Sandro Tonali from AC Milan has been acquired by Newcastle United.

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Newcastle United didn't have too much success during the previous two decades. In fact, the team from St. James's Park hasn't played in the Champions League since the 2002—03 season. Nevertheless, when Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund acquired Newcastle United in October 2021, it was clear that the club from northeast England would soon become one of the best teams in Europe. Last season, Newcastle finished fourth in the Premier League, so they have again qualified for the most important European competition.

Sandro Tonali moved from Milan to Newcastle

It’s not easy to compete in the Champions League alongside the Premier League and other national championships, so Newcastle will likely make a lot of transfers this summer to strengthen the team. Newcastle has now announced they will mark Sandro Tonali, a 23-year-old defensive midfielder from AC Milan, even though the transport window will open in ten days.

This summer, Newcastle needed to sign a major playmaker.

Initially, Newcastle United were among the teams interested in West Ham superstar Declan Rice. However, once it became clear that the club from London would not let him go for less than 115 million euros, Newcastle United turned their attention to other players. Inter's Nicolo Barella was one of the options, but he also seemed too expensive. In the end, Newcastle signed Sandro Tonali; a player with two goals and seven assists in 34 Serie A appearances last season.

Sandro Tonali, who is he?

The Brescia Academy produced Sandro Tonali. In 2020, he first joined AC Milan on a mortgage and later on an extended contract. Tonali quickly established himself at AC Milan, where he played 130 times in all events over the course of three months.

Career of Sandro Tonali

Sandro Tonali - stats by club

Sandro claimed six months ago that playing for AC Milan had realized his youth vision. He added that he wanted to play at the team for the rest of his playing career. Despite this, Tonali was sold to Newcastle United during the subsequent exchange windows because AC Milan needed money to gain some flexibility. A few days ago, the European newspapers reported that the child sobbed when it was announced that he had to shift to England. Sandro Tonali’s acquisition could be a much better deal for Newcastle, despite the fact that Declan Rice was their top protective playmaker pick. Newcastle United will have more room to operate and no violate Financial Fair Play with the much less expensive alternative. The Italian is just 23 years old, so we can anticipate that he will continue to grow. Sources claim Tonali may agree to a six-year contract with an annual salary of nearly eight million euros.

What may Newcastle seem like if Sandro Tonali were present?

Eddie Howe’s plan for the middle at Newcastle is to be flexible rather than rigid. The exchange of Sandro Tonali may assist them in achieving this. Bruno Guimaraes may likely approach the second quarter with Tonali in the starting roster. The Italian may also provide Newcastle more opportunities to change the course of the game because he is more than just a protective midfielder. His departure collection and distribution from set pieces are two of the most intriguing aspects of Tonali’s game. He produced 62 target chances in the previous season.

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Sandro Tonali - xAG stats

The group from St. James’s Park demonstrates that they are preparing for the future with Sandro Tonali. On Newcastle United’s path to becoming one of the best teams in Europe, the child could be one the crucial items in the puzzle.

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