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Vadims Mikeļevičs

Vadims Mikeļevičs



Could it be that this was Canelo Alvarez’s best performance in the past few years? It’s highly likely. Following the match, he stated:

No one can defeat Canelo. I am consistently a formidable fighter. I am a resilient individual.

He isn’t wrong.

After suffering a unanimous decision loss to Dmitry Bivol, a controversial win against an aging Gennady Golovkin, and a straightforward victory over a limited John Ryder, this fighter showcased an extraordinary performance to silence the skeptics and prove himself.

The best odds bookmakers were willing to put up on Canelo was 1.21 &— and he lived up to the favouritism.

Our man, Jevgenijs “The Hurricane” Aleksejevs, gives us his opinion on the fight, why Canelo’s experience was always likely to prove a crucial factor, and how he totally deserved the win with an incredible performance of skill and power. Remember, the Hurricane predicted a Canelo win at GetMindApps &— here’s hoping you backed him with any one of the best boxing betting sites in operation at the moment.

"Canelo was the hunter, and Charlo was the prey."

"Canelo was the hunter, and Charlo was the prey."

The Hurricane is well-versed in conquering adversaries through precision, accuracy, and formidable power. His recent victory against Dimitri Trenel showcased his mastery in the ring, as he took control of the fight right from the start and ultimately defeated the Frenchman, maintaining his flawless record.

He believes there were a couple of instances that stood out in the contest:

There were two significant moments that were particularly noteworthy. The first and most important was the clear indication that Charlo was under immense pressure because of the indescribable respect he had for Canelo &— recognizing his strength, skill, and experience. This fight demonstrated that Charlo was completely absorbed in the presence of a formidable adversary, which ultimately prevented him from unleashing his full potential.

Additionally, as stated in my previous piece, Canelo’s extensive experience proved to be crucial in the outcome of this fight. It is worth highlighting that Charlo struggled to exhibit his boxing skills; instead, he fought desperately to stay in the match, solely focused on enduring until the final bell. This matchup can be likened to a predator and prey situation, with Canelo as the hunter and Charlo as the hunted.

What next for both fighters?

What next for both fighters?

In several instances, Canelo has expressed his desire to step up to the light heavyweight category in order to seek revenge against Bivol. However, the Russian fighter is hesitant to accept such a challenge, particularly if it means adhering to Canelo’s conditions. During a recent interview, he remarked:

I have already emerged victorious over him in that division, so why should I grant him a rematch?

The contest’s realization is not readily apparent without the Mexican legend conceding some ground.

On the other hand, he could cater to the demands of boxing enthusiasts by considering a match against David Benavidez, who currently holds the position of WBC mandatory challenger and will be facing Demetrius Andrade in a challenging bout this weekend. Another possibility worth considering is a fight against Jermall Charlo, the sibling of Jermell. The potential narrative of such a matchup is compelling, and it would undoubtedly attract a significant audience.

In the meantime, the International Hall of Fame organization has mandated IBF/WBA/WBC champion Charlo to defend his IBF title against mandatory challenger Bakhram Murtazaliev (21-0, 15KOs) before November 9th. It is doubtful that he will accept this risky challenge and is more likely to relinquish the title in pursuit of a more financially rewarding and appealing match-up.

If Tim Tzsyu emerges victorious in his fight against Brian Mendoza this weekend, it wouldn’t be surprising to witness him go head-to-head with him.

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