Blackburn Rovers win 1-0 as Lewis Travis comes on

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Blackburn Rovers win 1-0 as Lewis Travis comes on

Lewis Travis came off the bench in the 78th minute to assist Blackburn Rovers in securing a 1-0 victory against Cardiff City, who were unable to score. The win earned Blackburn three points.

Liam Palmer was a substitute for Sheffield Wednesday but did not make an appearance in their 1-0 defeat to Watford. In Huddersfield’s 2-1 victory over QPR, Jacob Chapman was not included in the team.

Blackburn Rovers 1-0 Cardiff City

In the game, Dimitrios Goutas took charge from the beginning and successfully prevented any goals until the 53rd minute, when Blackburn managed to score through Rankin-Costello. Later, in the 78th minute, Rankin-Costello was substituted for Lewis Travis.

Blackburn dominated possession in the match with 62.2%, while Cardiff only had 37.8%. Despite a similar number of shots, with Blackburn having 9 and Cardiff having 11, only three were on target. The finishing quality in the game was extremely poor.

In a strategic substitution aimed at maintaining the lead, Lewis Travis was introduced late in the game during the final moments of the match.

Blackburn has continued their momentum from their previous demolition of QPR, extending their climb up the table to 15th position. On the other hand, Cardiff failed to secure crucial points, resulting in their position remaining at 11th.

Match Stats: Blackburn Rovers 1-0 Cardiff City

Match stats Blackburn Rovers Cardiff City
0.99 Expected Goals (xG) 0.57
63% Ball Possession 37%
7 Goal Attempts 11
1 Shots on Goal 2
1 Blocked Shots 5
11 Free Kicks 8
4 Corner Kicks 6
1 Offsides 2

Match Highlights: Blackburn Rovers 1-0 Cardiff City

Highlights: Blackburn Rovers v Cardiff City

Watford 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday

Liam Palmer, who was on the bench for Sheffield, witnessed a disappointing collapse late in the game, resulting in their downfall at Vicarage Road. The match had been evenly balanced until then.

Watford dominated possession, holding 59% compared to Sheffield’s 41%. Both teams had 10 or more shots throughout the game. Despite a goalless majority, Watford secured victory with a late goal from Asprilla.

With only three points in twelve games, Sheffield’s loss to Watford further plunges them into the depths of rock bottom.

Match Highlights: Watford 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday

Extended Highlights ️ | Watford 1-0 Sheffield Wednesday

Huddersfield 2-1 QPR

During Huddersfield’s 2-1 victory against rival QPR, Jacob Chapman was not present with the squad.

Even though QPR held the majority of possession with 61.3%, Huddersfield emerged victorious due to their proficient conversion of chances. Huddersfield managed to secure 4 shots on target, while QPR only had one.

In a quest to evade early relegation threats, Huddersfield rise to the 18th spot, leaving QPR behind in 22nd place.

Match Highlights: Huddersfield 2-1 QPR

EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS | Huddersfield Town 2-1 QPR

What Next?

On the 24th of October, Blackburn Rovers will face Millwall in an away match, while Cardiff will make their way to Huddersfield. Sheffield Wednesday, on the other hand, will have a lengthy journey to Plymouth Argyle on the following day, October 25th.

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