver’s license.
  • Check target: In addition to personal information, utility bills and other documents may be needed to confirm the team’s permanent handle.
  • Financial information verification: It might be required to disclose details regarding the site’s economical transaction methods.

Although the bill can be thoroughly verified after successfully completing all the levels, control and confirmation of the provided documents and information take some time. The identification of the Jungliwin accounts is crucial for security and adherence to global anti-money laundering and counter-fraud laws.

Markets for Jungliwin Betting: A brief link

8 / 10.

We invite you to explore the wide variety of betting markets offered on the Jungliwin site in this succinct assessment. You can gain a thorough understanding of the various types of bet offered by delving into this knowledge, which will help you make wise decisions when it comes to supporting your favorite teams.

Over / Under( Totals )

The idea of over / under betting is based on predicting whether a sporting event’s overall score will be higher than or lower than an amount set by the sportsbook. Based on the game and particular game being played, the odds and fixed numbers for totals betting are subject to change. You may wager totals on a variety of sports on the Jungliwin casino, including sports, cricket, baseball, ice hockey, and more.

Eastern handcuffs

Eastern handcuffs is a unique form of handicap betting where one of the teams is given a virtual advantage or disadvantage based on their perceived strength. This type of betting offers an exhilarating opportunity for players to wager on their favourite teams, regardless of their chances of winning. It adds an extra level of excitement and strategy to the betting Asian Handicaps are a preferred option among activities punters due to their expertise.

Betting on Accumulators

Combining several different bets into a single bet is known as collector betting, which has the potential to result in higher payouts. It’s important to realize that all of the choices made within an accumulation bet must be accurate in order for it to be successful.

Scatter of points

One of the competing team receives a digital advantage or disadvantage in this type of challenge bets. Each team’s point spread line is established by the sportsbook, and it is usually denoted by a positive or negative number. Players may choose which crew they think will win when placing a guess, taking into account the point spread. The gamble is deemed effective if the exact goal, after applying the stage spread, results in a win for the chosen team.

Column Bets- Money

A money-line bet is a straightforward type of wager where players select the team they believe will win the game outright, without any consideration of a point spread handicap. This type of bet is commonly favoured by football and basketball enthusiasts. Many freebets India options are used for this type of betting.

Prop Stakes,

On the Jungliwin software, proposition bets are a popular type of wagering. These bets involve betting on particular results or occurrences that might or might not occur during a game or meet. Prop bets can include a wide range of events, such as the first group to report, the player’s total number of goals scored, how long the game will last, or even non-sports-related events like the functionality of the national anthem.

Jungliwin Betting Markets: Short guide

Jungliwin: Rules and registration

9 / 10.

Jungliwin operates within the parameters of the regulatory framework set forth by the laws of this authority and is in possession of a valid certificate issued by Curacao. The passport holder, Casbit Group N. V., makes sure the bookmaker complies with all rules and regulations, including those pertaining to client protection, ethical gaming, and anti-money laundering measures.

Users can be confident that Jungliwin operates in a safe and reliable manner, giving its customers’ safety and well-being top priority while adhering to legitimate and ethical standards thanks to this licensing and regulatory oversight.

How can I wager on Jungliwin?

9 / 10.

It’s simple to place wagers on Jungliwin:

  1. Start by creating, verifying, and funding your profile.
  2. Examine the bookmaker’s offerings and choose the activities you want to wager on.
  3. Place your betting and select the type of bet you prefer.
  4. Expect the results of the contest or activity.

Any earnings will be added to your account if success is on your side, where they can be withdrawn whenever it’s convenient for you. The ease of the procedure makes it possible for you to quickly start betting on Jungliwin and, with a stroke of luck, reap the rewards of your wise bets.

How do I register at Jungliwin?

8 / 10.

The process of opening an account on the Jungliwin site is simple and smooth.

  1. Visit the” sign up” box.

    On the right side of the screen, find the orange option.

  2. Complete all necessary domains.

    Make sure to give appropriate personal information.

  3. Check your profile.

    Prepare your records for uploading by having them scanned.

  4. Well done

    Now that you’re prepared to deposit money, you can place profitable bet.

Is Jungliwin a Reliable Person? ultimate ideas

8. 5 / 10.

By obtaining the necessary licenses and following regulations, Jungliwin has given its reputation as a trustworthy and safe online sportsbook top priority. Bettors you place their wagers with confidence and without worrying about private because the focus is on protecting user data.

Additionally, Jungliwin has added features for responsible playing to help users keep up their good wagering practices. These resources include, among other things, options for self-exclusion, loan restrictions, and time-out periods.

Jungliwin has made significant efforts to build itself as a reliable and trustworthy platform for sports betting enthusiasts, despite the fact that no online sportsbook you guarantee complete risk elimination.

  • Limitations
  • restricted entry in some nations



Is there a variety of slot machines offered on Jungliwin?

Jungliwin provides a wide selection of online games from reputable vendors.

Is Jungliwin a recognized system?

Yes, Curacao has granted Jungliwin a legitimate playing commission license.

What languages can I use on the Jungliwin site?

The Jungliwin website is available in English.

How long does it take to remove Jungliwin win?

On Jungliwin, transactions are generally processed in about 30 minutes.

What is the maximum number that can be withdrawn on Jungliwin?

On Jungliwin, the least withdrawal amount is set at 2,000 Indian rupees.

Does Jungliwin offer a sports gambling Welcome Bonus?

Without a doubt! For those who enjoy sports betting, Jungliwin offers a variety of alluring payouts.

Can I use a Jungliwin promotional code to get prizes?

Yes. You can use a Jungliwin promo code to get payouts more quickly.

Does the Jungliwin site offer referral bonuses?

Yes, users receive generous benefits from the Jungliwin system for recommending friends to sign up.

Does the Jungliwin site offer a variety of sports?

In fact, a wide range of well-liked activities and games are covered on the Jungliwin site.

What is the Jungliwin website’s minimum payment requirement?

On the Jungliwin site, a 500 Rs payment is required.

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