The Hurricane’s Arrival at the Boxing Camp in Benidorm, Spain

Vadims Mikeļevičs

Vadims Mikeļevičs



The training is frequently acknowledged as the most demanding for any athlete. In Hollywood, we witness intense medicine ball impacts to the solar plexus, captivating slow-motion scenes accompanied by inspiring music, and a well-structured script that can occasionally be anticipated.

The truth is far more gripping than what we witness in the movies, as Rocky, Apollo Creed, and the other characters portray.

In this article, we speak to Jevgenijs Aleksejevs, who takes us through a typical training camp, why it can be good to get away during these camps, and his general routine.

Spanish Boxing Camp is no Siesta in the Sun

Spanish Boxing Camp is no Siesta in the Sun

When you’re a professional boxer participating in a Spanish boxing camp, there is no room for tanning, tapas, and Tinto. Your entire focus is dedicated to running, physical conditioning, technical boxing, and sparring sessions.

Spain is often the chosen destination for training camps and after Jevgenijs Aleksejevs fight in Spain earlier in the year, where he proved the Spain betting sites correct in living up to favouritism, he's grown a fondness for the sunny Mediterranean destination.

The nation’s weather combines warm temperatures and low humidity, creating an ideal environment that boosts endurance and enhances physical fitness. Additionally, its deep-rooted boxing legacy and internationally acclaimed training facilities offer athletes top-notch resources for their training needs.

Spain’s ideal conditions for boxing camps stem from its unique blend of environmental and infrastructural benefits.

One of the reasons why The Hurricane has made his way to the Iberian peninsula is to fine-tune himself for his upcoming fight.

The Hurricane’s Training Schedule

The Hurricane's Training Schedule

The Spanish training schedule of the Hurricane consists of two sessions &— one in the morning and one in the afternoon.

The focus of the morning session lies in getting ready.

The Hurricane told us: 

The focus is on interval running and recovery running. Interval running pushes my cardiovascular system to its maximum capacity, enhancing stamina and strength. On the other hand, recovery running facilitates the healing process and readies both my body and mind for the upcoming demanding workout.

The Hurricane’s typical session consists of 6-8 rounds, each lasting 1-2 minutes, of high-intensity running. After each round, there is a recovery period of 30 seconds to 1 minute, during which he can either jog or walk. Throughout the high-intensity intervals, he frequently sprints with utmost effort, emphasizing explosive movements and agile footwork.

The exercises I engage in enhance my conditioning, agility, and endurance, thereby significantly impacting my overall performance in the ring. In the world of boxing, success hinges on the tiniest of differences, and this particular aspect focuses on the crucial one percent.

The technical work commences in the afternoon!

The Hurricane firmly believes that the key to remaining at the pinnacle of the boxing world is through relentless dedication to perfecting one’s technique. Technical boxing training places a strong emphasis on maintaining proper form, honing footwork, and executing combination strikes with utmost precision to maximize effectiveness inside the ring. Additionally, agility and speed are meticulously developed, with a great deal of focus placed on executing precise movements and engaging in repetitive practice to enhance reaction times and overall swiftness. As the Hurricane knows all too well, split-second reactions could ultimately determine victory or defeat in this highly competitive arena.

The Hurricane is GetMindApps‘ ambassador and is an undefeated boxer with a 14-0 record. His recent win over French fighter Dmitri Trenel in Spain propelled him further up the world rankings, and now he’s focusing on the next steps.

“Who knows what’s next up? I’m just enjoying the ride”. You can follow and back him on his journey with any one of the best online bookies or boxing betting sites we recommend.

Follow the boxer @ealeksеev on Instagram and Youtube for the latest updates on his career. For business inquiries, contact his manager at [email protected].

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