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Sportsbook assessment by Bitsler



  • Up to$ 700 is offered as a welcome bonus on the initial deposit.

  • Regular giveaways are available.

  • support available 24 / 7

  • There are no drawback restrictions

  • various transaction procedures

Methods of payment:

BitcoinEthereumLitecoinTetherRippleDogeCoinBinance CoinTRON

Apply for T & C. Bargain properly, age 18 +


  • Activities on the go


  • Offers & Prizes


  • Odds


  • Mobile


  • Usability


  • Bet of various kinds


  • Credibility


  • Methods of payment


  • Support


Life Gaming on Bitsler

8 / 10.

The Bitsler publisher allows bettors to place life wagers. Pre-match wagers, which are placed prior to the start of the activity or occasion, are different from this. This kind of wagering occurs while the game is being played. People have a better chance of recognizing trends and choosing outcomes based on them.

Sports events like cricket, rugby, United soccer, baseball, esoccer, and other sports have the life betting option on Bitsler. This gaming option is used by a lot of gamblers to get bets. This opportunity is not required in any particular way. You can use the alternative after creating an account.

Life game categories at Bitsler Sportsbook

On Bitsler, there are a ton of life games to choose from. They are available to you. Choose the sporting event, then put it to your list of options. You can view the choices if you click the menus on the left side. To place life bets, click on sports or gaming. The list of the top lived games available on the Bitsler website is provided below:

  • Basketball
  • United soccer
  • Cricket
  • Soccer
  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Volleyball

There are numerous others. Find the one you want by visiting the website.

Bitsler live

Casino Bitsler

9 / 10.

Bitsler Casino makes an effort to add a variety of casino game to its website. Slot and table games come in a variety of varieties, which is common in high-end online gambling. For any online casino, the games are up to a several thousand, or about 3400, which is an amazing achievement. Numerous Bitsler matches also operate pretty. Depending on your tastes, there are various types of games available for you to select from. Every activity offers a distinctive kind of knowledge for every participant.

Bitsler is dedicated to providing its users with a distinctive customer experience, and it constantly makes an effort to make sure that every player on the platform feels pleasant and at ease. A guarantee of customer satisfaction is usually present. What types of games are available at the Bitsler game, then? Read on to learn more beneath.


If you enjoy playing casino games, you’ll undoubtedly except playing blackjack at the Bitsler game. The casino game is created to offer a good practice for all gamers at this site, regardless of whether you are an expert or novice player. Different varieties of casino table games, including the online version, are available at the Bitsler blackjack. The victories attained through the game are frequently a clear sign of ability.


Roulette activities are a very viable opportunity for players who want to get hefty sums of money. There are many different kinds of online casino game at Bitsler Casino. To get the most out of the gaming experience, you can also modify your limit on the Bitsler game website. The fun themes in the blackjack game on the Bitsler game page simulate being in a real-world casino. There isn’t much of a change in the practice.


People who enjoy lived Baccarat games should check out the Bitsler casino’s selection. On this site, there are many different kinds of life Baccarat games, including online dealers. Both desktop and mobile devices can run the activities. Every game you play has advantages of its own. Depending on how well you play or the number of things you finish, there are various types of offers.


At the Bitsler website, there are more than 3000 online games. Simply choose the games choice from the menu on the website. From the possibilities, you can choose any type of slot machine. You can choose the slots from the monitor in accordance with the software provider or organize them based on the release date. The fact that you can organize the games based on various categories to facilitate the selection process is perhaps the best feature of the abundance of slots.

Additionally, you can test the games without spending any real funds. When you click the gambling, all you have to do is choose the” Play for Fun” solution. This makes it simple to locate the types of games you prefer without suffering financial loss. You can choose your favorite games as well so you may locate them more quickly in the future.

Bitsler casino

Bonuses and incentives at Bitsler Sportsbook

9 / 10.

Any consumer can take advantage of a Bitsler discount as soon as they register on the betting site. They receive a warm present. You are entitled to more bonuses once you sign up as a regular person. Numerous prizes exist, some of which while others are generally present, there are day limits.

Welcome bonus Bitsler

When a bettor registers on the website, they are eligible for this first offer. when you open an account and loan money. You are eligible for a$ 700 offer. Make a deposit of at least$ 20 to obtain this. The proposal is divided into seven elements. You must play each part’s activities in order to earn XP. For instance, you get$ 1 when you gain 200XP. This will be added to the stability of your account. Playing video games frequently will help you accomplish various goals. The present simply lasts for 30 days.

Welcome bonus Bitsler


This development is currently in effect. For those who place bets on World Cup matches in 2022, it is a sports benefit. You only need to wager$ 50 or more on any of the games to receive two Gold Chests. There are requirements that must be satisfied in order to gain this promotion:

  • $ 50 is the required loan.
  • The wager may be placed between December 18 and November 20.
  • The single wagers that are accepted are those placed prior to the game. Both live and collector bets are prohibited. One bets simply, pre-match.
  • The promotion is only valid once.
  • The Gold Chests may become added to your account on December 19 if you win.
  • The prize can only be claimed by people with verified records.
  • Due to wary or dishonest action, Bitsler reserves the right to not record any person.

VIP Program for Sports

You receive XP when you wager using crypto on any sporting event-related games. The requirement is that the game’s conflict must be at least 1.40 or higher.

Review of Bitsler: Margins, Odds & amp

8 / 10.

The Bitsler publisher has one of the best chances for gambling, according to player reviews in general. The profits are also reasonable. The selection of items by which a team will win or lose is determined by profitability. Keep in mind that each game has a different border range. For instance, margins in soccer with high odds frequently range from O / U 1.5 to 2.5. It’s different in American football, just like in sports.

margin of victory

  • Football



  • Basketball



  • Hockey



  • Tennis



  • Volleyball



  • Cybersport



Total betting ratio: 5.4 %

software for Bitsler Mobile

5 / 10.

There isn’t a smart application for Bitsler that you can get from the iOS or Android app stores. However, they do offer a site that works with smart browsers. You can access bitsler.com on your phone and have the same experience as a pc user. It is simple to use; the restaurant is in the middle left corner, followed by the sports solution, the game, and the gaming option. At the bottom, they are all arranged diagonally. There is hardly any change, possibly even a bigger display.

    Iphone application: No
  • iOS application: No
Play is available in the phone App.

Game for the iPhone

Play is available in the Android game.

Iphone applications

Playing is possible in the wireless website.

Mobile web computer

Playing is possible in the Mini Opera.

Mini Opera


Bitsler Assessment: Features, Usability, andamp

8 / 10.

The publisher makes sure that users won’t experience any pressure while using their platform. Every part is well-organized to prevent confusion. The signup and login buttons are what you see at the top straight edge of the Bitsler website as soon as it loads. Basketball games are located in the sports area, not under the gambling and slots sections. The offers section, Help( support and FAQ ), and society are located below the betting areas.



In some nations, exposure is constrained.

No telephone assistance

Gymnastics to bet on at Bitsler Sportsbook

8 / 10.

There are many choices for you to choose from when you visit the website. You simply need to choose the one you want. starting with well-liked sports like American football, baseball, golf, and sports, then moving on to less-famous ones like pesapallo, winter sports, water polo. Due to the fact that many punters don’t enjoy it, even some reputable bettors do not offer some of these activities.

Sports have different betting ranges from one another. They differ from one another. For instance, sports like basketball that do away with the draw result frequently have higher odds. Remember that the risk increases with increasing possibilities. When it comes to sports betting, poor teams frequently get a high betting line, while stronger teams get low betting lines.

Bitsler: Common Bet Types

No gambler does manage to decline Bitsler’s alluring wagers. Visit the website to view a list of sports betting options with their gaming markets listed under sports sections to prevent repetition. We will list a few of them under.

Forms of wagers on Bitsler:

Blister Assessment: Reputability

9 / 10.

OYINE N. V. created Blister on November 28, 2015. Due to Curacao’s operating license, they are among the secure and reputable casinos. The casino accepts 26 , cryptocurrencies for gambling, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin. It is difficult to entry; if you don’t have the hyperlink, a quick web search will reveal their website.

Payment methods: Bitsler sportsbook deposits & amp, withdrawals

7 / 10

Cryptocurrencies is the big payment method on Bitsler Casino, whether for debris or withdrawal.


There are a lot of different bitcoin accepted on the system. There is no minimum loan amount.

Listing of accepted bitcoin for Loan:

Bitcoin( BTC ), Ethereum( ETH ERC20 & amp, Binance ), Litecoin( LTC ), Ripple( XRP ), Tether( USDT ERC20 & amp, TRC20 & amp, Binance ), Dogecoin( DOGE ), Binance Coin( BNB ), Binance USD( BUSD ), Ethereum Classic( ETC ), Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ), Zcash( ZEC ), DIGIBYTE( DGB ), EOS( EOS ), Stellar( XLM ), TRON( TRX ), Dash( DASH ), Bitcoin Gold( BTG ), NEO( NEO ), QTUM ( QTUM ), Solana( SOL ), Cardano( ADA ), USD Coin( USDC ), Polygon( MATIC ).

Bitsler Withdrawals

The exact cryptocurrencies can be used to create a drawback. The least removal depends on the coin- from 8$ to 15$. The process is almost fast, you get the payment as soon as you confirm the invoice. ,








Binance Coin




Binance USD





BTC 0.0006 — n / ainstant0%
ETH 0.008 — n / ainstant0%
LTC 0.15 — n / ainstantLTC 0.002
USDT 10 — n / ainstantUSDt 0. 1
Ripple 25-n / someinstantRipple 0.0001
100 n / a DOGEinstantExpand 1.
BNB 0. 0335-n / ainstant0%
Tandem 200 n / someinstantTreadmill 0. 1
EOS 9. 5 n / ainstantEthereum 0. 5
Binary 0. 09 &— normality/ ainstantBinary 0005.
10 n / a BUSDinstant0%
Helen 30 n / ainstant0%
DASH 0. 2 n / ainstant0.001 Run
Lee 10 n / ainstant0%
ZEC 0. 2 n / ainstantZEC 0.001.


7 / 10

To address your concerns, Bitsler aid has two channels:

  • lived chat
  • Emails

You can contact the live talk member at any time. You can send a message to support @ bitsler.com with your email complaints. English or Spanish are the supporting language.



[email protected]

lived chat

Competence0 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Politeness0 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5
Answer Time❌up to an houra maximum of 5 hours

Profile confirmation

7 / 10

You need to provide verification files when you sign up. It’s not at all complicated, so don’t care. This is done to ensure that only your profile will be verified. If the right documents are submitted, the KYC procedure time is between 30 minutes and 12 hours at most.

Areas for Bitsler Betting: A Brief Guide

8 / 10.

There are many betting areas available to bettors to choose from. This includes 1×2( win-draw-win ), over / under, handicap, goalscorer, etc. You must abide by each of their peculiar rules in order to place wagers on them.

Over / Under( Totals )

A wager on the total number of goals or points that will be scored in a game is referred to as an” over / under bet ,” or” totally.” For instance, in sports, over 2.5 refers to three or more targets, whereas under 1.5, one or no goals are permitted. For the latter, you forfeit the wager if two objectives are scored.

Handicap from Asia

The betting industry is very challenging. It is done to balance out the likelihood that a solid team will win versus one that is poor. Before the game starts, the publisher gives the weaker side a digital benefits. This will effectively put the stronger part at a disadvantage. The weaker group is therefore given a margin by which they can shed, for example, the + 2 Eastern handicap bet indicates that they have the option of winning, drawing, or losing by one goal. The bet is void if they lose by two goals, and it is forfeited to win by three or more targets.

Betting on Accumulators

Collector gambling is very popular among gamblers who enjoy placing large bets. You can mix several single bets from various events into a single pass in this industry. The benefit is that you can gain a lot of money. The drawback is that you lose the entire imagine if you just lose one wager in the selection.

Spread Point

This wager is placed on the likelihood of winning an occasion. It is very prevalent in American football and basketball. For instance, the Los Angeles Lakers(- 4.5 ) wager requires a 5 or higher winning margin. It adheres to similar regulations as Eastern challenge, but they differ.

Bet on the Money Line

Basketball is a common place to place sportsbook bet. It merely lists the chances of winning. There isn’t a way to lose. You are either betting on staff A or team B to succeed in this gambling market.

Prop Bets,

Prop bets are wagers that are not immediately correlated with a competition’s result. Examples include the NBA MVP and FIFA World Cup top scorers, among others. In this industry, you can succeed without the team or player winning the game or competition.

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Bitsler registration and rules

8 / 10.

Bitsler obtained a permit from Curacao. Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India are the major nations in which they conduct business. They are in fact governed in each of the sites. Therefore, couldn’t remain skeptical about placing bets with them.

How does Bitsler handle bets?

8 / 10.

The bettor needs to have a verified bill before any deal can be made on Bitsler. If this does not occur, no deposit or withdrawal may be made.

How to wager:

  1. Create an online Bitsler bill.
  2. Use any of the cryptocurrencies to lodge the bet amount.
  3. Place your wager.

How do I register in Bitsler?

8 / 10.

Attend bitsler.com to get started. You can find the Register option in the top right corner; click on it.

  1. Complete all necessary areas. with pertinent information

    You will be asked to fill out two areas in a pop-up window: your email address and date of birth. Alternately, you can keep using your email or Twitch bill.

  2. Check your accounts

    After that, finish the subsequent actions by giving precise information. Wrong paperwork will only slow down the validation procedure.

  3. Well done

    Well done once you’ve completed all of the aforementioned tasks. You’re now prepared to have a unique gaming knowledge.

Bitsler: Is It Reliable? last ideas

7.8 / 10.

Checking for the license and rules is the first thing to do before using any casino. They’ll be kept in check and the area may be secure as a result. Yes, they are reliable because they have licenses from Curacao and nbsp.

  • Limitations
  • No telephone assistance
  • It is prohibited in some nations.



Is Bitsler authorized?

Yes, Curacao has granted Bitsler a license. The betting was established on November 28, 2015.

What kinds of life activities are offered on Bitsler?

The following live games are available on Bitsler: basketball, American football, baseball, hockey, football, fighting, volleyball, etc.

What incentives does Bitsler provide?

After registering, you receive a welcome bonus of up to$ 700, and you can deposit$ 20 to qualify. Various promotions are available on the website. While some do certainly, others do.

Is Bitsler accessible in every nation?

No, it is not accessible in every nation. It is constrained in some places. Canada, Australia, Brazil, and India are the major geos.

details in public

Website https://www.bitsler.com
Phone None
Email[email protected]
PaymentsBitcoinTRON, EOS, BitcoinCash, Binance USD, Cardano, Dash, DAI, and Zcash are among the following: Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, Ripple, DogeCoin.
Different BetSnooker, Eurovision, The Voice, English Premier League, Europa League, Champions League, UEFA, FIFA, Dota 2, NHL, College Football, College Basketball, NFL, FIFA World Cup, FIBA, NBA, League of Legends, American Football, Virtual Sports, CS:GO, Golf, Cycling, Darts, Cricket, Volleyball, Tennis, Rugby, Politics, MMA, Hockey, Handball, Formula 1, Football, eSports, Boxing, Biathlon, Basketball, Baseball, MotoGP
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